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Hopefully good. I created a separate campaign for our top sellers, giving each product their own ad group. This allowed me to see the individual search queries for each product. I then optimized not only our product feed titles, but our website titles and descriptions as well. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We are ONLY in the cat niche — no other animals.

Shopping on Black Friday isn't for the faint of heart, so get prepared.

This could give us credibility for being truly knowledgable about cats compared to a more all-encompassing pet store. About the author. Kate likes math and problem solving.

Getting Started With Google Shopping

Honestly, they get her through the day. She loves her wife, cats, and living in a cozy house outside Chattanooga, Tennessee. Prev Next. Great writeup! There are countless mystery shopping companies out there, and not all of them are legitimate.

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  7. Finding the companies that are right for you can be difficult, especially with the increasing number of mystery shopping scams. Amanda advises that the top mystery shopping companies share three traits:. It is important to have a go-to support team from the mystery shopping company. Amanda would not consider taking a complex hotel, resort or cruise shop without knowing that the mystery shopping company had a solid support system in place, especially since many pf her hotel mystery shopping assignments find her in unusual time zones.

    How to Master Google Shopping & Product Listing Ads

    Always seek out mystery shopping companies that specialize or have a long track record in the industry. There is nothing worse than working really hard on an evaluation and the review form is round holes and the mystery shopping company gave you square pegs. Amanda also appreciates companies that approach each evaluation as a unique opportunity. She thinks it helps when hotel clients do not have cookie-cutter specifications and provide the evaluator the clarity to blend in and complete the mystery shopping assignment as closely as possible from the typical guest perspective.

    Amanda believes that word-of-mouth is the best source for finding legitimate companies.

    Stores succeed by turning shopping into a 'hunt'

    Many shoppers underestimate the power of networking in this field, and it goes a long way in terms of avoiding scams. Talking to other shoppers about their experiences is the best way to know if a company is right for you. Red flags? If you hear that a mystery shopping company is not paying as promised, or not paying in a timely manner, do not accept a shop from them, no matter how good it looks. Some mystery shopping companies exist on the premise that there are always more shoppers ready to take assignments.

    Keys to Run a Successful Retail Business | rekoworamo.ml

    Watch out for mystery shopping companies that do not pay a fee in addition to reimbursable expenses, or provide instructions that require the mystery shopper to spend above and beyond reimbursement limits. If the company is small and therefore not readily discussed, ask the company who they can refer you to. If the company is a scam, the signs are there.

    Some evaluators have the mindset that mystery shopping companies do not value their shoppers. These evaluators, both new and experienced, cut corners. Amanda thinks this is the biggest mistake a shopper can make. Her philosophy is to always perform to the best of her ability, and this makes her stand out amongst the rest.

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    First, the client deserves it. In regards to the type of shop, Amanda found the best fit for her based on her strengths and weaknesses.

    She is a great narrative writer and does not find writing tedious; in fact, she enjoys it. For her, the more narrative, the better, which is why hotel shops are perfect. On the other hand, she is not great with technology and could never do a video shop.

    Setting the Scene…

    Likewise, Amanda has a colleague who shops for gas stations, and does 20 in one day. Choose what works with who you are, and be fastidious about scheduling and you cannot go wrong. After Amanda found her niche—hotel mystery shops—she realized the importance of choosing assignments within that niche that fit her. Amanda once took a shop at a hotel that catered to the motorcycle crowd; the experience was unpleasant for her, and she did not fit in.