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This date was obtained on wood remains and seeds discovered at a depth of 8. The palaeomagnetic declination profile measured in this borehole made it possible to identify the P-lever at a depth of 9. This correlation between the two palaeomagnetic profiles makes it possible to define a slightly older minimum age for the Melide stadial millennia , and to place it at around 18, cal BP. Radiocarbon data support the hypothesis that southern Alpine piedmont glaciers reached their maximum extents during Marine Isotope Stage 2 MIS 2; 29,—14, cal BP cf.


Schaefer et al. Ivy-Ochs et al. The hypothetical correlation of the first steps of deglaciation for this sub-lobe with the Greenland isotope stratigraphy fig. On the Verbano lobe of the Ticino glacier, it is very difficult to find unambiguous analogues for these two phases. Considering the dates presented above, the following chronological considerations are proposed for the Pleniglacial and the transition into the Lateglacial fig.

There is nothing to support a correlation between the Cugnasco stadial and the Melide stadial; nevertheless, both phases could probably be placed in the middle of the GS-2c. This behaviour shows a response of the Ticino glacier to climatic fluctuations at the beginning of Termination I, which at this time was not the case for the larger dendritic glaciers of the Eastern Alps, which in the main longitudinal valleys were principally stagnant and downwasting ice bodies Reitner, ; Ivy-Ochs et al. Radiocarbon dating rd and rd make it possible to establish the minimum deglaciation age of the San Bernardino and Lukmanier Passes.

It is therefore possible to conclude that the Biasca, Faido and Airolo stadials are older than ca.

Timing of LGM and deglaciation in the Southern Swiss Alps

This stadial is then attributed to the beginning of the Younger Dryas. Indeed, this geometry of the accumulation zones during the LGM, together with the geomorphological evidences of transgressive glaciers north to south over the main alpine passes in the Gotthard area Nufenen, Gotthard, Lukmanier and Greina Passes; e. This synchronicity persisted also after the deglaciation of the main Passes, when the accumulation zones became individualised between the northern and southern part of the Alps.

This may indicate a similar climatic framework for the Lepontine and Rhaetian Alps during the whole deglaciation, as also suggested by the history of vegetation development until the Preboreal Burga, In particular, the main conclusions proposed here are:. For the Pleniglacial and the transition into the Lateglacial, the early recessional phases after the LGM we placed at between ca. The main phases characterizing this period have not been well defined and further field analyses are required.

Ambrosi C. Alessio M. Radiocarbon 17, Bella F. Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria , 1, Antognini M. Bulletin of Applied Geology 7, Schweizerischen Geologischen Kommission, Bern. Bini A.

Geologia Insubrica , 2, Ufficio federale delle acque e della geologia, Berna. Ufficio federale di topografia swisstopo, Wabern. Blaauw M. A quantitative comparison using non-tuned chronologies. Journal of Quaternary Science 25, Blockley S. Quaternary Science Reviews 36, Bronk Ramsey C. Radiocarbon 43, Burga C. New Phytologist , , Castelletti L. Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria , 9, Comerci V.

Quaternary International , Coutterand S. Quaternaire , 16, Da Rold O. Dorthe-Monachon C. Geographica Helvetica , 48, Felber M. Tesi di dottorato No. In : de Marinis R. Florineth D. Eclogae geologicae Helvetiae , 91, Giovanoli F. Geophysical Research Letters 6, Gross G. Hantke R. Ott Verlag, Thun, p. Hippe K.

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Quaternary Geochronology 19, Ivy-Ochs S. Journal of Quaternary Science 21, Journal of Quaternary Science 23, Quaternary Science Reviews 28, Johnsen S. Journal of Quaternary Science 16, Keller O. Physische Geographie , 27, Keller W. Physische Geographie , 26, Eu merger law : quo vadis? Should the doubts not attain the required level, then a two-stage approach is suggested.

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The first stage would have to screen the proposed transaction as being reasonably capable of guaranteeing a competitive environment despite the initial doubts as to the collective dominance issue. The second stage would be opened only if the Commission has legitimate reasons to believe that the firms concerned are effectively involved in either concerted practices Art.

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Interestingly, the Commission seems to have adopted a similar approach in some of the latest border-line cases. Indirectly held securities : a new venture for the Hague conference on private international law by Christophe Bernasconi 2 editions published in in English and held by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. La loi applicable aux actes de disposition de titres detenus dans le cadre d'un systeme de detenion indirecte by Christophe Bernasconi Book 3 editions published in in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Dans le tunnel, il existe des feux de signalisation tous les m. L'exploitation du tunnel repose actuellement sur la convention franco-italienne du 14 mars Il n'existe pas de plan de secours publics commun franco-italien. Pour ce faire, il faut en doubler le nombre. Les moyens techniques devront faciliter la constatation des infractions. Ceci est plus faible que pour tous les autres tunnels bidirectionnels modernes. Cette action a pour effet d'afficher cette limitation de vitesse dans les cabines de conduite des trains circulant dans cet intervalle.

George, Susan (1934-)

A 23h39, le commandant des sapeurs-pompiers est en mesure de rapporter au P. Comme le P. A 01h52, le P. L'ensemble de cette zone a fait l'objet d'un renforcement et d'une reconstruction.. Les principaux sont les suivants:. La cause exacte de cette disjonction n'est pas connue. Une alarme incendie se traduit par l'allumage d'un voyant en cabine de conduite. A l'avenir, Eurotunnel ne devra pas s'abstenir d'explorer d'autres options. Cette formation doit s'appuyer sur des exercices pratiques. Eurotunnel doit revoir sa politique de formation aux premiers secours. Holland 2 m. New-York U. Chute du chargement.

The Muslim Brotherhoods plan for the conquest of the world

Nihonzaka 2 m. Shizuoka Japon. Kajiwara m. Caldecott 1 m. Oakland U. Isola delle Femmine m. Palerme Italie. Billwerder-Moorfleet m. Hambourg Allemagne.