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It was important, I know that. To just throw it all away because of a woman was unthinkable to her. She frowned. Yes, for the good of Earnest, Bryna thinks her new cousin is a raging slutbag whose whoreful behavior screwed over the business deal. Payne is totally acceptable:. Oh, Bryna, if you only knew how far things would spiral out of control when the go south.

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Unintentional foreshadowing is unintentionally hilarious. Payne, for his part, is the sexiest sexist slimeball in all the world. Bryna makes an appointment to see Mr. Payne and he reflects upon the first time he met her in the most business-like and professional of ways:. He remembered thinking that she could easily challenge any of the goddesses her Greek ancestry boasted on the sexy meter….

She was a little on the young side. He was maybe a decade her senior. But if his recent experiences had taught him anything, it was that seeing women closer to his own age came with baggage he was no longer interested in carrying. Biological clocks and measuring sticks were tucked in their designer handbags, always nearby, always dictating their actions.

I am not sure what that even means, except that she might want to consider meeting with him along with an HR representative, but what do I know? Or something. They could have been talking about the phone book for all the detail I got. Dark nipples puckered, as thick as the tip of his pinky finger.

Her waist was narrow and her hips flared … her womanhood neatly trimmed but left natural. It is most cringeworthy. The earth stopped spinning and she hovered somewhere between this world and an alternate universe. A place where everything was white and sweet and so very, very exquisite. Just you wait, Bryna, just you wait. Payne, for his part, really likes to ride bareback whenever he can. In their first scene of sexual hootenanny, he gets the condoms out and puts them on the bed, but then:. He slowly slid in to the hilt. Everything halted. They were no longer two separate entities but one, joined, together….

Good Lord! Apparently everyone except Mr. Payne, so fearful and derisive of the female baggage and all those biological clocks hidden in designer handbags would be more cognizant of the dangers of riding bareback.

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But then, Mr. Or his dick does. At one point Bryna takes off her bra and tells Mr. Caleb brought his foreskin up over his aching head of his penis and brought it back down, his gut tightening. I thought he was a sexist tool wad and she was a judgmental twerp with questionable taste and limited business skills. Quicker than you can say designer handbag, Mr. He ignored her plea, instead parting her engorged folds with his thumb and finger, taking in the pink portal.

His hard-on throbbed and burned with the need to bury himself inside of her. But he had no condoms on him. They were back in the bedroom where he had left her. But she had come into the living room, invaded his longing for privacy, for space to put a name to what he was feeling, to find a way to control it. She tried to sit up and he held her back down.

But looking at her in her confused, turned-on state threatened to rip him to shreds. He could carry her back to the bedroom. So he pulled her forward, stripped her of his shirt and turned her over so that her bottom was lifted high in the air…. Hold your significant other down forcibly, preferably on a piano. Leave the condoms in another room of your penthouse apartment, a couple hundred feet or so from where you are, so you have a reason to go riding dirty. You go hard or go home. Just do it. She invaded your piano privacy after all.

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You can see why this scene was increasingly repellent with each word. Here: you can read the entire scene for yourself. They go to sleep in the bedroom good to know they can make their way back there for some things and Bryna ruminates on her feelings for Mr. Payne as he sleeps. I beg to differ there, Bryna. He most certainly did respond. Did you miss the whatwhat in your butt? Then Bryna mopes in bed for a few days, remarking at one point how bad she smells gag and then making friends with Elena The Slut Cousin In Law in another scene, and then it is time for Mr. Payne to Walk in the Rain Meaningfully and Emotively.

Oh, not physically. And then it gets weird. No, like really, really weird. Like someone was trying to mess with my head. She grimaced. Now, there was an analogy for you. She was a rollercoaster. Or at the very least, she felt like she was riding one.

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And had just come to the end without hope of ever mounting it again. Plus his name. In the end, he grovels halfheartedly, and they make up, leaving several plot threads to be solved in the next book. Caleb blames his heartlessness and emotionless deep freeze on an absent and long-dead father who never claimed him as legitimate, a convenient, underused plot point that was probably meant to add pathos and empathy for his heartless business drive.

In reality, his motivation for his actions is far too easily interpreted as immature selfishness and any attempts to divert the reader from that conclusion are so weakly done they appear shabby and contrived. Her attempts at business savvy, which I believe I am supposed to admire, are vague to the point of nonsensical, and her inner monologue is so judgmental of her family that when her opinion begins to turn, due to the fact that it is based on one conversation and a meal besides, I have no faith that she has grown up or become more self-aware.

It is a terrible thing when you read a book for the buttsecks, and the buttsecks is so boring and disturbing that the most burning irritation comes from the characters being assholes instead. A woman with a Greek name which still sounds like a hideous wang-wilting disease gets it greek-style from the Man With The Pornstar Name. Like this one, that plot was nonsensical and the characters were all tools and idiots, too.

On the other hand, this review was a hilarious start to my morning! Thanks for taking one in the rear for the team and making it good for us, Sarah! It makes me miss Deke Trenton and his cousin. They, at least, were entertaining jerks. This book is so bad. The book may be a disaster, but Sarah, your review is a gem! I am sitting at my desk in my lunchbreak and my shoulders are shaking with laughter. I do hope nobody asks what is so funny. If life imitates art then please all young inexperienced women everywhere know that this is the exact opposite of how a man should coax you into buttsecks…if art imitates life then the author needs to do some soul searching.

Loved the review precious moments doll? I died laughing! No matter how much of a player he is! Excellent review! Particularly at lunchtime. While I reading this, I was drinking my coffee. I nearly choked to death from laughing. Great review. Reading that scene caused me physical pain. Kelly L. Skip to main content. Juliet Burns. Something went wrong.

Please try your request again later. Jillian Burns lives in Texas with her husband of twenty-five years and their three active kids. She likes to think her emotional nature--sometimes referred to as moodiness by those closest to her--has found the perfect outlet in writing stories filled with passion and romance. She spent her youth with her nose in a book, immersed in the worlds of Jane Eyre and Elizabeth Bennett, and believes romance novels have the power to change lives with their message of eternal love and hope. For more information and excerpts you can visit her website www.

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