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Follow Insight for Living to get full, unlimited access to all episodes — it's free! Now playing audio version of this episode. Switch back to video. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Living the Proverbs: Insight for the Daily Grind. Insight for the Daily Grind Living the Proverbs studies the counsel of Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived.

The heart knows its own bitterness, And a stranger does not share its joy. The corresponding couplet—very common in the Psalms as well—features two lines expressing the same thought using different terms. Another name for this kind of couplet is "synonymous parallelism. The effect is not unlike seeing the world through two eyes instead of just one. A personwith one eye can observe the world, but he or she lacks depth perception. Two eyes allow us to perceive the world in 3D, which is so much better. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

The parallelism allows us to define the terms more precisely. To "fear" God, then, is to "know" Him—and vice versa. Moreover, "beginning of wisdom" and "understanding" correspond. They aren't exactly the same, but they share a common source: an intimate, in-depth relationship with God. Finally, as the name comparative couplets suggests, the two statements invite a comparison.

These feature terms like better For example:. Better is a little with the fear of the Lord Than great treasure and turmoil with it. Comparative sayings usually paint vivid word pictures that draw upon the reader's own experience to describe a new truth.

The structure of the couplet implies, in effect, "This new truth is much like this other truth you already accept. The style of Hebrew wisdom literature and other poetic expression isn't difficult to interpret, but it is somewhat different from our twenty-first-century Western writing.

In what ways, if any, do you think this difference will affect your willingness to study the book of Proverbs? What does your willingness say about your desire for wisdom? While much of the book of Proverbs came directly from the pen of Solomon, the finished work actually combines the wisdom of several sages, which a final editor compiled and arranged as we have it today. Ultimately, this is the work of the Holy Spirit. Like the sixty-six books of the Bible, Proverbs combines the writings of many human authors working under God's direct inspiration.

Providence brought all the written material together through the efforts of an inspired compiler.

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This book of divine wisdom cannot be said to come from one individual; it truly is the mind of God expressed in writing. After a brief preface —7 , Proverbs can be divided into seven sections or collections:. Unlike other books of the Bible, Proverbs contains no direct information about the people to whom it was originally written. It doesn't mention the Hebrew nation, its culture, customs, laws, or history.

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The Old Testament books of law and history require us to draw timeless principles from words written to people living far away and long ago; the book of Proverbs, however, is timeless and universal. The wisdom of Solomon and the other sages requires no translation; the truths apply to all people living everywhere at any time. Even so, we must consciously exchange our twenty-first-century Western filter for the worldview of the Hebrew God. Western thinkers, for example, make a distinction between theoretical and practical wisdom; the Hebrew sages did not.

In other words, Greek or Western philosophy teaches that a person can be filled with knowledge yet behave foolishly. Consequently, Western thinkers believe that our challenge is to live out what we say we believe to be true.

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Western philosophers call us to live up to our potential by putting into practice what we know to be true. The Hebrew sages considered this nonsense. For a person to know truth and then behave contrary to that truth is the very definition of stupid! For example, if people accept the law of gravity as a fact and truly understand how it operates, we don't dance on the ledge of a skyscraper.

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If we do, our theoretical knowledge of gravity only makes us greater fools. Wise people stand clear of dangerous places and usually live longer as a result.

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In the Hebrew mind, to "know wisdom and instruction" necessarily means to put it into practice. Wisdom occurs when knowledge produces obedience. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter.

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Popular Features. New Releases. Living the Proverbs : Insights for the Daily Grind. Description One of America's most renowned pastors and teachers takes readers on an insightful journey through Proverbs, helping them discover wisdom desperately needed to survive life's daily grind.