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All materials are responsibly sourced in accordance with BES and service quality is determined by customer requirements - big or small.

Le Tarmac, incubator in Grenoble

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They range from 4. Tarmac systems can be stationary or portable.

This custom marble-finish Specialized Tarmac is… wow

Because of all these options, our team will travel to your installation to hear your needs, see your location and product, and discuss with you how we can help. TI Tarmac rotary thermal drying system in Kansas City. This plant is for asphalt production. This plant in Kansas City is for asphalt production.


This drying system features a 6. Tar is refined natural resin or 'pitch', usually from the wood and roots of pine trees, but these are rarely found in our pavements. In fact, most of the 'tar' in tarmac is bitumen, which can be found in nature as a semi-solid form of petrol; but it is more commonly a bi-product of crude oil production by distillation.

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Popular lore holds that tarmac was invented by the Scotsman John McAdam, but in fact a county surveyor called Edgar Hooley was the man whose serendipitous encounter with an industrial spillage made road surfaces stick. McAdam had invented crushed stone surfaces, which were fine for horse-drawn coaches, but when cars became popular these surfaces were inadequate.

The story goes that Hooley was surveying in Derby and saw a smooth section of road near an ironworks. When he investigated he was told a barrel of tar had fallen on the road, and waste slag from the furnaces had been poured on it to clear up the mess Particularities State Solid Compound.