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Other folks take umbrage at the fast-and-loose way the movie plays with religious ideas. When the government halts his plans for human testing of the drug, he and his partner Danny DeVito steal a female egg, implant it into Hesse, and allow him to become pregnant. This is, obviously, a high-concept comedy designed to milk laughs from the sight of manly-man Arnold Schwarzenegger sprouting a big belly, whining that his nipples are sensitive, and experiencing morning sickness. That's because the sight of a pregnant Arnie dealing with all these things is incredibly, unintentionally creepy.

The movie may not be scary on purpose, but it is definitely freaky, especially when he's given an epidural and an emergency C-section. Juliet Mills plays Jessica Barrett, the wife of a record producer. She has an affair with a stranger and subsequently becomes pregnant. That alone could cause big problems for her, but there's so much more. The man with whom she had the dalliance previously made a pact with the devil, meaning that the child growing inside of her is the antichrist.

That would totally suck, wouldn't it? Now fertilized by the seed of Satan, Jessica begins displaying odd behaviors, like twisting her head around, speaking in a weird guttural voice, and projectile vomiting all over the place. Even if it is a bit of a ripoff, one has to marvel at the unapologetically dark ending, in which the devil reveals he was just messing around with everyone for his own sinister fun.

Because Satan is a jerk. There's an expression that's often used when a teenager gets pregnant: "babies having babies. Molly Ringwald plays Darcy, a high school senior with plans to attend college. Faced with this unplanned occurrence, they decide to get married and raise their child. Darcy has to drop out of school, missing many of the things she had been looking forward to. Stan gets a part-time job, struggles to pay the bills, and eventually starts drinking because of the pressure. The futures they had planned for themselves are abruptly derailed.

The film also bravely addresses another frightening issue -- post-partum depression. She and their unborn child manage to survive the crash. On Christmas Eve, she sits at home, desperately missing the man she loved and preparing to give birth the following day. Then, a mysterious stranger Beatice Dalle shows up at her door, intent on taking the baby. Sarah fights her off, but later, the woman breaks into the bedroom and attempts to perform a Caesarian section with a pair of scissors. Inside contains a lot of gruesome events, all of which lead up to a surprise twist that would be worthy of a Twilight Zone episode.

If the reason why the strange woman wants to steal the baby doesn't shock you, the movie's nihilistic ending surely will.

Life Before Birth - In the Womb

Warning: This entire entry is going to be a spoiler! Jocelin Donahue plays Samantha, a college student in dire need of money. She takes a job house-sitting for a weird couple Mary Woronov and Tom Noonan. All she has to do is watch over the place while they go out for the evening and look after the wife's ailing mother, who lives in a room upstairs. Much of this slow-burn horror flick is Samantha walking around the giant house, checking out its every nook and cranny.

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That may sound dull, but West infuses the movie with a sense of foreboding that keeps you hooked. We know that something paranormal is going on within the home's walls, we just don't know what. Eventually, Samantha finds herself drugged and bound, courtesy of the couple who hired her.

They perform a bizarre Satanic ritual that, we learn in the final scene, leaves her pregnant with the devil's child. If movies are to believed, old Scratch spends a lot of time trying to impregnate attractive young women. It's a chiller in the truest sense of the word.

See a Problem?

Katherine Heigl plays a career-minded young woman who has a one-night stand with a pot-smoking, unemployed man-boy Seth Rogen and becomes pregnant. The movie details how these two virtual strangers find themselves thrust together by the need to prepare for impending parenthood, whether they want to or not. Comedy ensues. Stop and think about it, though. Getting pregnant from a one-night stand?

Having the father be an immature, weed-loving slacker you normally wouldn't go anywhere near? Wondering whether said father will end up being a negative influence on the child? Apatow treats the subject with both humor and warmth, but there's no doubt that he's addressing ideas that are very real and very unnerving. Watch it from Heigl's -- putting yourself in her character's shoes -- and it's surprisingly scary. Humanity is in the process of dying out, or so it seems.

Clive Owen plays a bureaucrat who is asked to transport a refugee Claire-Hope Ashitey through an Underground Railroad-type system that will deliver her to a rescue organization.

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He agrees, and then learns the shocking truth that the young woman he's helping is pregnant. Director Alfonso Cuaron takes this scenario and creates a taut, ominous adventure in which the entire fate of mankind rests on the safety of this pregnant woman. The characters face a variety of life-threatening situations, while we wait anxiously, hoping that the unborn child will get the chance to enter the world. Children of Men keeps you on the edge of your seat with inventively executed action sequences , as well as a theme about the importance of doing everything possible to support pregnant women.

Jeff Goldblum plays Seth Brundle, a scientist who develops a teleportation device. He tries it out on himself, unaware that a common house fly has gotten into the contraption with him.

The Baby Pact: A BDSM Romance by Riley Rollins

Upon coming out the other side, he finds himself rapidly evolving into a weird fly-like creature. The movie has a whole subplot involving Goldblum's girlfriend Veronica, played by Geena Davis. She becomes pregnant, but has no idea whether the conception occurred when Seth was a man or a man-fly. This leads to a blood-curdling nightmare sequence in which she dreams of giving birth to a giant maggot. Veronica decides to get an abortion to avoid any possibility of this dream becoming reality. Seth, however, has a plan to forcibly meld himself with her and their unborn baby via his machine so they can be the "ultimate family.

Plus, that icky maggot baby. Jordan Ladd plays Madeline, a woman whose life is shattered following a car accident. It's a tough, painful pill to swallow. Madeline makes the decision to carry the pregnancy to term anyway. The stillborn child is delivered, and the distraught mother somehow wills it to life. The little girl, whom she names Grace, seems okay at first, but then starts exhibiting behaviors very atypical for an infant, like drawing hordes of flies and drinking the blood squeezed from raw beef.

And you thought mashed peas were gross! The best fright films often have a foot in reality. This one certainly does. That makes it one of the most notable genre films about pregnancy.

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  8. But boy, is it ever a powerful work. Gabourey Sidibe plays Precious, an illiterate teenager who already has one child and is pregnant with another. As the story progresses, we learn that both children are the product of rape by her father. Her abusive mother portrayed by Oscar winner Mo'Nique blames Precious for the rapes, angrily accusing her of "stealing my man. There's definitely some uplift by the story's end, although not before it has taken you through a rather harrowing depiction of an adolescent enduring the most stressful pregnancy imaginable.

    Ridley Scott's masterpiece Alien is different from the other titles on this list because it's not explicitly about pregnancy. You have to read between the lines to get it. Some of the earliest clues come in the form of the production design. It's no coincidence that artist H. Giger made so much of the alien xenomorph and its world look sexual. Keep your eyes peeled, and you'll see phallic symbols and things that resemble female genitalia all over the place. Then there are the creatures. Poor Kane played by John Hurt gets a "face-hugger" attached to him.

    It implants its seed into his stomach, which is essentially an impregnation. The film's most famous sequence pays off that idea when a small, disgusting creature bursts from his chest. That's the delivery. Often imitated, never duplicated, it is the movie against which all similar movies are judged. Worst of all, her husband John Cassavetes is complicit in the plan. That's because Polanski, adapting Ira Levin's novel, emphasizes the scope of the conspiracy. Rosemary is trapped in her big apartment building, where everyone else can watch her every move.

    The gynecologist treating her is part of the coven, too, so even he won't assist her. She is utterly alone, with nowhere to turn for help. This quality makes the final scene, wherein Rosemary basically accepts her fate and decides to parent the little demon, devastatingly haunting.

    Your maternity leave is not too far off now and you may be counting the weeks left at work now but what rights do dads have? Nowadays dads are not left out, just like mums, dads are beginning to have more rights that they are entitled to in the workplace when they have a new baby. Unlike mums however, dads do not have the right to paid time off before their baby is born, such as for antenatal appointments.

    A good and a very practical item help to buy your baby, a cot mobile. Plus, they double up as a great source of entertaining stimulation for your baby while they are lying in the cot having something to watch and move.

    The Baby Pact: A BDSM Romance

    Around 75 per cent of mums-to-be can experience brown patches of pigmentation appearing on their forehead, cheeks, and neck. Call it what you like, it can be a worrying visual symptom. It is caused because during pregnancy your body makes extra melanin, which is the tanning hormone that your body produces to protect your skin from ultraviolet UV light. Wearing a hat can also protect your skin from the sun. There are several skin conditions you can experience during pregnancy, find out more about this and other skin changes in pregnancy.

    Drink plenty of water as dehydration can make Braxton Hicks feel worse — so can having a full bladder or being on your feet for a long time. Baby Names Search for a name, sibling names, middle names - or use our random name finder for some creative fun! See more. At a glance Your baby's little heart is beating strongly Talk to your mummy pals to help make informed choices for the birth Pack spare batteries or a charger for your camera in your hospital bag. Found this helpful?

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    Read more on Read more. Don't mind. Baby name generator. Today's most read Top boys names. More for you 29 weeks pregnant Week 29 and your baby will double in size between now and birth! Mum friends are a must have Every new mum needs a partner in crime. Find out how to find yours.