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Or if you are exercising in a gym, increase the incline for a similar effect. Walking uphill uses more energy than walking along flat surfaces. By tracking your walking you can assess how far you are going and start considering how much to increase your mileage by. Is it safe to increase this week or should you wait? Walking is a great way to connect with nature.

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The path does not choose me. No one decides for me, not without my permission. No one decides for you on which path you will walk. We all choose for ourselves. Truth 2. You can just stand on your path and refuse to budge, but you will advance anyway. Times arrow points in but one direction — forward. If you do not move forward, time will sweep you and the path on which you stand forward on into the future, with or without your permission.

It is best to have some say in which direction forward your are headed. Truth 3. Our time here is limited. It may be just around the next bend just up ahead. If you have found your earthly purpose you are on the right path, the one which is true for you. Truth 4. If you run up on an obstacle or barrier to your progress, you must remove it or find a way over, under, or around it. No one will do this for you, at least not for very long.

A Variety of Accommodations

Those who may stop to help you will ultimately give in to their own concerns at some point and leave to continue their own journey. That is not your purpose. Truth 5. Although some may seem closed, all paths are open. They all begin from where you are, where you stand. They branch out in every direction without limit.

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