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Under the trails of smoke, he saw a sudden gleam. Alec was at the edge of the platform, leaning alarmingly far over the side. I think those are seraph blades. A long plait trailed behind her as she ran, like a snake of silver and gold. The two Shadowhunters were going desperately fast. The smoke eddied down a block of commercial buildings and over a narrow road, and spilled onto an apartment complex, dodging skylights and piping and ventilation shafts. All the while the Shadowhunters pursued, slicing at any black tentacles that whipped too close.

Inside the dark maelstrom of smoke, a crowd of yellow lights like fireflies swarmed in pairs. Magnus had groaned when he realized Alec was taking his bow with him to their dinner. Magnus knew better than to suggest they let the Paris Shadowhunters take care of whatever irritating demonic disaster was unfolding. Alec was congenitally incapable of turning away from a good cause.

It was one of his most appealing qualities. They were closer to the rooftops now. The platform swayed dangerously as Magnus skirted around chimneys, cable wires, and roof stairwells. The wind was dangerously strong. Magnus felt as if he were fighting the whole sky. The balloon wobbled, swinging side to side, and the ice bucket tumbled over. Magnus managed to just avoid crashing into a tall chimney stack as he watched the champagne bottle roll off the edge.

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It exploded in a spray of glass and foam as it impacted the roof below. He opened his mouth to make a remark about the sad waste of champagne. Alec anticipating him, yet again. He righted the balloon hastily and checked on the situation below. The swarm of Iblis demons had split in two, encircling the Shadowhunters on the roof below.

The unlucky pair were trapped, though they continued fighting valiantly. The fair-haired woman moved like cornered lightning. The first Iblis demon that leaped at them was cut down by a slice of her seraph blade, as were the second and third. But there were too many. As Magnus watched, a fourth demon launched itself toward the Shadowhunter woman, its glowing eyes streaking through the darkness. Magnus glanced at Alec, and Alec nodded at him. Magnus used a great deal of his magic to hold the hot-air balloon perfectly still, for just a moment.

Alec let his first arrow fly. The Iblis demon never reached the woman. The glow from its eyes dimmed as its smoky body dissipated, leaving behind nothing but an arrow embedded into the ground. Three more demons suffered a similar fate. Any time a pair of glowing eyes moved toward the Shadowhunters, a streaking arrow would meet it before it could reach them. It was a pity Magnus had to devote his attention to controlling the elements rather than admiring his boyfriend. The rear guard of the Iblis demons turned toward the new threat in the sky.

Three broke off their attack on the Shadowhunters and launched themselves toward the balloon. Two were dropped by arrows before they could make it onto the platform, but Alec was too late to draw on the third. The demon, gaping maw exposing a row of sharp black teeth, struck at Alec. But Alec had already dropped the bow and drawn a seraph blade. The runes on his body shimmered as he thrust the blade through the Iblis demon and sliced, separating head from body. The demon crumbled away into black ash.

Another group of demons reached the platform, and quickly met a similar fate. This was what Shadowhunters did, what Alec was born to do. His body was a weapon, graceful and swift, an instrument honed to slay demons and shield his loved ones. Alec was very good at both. He ensnared one demon in a web of electricity and held off another with an invisible barrier made of wind. Alec shot the demon Magnus was holding off, then shot the last demon lingering below.

At this point, the fair-haired Shadowhunter woman and her male companion had nothing left to do. They were standing in a whirl of smoky ash and destruction and appeared somewhat at a loss. Magnus Bane did his best, in life, to always be spectacular. This crash was. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Teen Books. Read an excerpt of this book!

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Plunge into the second adventure in the internationally bestselling Mortal City of When fifteen-year-old Clary Fray heads out to the Pandemonium Club in New York City, she hardly expects to witness a murder -- much less a murder committed by three teenagers covered with strange tattoos and brandishing bizarre weapons. But same as the world, we have characters with different personalities. And that is a bonus point! Now, I would have liked to give more than 3. As well, I would have liked more from Romance perspective. I know this is not a romance intended book, but the couples were kind of sudden.

All in all, this was a great lecture and I am very interested to find more. You will not be disappointed. I cannot wait for the next book in the series. Enjoy J. About Maureen A.

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  6. Miller worked in the software industry for fifteen years. She crawled around plant floors in a hard hat and safety glasses hooking up computers to behemoth manufacturing machines. The job required extensive travel. The best form of escapism during those lengthy airport layovers became writing. After that she became hooked to the genre. To her it was still Romantic Suspense…just on another planet! Juggling death is nothing new for seventeen-year-old Jura, daughter of the First of the Thirteen, successive rulers of the Republic of the Sand Sea.

    However, when a blood chain ensnares her father, she is thrust into the seat of power and forced to rule her elders. To find the Prince of Shadows and uncover the truth, Jura puts her trust in Tylak, a former slave accused of stealing from the Everflame—a man she once condemned to death. In a world where water is currency and enemies lurk around every corner, Jura will use her wits or risk igniting a world war.

    This is such an interesting book! We have multiple perspectives, intrigues from all sides, politics, a little bit of love, desire for power and ambition. I would have given it 5 starts with a little strawberry like them better than cherries on top if it were not for that slow beginning and that I did not completely understand all the aspects of the action in the beginning. Maintaining appearances has never been so difficult, especially when she becomes entangled in lies, plots and schemes. Nothing is too much for trying to save her father.

    So she must do all that is required to ensure his return as ruler of the Republic, head of the Thirteen. It all gets much more complicated. Believe me, you will not get bored at all! But she is not the only character that we have in this book. There are a lot of them, all revealing their intentions at some point. The voices are different, but they have in common one thing: all have their own agenda, all want to manipulate. Young or old, with a lower rank or a better one.

    At one point, I found myself cheering for Jura, then Tylak comes in and he is a complete mystery. I liked how the author created him — simple, yet powerful, mysterious, and handsome in his own way. We have Ash, whose goal is to become spoken of, become part of the history, and become a legend. Beshar is your typical politician who wants more power. Amira is the jealous best friend. Kay is the innocent who has to become more that her age would allow. They are so different and so complex.

    The magic system is great as well or at least to my liking. Each group has its own interests and hidden agendas. The author has created a complicated world to say the least. Did I mention the dragons in this book? I liked the characters so much, that I can easily forget all the things that made me a little confused in the beginning. I will go with 4. About A. Alexis Marrero Deese is an avid reader of young adult and fantasy.

    Win one signed paperback of Ignited by A. This is a pre-order giveaway but you do not need to buy the book to enter, buying the book just gives you more entries. Tortured by chaotic visions of fire and blood, Bri must harness her magic and navigate the dangerous waters of her past—and past life—to unmask the evil hunting in her shadow before it kills the only loved ones she has left. Because she has a secret of her own.

    One she already died to protect. And as memories of her ancient rival become clear, so does her grim future…unless she can change it. Gwen is living her happily ever after in Seattle. When not chasing butterflies to hidden waterfalls or cavorting through the Emerald City, she can be found in a cozy chair reading, or brewing up tales of magic, adventure, and romance. You can find her on Audible, Itunes and Amazon. She has a background in and a great love of Cabaret and Vaudeville including the old time concert saloon, minstrelsy, circus acts, dime museums, and literary American burlesque shows.

    Ok, everybody thinks this book is great. Well, everybody is right! This is one crazy story of witches and daemons and spells and all that witchy jazz, topped with a beautiful narration. The book begins with Briana trying to fight off her calling and with her struggle to maintain the normal life she has built. She feels the pull towards something different, outside the mundane, but she refuses to get into that. When her family is killed in an accident, she cannot deny it any longer.

    The author did such a great job not only with the world building, but as well the characters and the way the story is structured. Starting with the last argument, we have present and past lives weaved between the chapters. And that only makes the story interesting, as we see how Briana has had to fight in all her past existence as well. We have two worlds, the present times and the past. Both exceptionally built, hide a secret that really blew my mind.

    Cast a spell or something!! But she develops as the story progresses and becomes more powerful and confident in her skills, not without help. Kean first love and dedicated protector is strong and determined to keep her safe and not losing her. The romance between them does not occupy the center of the plot but is there. And when it comes to light, it is heartwarming. It is that kind of romance that leaves you breathless after 5 lines. The narration was fabulous to say the least. I could feel the desperation, the torment, the pain and love and determination.

    I could understand the emotions so well and that only helped in enhancing my experience with this book. Without further prolonging, I cannot but give 5 out of 5 stars to Skydancer Book 1 and hope to read more of these characters soon! I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Gwen Mitchell.

    The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it. Lord Nicholas Asquith needs his wife. Last but not least, have them sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Converting a. Amazon itself has a comprehensive guide on formatting a book for Kindle. Amazon has a comprehensive guide to building a book for Kindle that covers every aspect of formatting — creating front matter, table of contents, etc.

    This is a free eBook that can be downloaded here. Never judge a book by its cover, they say. On Amazon, however, your cover will go a long way towards setting you apart from the self-published pap that usually litters the Kindle store. Think like an app designer choosing an icon for the iPhone. If you must cut corners and design the cover yourself, I recommend keeping things simple: grab a high quality image from Shutterstock that echoes the generic conventions of your niche and write your book title in an appropriate font. Pro tip: Fonts, like images in a cover, echo the established values of a genre.

    Fonts in romance novels are usually florid, while those in thrillers and weight loss books are more contemporary. Make sure that you use fonts that adhere to genre conventions. Cheap: Set up a competition on 99designs to crowdsource your eBook cover. OR, hire an established, experienced book cover designer.

    You can easily find a ton of these on sites like AuthorSupport or Damonza. Marketing is what separates the successful Kindle publishers from the also-rans who hug the bottom of the sales charts. Self-publishing essentially inverts the traditional publishing model, where publishers publish the book, then get the media to drum up enthusiasm before the public can pass it along through word-of-mouth. Self-published authors must do this entire process in reverse: they must get people interested in their books before they actually publish the book on Amazon.

    It requires building relationships with your readers and establishing a sense of community by leveraging social media. In the mids, at the height of his literary prowess, Stephen King started writing books under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman. For amateur authors, this translates into maintaining a consistent author profile across multiple media properties.

    Select a good picture and make sure you use it on all author-related websites, including your blog, social media, and Amazon Author Central more on this below. It is ; you have no excuses for not running a blog. It is free and downright easy with software like WordPress. The 4-Hour Workweek blog built using WordPress was started as a platform to promote a book and foster a community.

    Today, the blog and its readership are arguably more valuable than the book itself. Share advice and tips related to your niche. Be as educative, informative, and creative as you can be. This 4-Hour Workweek blog is a good model to imitate. Check out this hideous mess , the earliest version of this blog. What you do on your Facebook page and Twitter page should be intended to benefit your friends and followers. A foundation in conventional and Internet marketing can go a long way in helping you make Kindle sales.

    Eisler recommends four books on marketing to the aspiring author:.

    Full Cast & Crew

    Recruiting and training evangelists with the power of social media is something any writer intent on commercial success should do. Price is a major advantage self-published authors have over published authors. It is also a good idea to give away your book for free initially to jump start sales. If the product is good enough, it will spread through word of mouth and you can alter the list price accordingly.

    The book description is important for telling the readers what to expect in the book. This is where you put your blurb and review snippets from bloggers. Look at books in the Amazon Top to see how they capture reader attention and write their blurbs. Gathering positive reviews will go a long way in pushing your eBook towards the bestseller charts. Your best bet is to leverage your existing relationships with your Twitter followers, blog readers, friends, and relatives to get positive reviews.

    It also helps to create narrative arcs that span several books something that can be done with non-fiction as well to keep readers coming back for more. Once you are an established presence in the market, your name alone will attract the curious and the faithful. Caveat lector: be aware that success through self-publishing is rare and hard fought. Eisler compares publishing to the lottery, where few can get in and even fewer can succeed. Did you like this post? Would you like more of this type of post?

    If so, please let me know in the comments. Many of the world's most famous entrepreneurs, athletes, investors, poker players, and artists are part of the book. The tips and strategies in Tribe of Mentors have already changed my life, and I hope the same for you. Who was interviewed? Check it all out by clicking here. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

    Comment Rules: Remember what Fonzie was like? Have fun and thanks for adding to the conversation! Thanks to Brian Oberkirch for the inspiration. Like Like. Like Liked by 2 people. Thanks for the comments, guys! Yes, my old blog is unbelievable. How did I think those colors would work out? Like Liked by 1 person. I look forward to sharing this blog—and your first—with my students. Thanks again for being a great guinea pig and guide!

    Tim, as always thanks for an insightful analysis — with plenty of real world examples and resource links. Your presentation is straight-forward and makes it much more clear. I especially like the Marketing and Promoting section. I definitely would be interested in more posts like this. Ah, this is awesome. Thanks Tim. So many book ideas, so little time. Wake up every morning and put in 4 hours. Another awesome article, I will definably have to read all those marketing books you recommended. Great post, Ryan and Tim.

    What the sky looked like on 30 May 1999

    Just wanted to chime in with a few other tips based on my experience as a self-publisher:. Some niches sell more in paper. I publish in LSAT prep. No one mentions e-books on forums, either. Paper royalties can actually be quite high, too. Look for niches that have moats. I only entered the LSAT explanation business for two reasons:. I already had some explanations that I sold through an affiliate blog. I just had to format them to make a book. I had gotten fast at writing explanations, so I can write new books fairly quickly. This took months of effort. It also means competitors are not likely to enter my niche, as it is not very lucrative.

    This leads to point 4. There are countless niches capable of supporting this level of book sales. Tim, is there any way to allow us to follow replies to only our own comments via email? Like Liked by 3 people. Thanks for the great comment, Graeme! I clicked it once… also known as how I learned how to create gmail inbox filters. Thanks Tim! That would be great. Great comment Graeme — I agree with a lot of what you wrote and was about to write a similar comment, especially about the smaller niches.

    In the first month I did five figures, although that may have a lot to do with the next few months being the most popular time men propose.


    Writing an ebook is really the easiest part. Promoting and marketing your ebook is what will make the difference between a success or not. You get instant credibility this way and reach far more people than trying to build up a fan base through your blog. However, in order to do this you have to learn how to think like a journalist, pitch stories that are newsworthy and tied into current events. Again, great post and resources and best of luck to all of you! You can only 3 reviews for the book and claim to make 5 figures in the first month. Thanks for your insightful reply.

    Any ideas for where to start looking for niches too small for traditional publishers? Thank you for this in-depth analysis. I have been thinking about releasing non-fiction e-books for kindle, but there has always been consideration in the back of my mind if I should go through traditional route first. I have not made up my mind yet either way, but information like this certainly helps. There are so many different opinions, so much to know and learn about the industry — but each case is different, and I guess we will all have our individual failures and successes.

    This article is PERF. It dovetails nicely with the recent Hugh Howey article on Salon. One for inspiration, the other for execution. Please do post more like this! Tim, this is perfect. Goal is to have first book, Tales of Iceland, on Amazon in 2 weeks.

    Thoughtful and inspirational stories

    Also, most of the world is still way behind the US in ebook adoption. Even in Iceland where they read more books per capita than any other citizenry in the world , ebooks are still rare…but growing. So the good news is that as other countries catch up, the potential market will continue to grow.

    Thanks again. More like this, please! I think the most impressive stats is that digital sales just surpassed printed — This is extremely valuable info. Absolutely would consider doing digital-only. Thanks so much for this! You have been my mentor and friend in my head! I just finished my kindle ebook and I am working on creating an app talk about synchronicity!

    This is very helpful! I love U! This is where I plan to go financially. Thanks for an amazing post. I was getting doubtful for a little bit, if I had taken a mistake for taking the summer term off. But as a student, I have very little to lose. Thank you. But, alas, how in the heck am I supposed to take notes on such a great post, when the whole damn thing is worth noting?! Love it! I wrote a book some years ago about my time in the music business, and how to get a gig in that world — I hired a design student to lay it out for me using Adobe PageMaker, and he also did the cover.

    I also sell it on Kindle, which is insanely simple. Great article but I am certain that the Stephen King, JK Rowling, and Stephenie Meyer did not make it big because they were mercenary about following pop culture trends and finding market niches. You will find it easier to write. It will sustain you through the writing process…and the blogging…and promotions. I agree. I do not try and hijack trends. Lifetime fan value done properly could be x that.

    Its like mixtapes in the music game. Give it away for free and make 10x on your live shows instead. Can even be done with physical books, just book a distribution deal. Tucker realized the power of mass market self-publishing and evidently this is actually news to the publishing world, but rappers have been doing this both mixtapes and sub-labels to be distributed for decades. Time to catch up guys. Good points. You earn a repeat paying customer 2. They tell others that it was good so the exponential impact is amplified. I love this post!

    This article have me lots to think about. Got me thinking for sure. Thank you for delivering great stuff again and again. Imformative blog, dropped by to check you out. It will enlighten everyone as to what goes on behind closed doors. All real names will be used in this novel to expose the truth. A book that is so compelling and graphic that has already caused an attempt on my life. The original copy of that book was destroyed during that attempt.

    After many years, I have decided to re-write the book. Thanks for giving confirmation to my thoughts with your very informative blog. For those of you who are trying to format your book for the Kindle yourself, I recommend that you use Microsoft Word to do so. Great piece Ryan and Tim. You literally could have written a short ebook on how to write ebooks just using this article. Been a fan of this blog for several years but this just might be the best post. Thanks Ryan and Tim — really inspiring. And the million dollar question s : What about piracy? Ever checked the torrent sites?

    Software with DRM-cracking facilities? A substantial part of the music-industry went broke by the peer-to-peer networks. You can use torrents to your advantage. Thanks a lot, very helpful info. I just watched the interview with BitTorrent, quite interesting too. Imho, the most valid argument you gave to go for ebooks is that they are here to stay. Even so, as you worked with BitTorrent, do you have any idea how many copies of the 4HC were illegally downloaded?

    Is this roughly measurable? I wrote years on it and am now gradually focusing on ways to put it into the market and promote it. Great post! What are your thoughts on publishing outside the Kindle store as well? I run Digital Delivery App, which is basically a modern e-junkie, and we have a load of e-book publishers who sell via their own websites.

    Love this. I plan to start writing soon. Also, I would be very interested in learning how you built your supplement business back in the day. I have a few ideas about supplements but not sure how to start- legalities, manufacturing, etc. Amazon just recently started a more sophisticated cover creator. You can easily create a really nice cover in minutes. That sounds about right to me. But getting those checks from Amazon every month makes it all worth it. Great article! I work with many authors and they would love this post. Jamie McGuire, Jessica Park and Lauren Clark are all excellent examples of authors that have been incredibly successful going the self-publishing route.

    Long pots but loved reading it till the end. I would like more of this type of post with steps we can straight use as a practical guidance.