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"sower" translation into Italian

Dictionary Conjugation Phrases Games More by bab. EN seeder seedsman sower. This Sunday's Gospel transmits a first message to us through the figure of the sower. Synonyms Synonyms Italian for "seminatore":. Italian diffusore disseminatore divulgatore generatore promotore propagatore spargitore suscitatore.

Context sentences Context sentences for "seminatore" in English These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. Width - circa 20 cm. Used - From the mid's until the last edition in Giovan Battista. Italian National Team. Italian Football Federation in collaboration with. Participating Coaches - All football coaches who.

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Award Objective and Structure - The 'Panchina. D'Oro' Golden Bench award is presented to the. The winner is selected. It continued where the 'Seminatore D'Oro' award left to the extreme that even the same trophy is used.

Giuseppe Seminatore () - Find A Grave Memorial

Italian Coaches. Used - Since the first edition in Each winner keeps the trophy for ever. Chievo Verona. Winner - Regarded as one of the Best Coach in Italy in the past seasons.

Italian National Team and is nearing retirement. The award receiver is selected. Editions Until Today - 4.

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Winner - Regarded as one of the Best Italian Coaches to promote football in difficult situations especially on the international scene, in the past seasons. Bayern Munich. Real Madrid. Italia National Team National Coach.

Japan National Team. Italia National Team Staff. Winner - Regarded as one of the Best Italian Coaches to launch youngsters. Italian Football Federation. Participating Coaches - All Italian football coaches. Editions Until Today - 6. History - A total of six coaches won this award: Materazzi G. Team or personalities who through their work they. It is also awarded to Italian coaches or personalities who have distinguished themselves by promoting football in difficult situations.

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Il Seminatore – Anno 2005 – Aprile / Giugno – Versione Inglese

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