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Poems Find and share the perfect poems. Who can blame the ants for feasting? Let him cast the first crumb. Now we rely on a photograph a fingerprint a hand we never saw coming. He does this without thinking. What can I do about the great stones I walk among now? What can I do but sing. Even a small cut can sing all day. I woke up desperate for air.

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What blessed thing will we leave tomorrow? Yours is a system of slow. There is you, the pulley and there is you, the weight. Your eyes wide on a hymn. Your deep song like the turn of that first, that earliest of wheels.

11 Spooky Poems For Halloween Season About Witches, Ghosts, And Bad Omens

Said the Whale, I have seen you, little encruster, in that business of fouling the ships. Known, little drum machine, you to tease out food from the drink. Little thimble of chalk and hard water. You could be a callus of whiter skin. You could be a knucklebone. You who hang on me, like a conscience.

Good Omens - Miniserie - RECENSIONE

Cecilia Llompart I was hurried forward, and sealed a thin life for myself. I have shortened my name, and walk with a limp. I place pebbles in milk and offer them to my children when there is nothing else. We can not live on cold blood alone. Listen Listening The book begins after Wilde has been released from prison and now lives in Paris.

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His few close friends urge him begin writing again: to start another story, another play, another poem. Despite their attempts, he only recites the poems to them he refuses to put to paper. Of course, the same man, as if overnight had become toxic goods: preached about in pulpits; defamed in the press and on college campuses; on the losing end of so many strident attacks. Novelist John Vanderslice. John Vanderslice has published almost seventy short stories in literary journals and anthologies.

He teaches at the University of Central Arkansas. Published by Burlesque Press. Thank you to musicians and songwriters Amyjo Savannah and the amazing Silas Hite for this incredible soundtrack. Generous funding for this episode was provided by the Arkansas Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities.