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It would have a man at its head who could speak for it Daniel It would pluck out or uproot three kingdoms Daniel It would be different from the other 10 kingdoms Daniel It would make war with and persecute the saints Daniel , It would emerge from the pagan Roman Empire—the fourth kingdom Daniel , 8. They are not some human opinion or speculation. Historians could tell you quickly what power is being described, because these points fit only one power—the papacy. But in order to be certain, let us carefully examine all nine points one by one.

There must be no room left for doubt. Does the papacy fit these points?

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It came up among the 10 kingdoms of Western Europe. The geographical location of the papal power is in Rome, Italy—in the heart of Western Europe. It would have a man at its head who speaks for it. The papacy meets this identifying mark because it does have one man at the head—the pope—who speaks for it. Three kingdoms were plucked up to make way for the rise of the papacy.

The emperors of Western Europe were largely Catholic and supported the papacy. Three Arian kingdoms, however, did not—the Vandals, Heruli, and Ostrogoths. So the Catholic emperors decided they must be subdued or destroyed. Here is how theologian and historian Dr. And the Catholic emperor Justinian — exterminated the Arian Vandals in and significantly broke the power of the Arian Ostrogoths in It would be different from the other kingdoms. The papacy clearly fits this description, as it came on the scene as a religious power and was different from the secular nature of the other 10 kingdoms.

It would make war with and persecute the saints.

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That the church did persecute is a well-known fact, and the papacy admits doing so. Historians believe the church destroyed at least 50 million lives over matters of religious conviction. We quote here from two sources: 1. There are sincere, devout Christians in all churches, including the Catholic faith. Daniel 7 is simply a message of judgment and correction upon a large religious institution that compromised with paganism, as many other churches have also done.

God has true people in all religions. His true people no matter what their faith will always humbly accept the correction of the Lord and will not shut their ears and hearts against Him. It would emerge from the fourth kingdom of iron—the pagan Roman Empire. We quote two authorities on this point: 1. The very capital of the old Roman Empire became the capital of the Christian empire. The office of Pontifex Maximus was continued in that of the pope.

The Roman church A time is a year, times is two years, and half a time is half of a year. One prophetic day equals one literal year Ezekiel ; Numbers Thus, the little horn antichrist was to have power over the saints for 1, prophetic days; that is, 1, literal years. The rule of the papacy began in ad , when the last of the three opposing Arian kingdoms was uprooted. This period of time is an exact fulfillment of the 1,year prophecy.

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The blow was a deadly wound for the papacy, but that wound began to heal and continues healing today. Verse 22 tells us it was so devastating that not one soul would have survived if God had not shortened it. But God did shorten it.

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The persecution ended long before the pope was taken captive in It is plain to see that this point, likewise, fits the papacy. It would speak "pompous words" of blasphemy "against [God].


Claiming to forgive sins Luke Claiming to be God John Does this point fit the papacy? The Priest does really and truly forgive the sins in virtue of the power given to him by Christ. It would "intend to change times and law. It is a major topic and needs separate consideration. Of course, no one can really change it, but has the papacy attempted to do so? The answer is yes.

In its catechisms, the papacy has omitted the second commandment against veneration of images and has shortened the fourth commandment from 94 words to eight and divided the tenth commandment into two commandments. Check this for yourself. Compare the Ten Commandments in any Catholic catechism with God's list of the commandments in Exodus There is no doubt that the little horn power the antichrist of Daniel 7 is the papacy. No other organization fits all nine points.

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And, incidentally, this is not a new teaching. Every Protestant Reformer, without exception, spoke of the papacy as antichrist. So the time of the end began in the year As we have seen, the book of Daniel contains crucial messages from heaven for us today. We must understand it. All religious teachings must be compared with Scripture to determine their accuracy.

Many Christians today have been misinformed regarding the antichrist. To believe an untruth about the antichrist could cause a person to be deceived. What should a person do when new Bible teachings are encountered? Are you willing to follow where Jesus leads, even though it might be painful? God has given these prophecies to: A. Identify the participants in the final phase of the battle between Jesus and Satan. Uplift Jesus—His salvation, love, power, mercy, and justice Major Participants Will Appear Repeatedly Key participants in the closing war between Jesus and Satan will appear repeatedly in these prophecies.

Jesus repeats and expands His messages from the prophets to make certain His warnings of love and protection come through with clarity and certainty. I always thought the antichrist is a person, not an organization. Am I wrong? This Study Guide has presented evidence that the antichrist is an organization—the papacy. Revelation speaks of a man with a number being involved.

In Daniel 8, Greece is represented by a goat and its leader, Alexander the Great, is symbolized by a horn. The same is true of antichrist. The organization is the papacy. The pope in office is its representative. The prophecy of Daniel 7 is not saying that popes are evil and that Catholics are not Christians. There are many warm, loving Catholic Christians. Do you think it is wise for Christians to pass laws enforcing Christianity? The Bible is clear that all should have freedom to choose the direction they wish to go in matters of conscience Joshua —even if they choose to deny God.

The Creator permitted Adam and Eve to choose to disobey even though it hurt both them and Him. Forced worship is not acceptable to God. History shows that virtually every time the church passed laws to enforce its beliefs, persecution and murder of others resulted. This is a lesson we can learn from the history of the little horn during the Middle Ages. Perhaps I have misunderstood, but my concept has always been that antichrist would be an evil being who openly opposed God. Is this concept incorrect? It claims: A.

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Its priests can forgive sins—which only God can do Luke That the pope is God on earth. His aim was to oust God and rule in His place. See Study Guide 2. When Satan was ejected from heaven, his aim did not change but rather intensified. Through the centuries he has endeavored, using various human agencies, to discredit God and take over His position. Antichrist Appears to Be Spiritual Satan aims to replace God in these last days by deceiving people into following the antichrist, who appears spiritual and holy.

Antichrist Will Deceive Many Most people will follow the antichrist Revelation thinking they are following Christ. Only the elect will be safe Matthew , They will be secure because they test every spiritual teaching and leader by Scripture Isaiah Religious deception is everywhere. We cannot be too careful. There have been many antichrists down through history who have worked against the kingdom of God.

However, there is only one entity that specifically fulfills all the prophesied characteristics of the antichrist. In Daniel chapters 7 and 8 and in Revelation chapter 13, you will find at least 10 identifying traits of the antichrist.

These 10 identifying marks are all fulfilled in only one entity—the papacy. Not at all. Those who have remained faithful to God will not be harmed during the tribulation and distress. Revelation and the Antichrist is the climax of the story of Gods redeeming plan. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping or by any information storage retrieval system without the written permission of the publisher except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

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Any people depicted in stock imagery provided by Thinkstock are models, and such images are being used for illustrative purposes only. The book of Revelation reveals a future period of time when there will be a great persecution of the church that will challenge the faith of all Christians. Many books have been written to interpret the book of Revelation, and there are many theories about the future persecution and great tribulation at the end time and end of time.

The opinions of Bible scholars and commentaries are diverse and sometimes leave their readers confused. No one knows what time in the future the persecution and tribulation will begin, but Christians need to know about these future events and be ready, for they will test our faith—and they could begin tomorrow. Revelation was written not only to reveal the events of the persecution and tribulation, but also to encourage and comfort Christians when the time comes.

The Antichrist, empowered by Satan, will come before the second coming of Christ, and he will be responsible for the persecution and tribulation. The spirit of mankind does not die—life extends beyond the grave, and at the end of time God will deal justly with all people of every time period. Jesus and the angels will come to the earth to take vengeance on Satan, the Antichrist, and the people who are still unrighteous. Christ and the angels will be seen descending on the clouds of the sky in glory with great power. The earth will be destroyed at the end of time, but God has prepared a new heaven and new earth in which the righteous will live.

The righteous will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and they shall ever be with the Lord. Then the earth and everything in it will be destroyed with a consuming fire. The meaning of the word revelation is the act of making known things that are hidden, such as an unveiling of future events. The book of Revelation is called an apocalypse because it reveals future events.

The future events were revealed by dreams and supernatural visions of the past, present, and future. The Antichrist revealed in Revelation will cause oppression, persecution and tribulation. He will be a political and religious person in opposition to God and Christ and will claim to be God. The Antichrist will cause great tribulation and death among the people of the earth during a short period of time known as the end time and will persecute the church.

The righteous will ascend to heaven with Christ and the unrighteous will be sent to hell. Apocalypses contain times of oppression, persecution, and tribulation and are usually revealed by dreams or visions. Apocalypses make a contrast between the present and the future while revealing the latter. Apocalypses are written in figurative language using symbolism and metaphors. The only way we can understand the events in Revelation is to understand the meaning of the figurative language in the book.

The apocalyptic literature in Revelation hid the meaning of future events from the enemies of the church. The church of the first century was familiar with figurative and apocalyptic literature. Many books in the Bible include that type of literature, especially the books of prophecy. Apocalyptic literature includes heavenly visions and dreams interpreted by angelic intermediaries. Angels are intermediaries who communicate between God and man, revealing coming events. The book of Daniel is a perfect example of apocalyptic literature.

The time of the future events in Revelation are always viewed as imminent, because the time for their beginning is unknown. In 1 John 4, John explains that the Antichrist denies the divinity of Christ. First John says there are three things that determine the real Christ—the Holy Spirit, water baptism, and the blood shed on the cross. We know that whoever is born of God does not sin; but he who has been born of God keeps himself and the wicked one does not touch him. We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one 1 John In the second chapter of 2 Thessalonians, Paul writes about the Antichrist and identifies him as the man of sin, also known as the lawless one.

The end time is a short period of time represented figuratively by Daniel as three and a half years, forty-two months, 1, days, or a time, times, and half a time. The end time and the end of time are in the future, but the end time could begin to take place at any time.