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They continued to follow the " spoor " of the two hounds, left so plainly for their guidance. Pathfinder or, The Missing Tenderfoot. Towards evening scouts reported the " spoor " of the enemy, for the ground bore the impression of thousands of naked footprints and those of about a hundred booted men. Wilmshurst of the Frontier Force. Within the last ten years the educated instinct that as a younger man taught him to follow the trail of an Indian, or the " spoor " of the Kaffir and the trek wagon, now leads him as a mining expert to the hiding-places of copper, silver, and gold, and, as he advises, great and wealthy syndicates buy or refuse tracts of land in Africa and Mexico as large as the State of New York.

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Real Soldiers of Fortune. Moreover, the " spoor " remained undisturbed in the road for a distance sufficient to indicate the general direction in which the party had gone, although it was lost in the ordinary signs of traffic within a few yards of the gates. As an instance of their powers of following a " spoor ," it may be mentioned that on several occasions our captive suddenly darted off at a tangent with eyes to ground, and then started digging his heel in the sand to find where a lizard or iguana was that he had tracked to his hole.

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Unless you know where to find them and what to look for, you're lucky to spot a pigeon-toed track much less a real bear. Yet the primal fear one feels when hiking in grizzly country persists.


A fresh pile of spoor or the site of an excavated hill where a grizzly has torn up everything to get at roots or a squirrel is sure to raise the hair on the back of the human neck. September 17, Community Word of the day Random word Log in or Sign up. To follow a spoor or trail. To track by the spoor. Seller Inventory M Spoor Afrikaans Edition.

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