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Ideally, make this inspection a regular part of your spring and fall maintenance routine. Over time, rain can repeatedly soak window frames and sills, causing damage and, eventually, rot. Wooden Window Frames : Water tends to remain on window sills longer than on the rest of the window frame, so the sills are usually the first to suffer from rot. Rain is persistent and can have a powerful cumulative effect.

Over time, as rainwater collects on a window sill, it can slowly wear away the paint, allowing water to seep into the wood, and eventually leading to rot. As you inspect your window sills, carefully press the wood to detect any soft, deteriorated areas. Use a screw driver in hard-to-reach places. If the wood punctures easily, replace it ASAP. Finally, inspect the rest of the window frame, as wood rot often spreads up from the sill to the vertical framing pieces and trim. Exterior doors can get damaged over time through normal wear and tear.

Add moisture to the mix and rot could eventually result. Exterior Doors : There is a good chance that your exterior doorways contain a lot of wood, which gets damaged over time from normal wear and tear, making it vulnerable to rainwater. Check all wooden parts of the door and door frame, including the threshold, door jamb, and trim. Make sure there are no soft, spongy areas.

The lower sections of the door tend to be prime areas for fungi to form — especially if your home does not have a roof overhang to help protect the entrance from the weather. Poke around with your screw driver to make sure the wood is sound. Inspect the kick plate at the bottom of the door — is there any sign of rot underneath it? Interior Spaces : Grab your flashlight and pay a down-and-dirty visit to the places in your home where moisture might have a chance to collect.

Check the floor areas around your water heater, washer, dishwasher, toilet, tub, and the bottom of your sink cabinets. Unfortunately, this involves some grunt work. Prepare to get down on your hands and knees to peer underneath appliances and clean out those cluttered sink cabinets. Do a thorough visual inspection with your flashlight, and also run your hand over the wooden surfaces as you look at them.

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If you come across areas that seem to be consistently moist or find swelling in the floor or sub-floor, you have probably discovered a leak. Investigate further ASAP. Also, check ceilings for any telltale water damage discoloration created by leaks from above. Most decks contain a lot of wood and will require a thorough inspection for rot.

Check it from above, from below, and assess the health of the ledger board. Decks : First, inspect the wooden components that make up your deck and deck stairs for signs of rot — looking from both above easy! After that, direct your attention to the piece of wood that attaches your deck to the house. This is called a ledger board, and it is a prime spot for wood rot if it was not connected properly. It should be flashed in aluminum, and when that is not the case, water can get behind it, eventually causing rot.

Roof : Go out to your yard with binoculars and train them on your roof. Make a close inspection of both the roof itself, as well as the area directly below the roof line, for any wear and tear. This inspection could take a little while. It might feel a bit strange to be standing in the yard or out by the road scanning your roof with binoculars, and you might get a few looks from the neighbors, but take the time to be thorough. Catching a problem early could save you lots of money and hassle. On your roof, look for damaged or missing shingles, raised nail heads, cracked seals around chimneys and vent pipes, and discoloration on the fascia below the roof line.

Look for any missing or curled shingles, raised nail heads, cracked seals around chimneys and vent pipes, and also for discoloration on the fascia below your roof line. You may choose to get up on your roof if the pitch is not too steep, which will allow you to feel for any sponginess in the plywood as you walk across it. If you think the roof may be weak, or do not want to take the risk of going up on your roof, have a professional examine it instead.

Roofs and ladders can be very tricky to navigate, so if you do go up there, exercise the utmost caution. Now that you know where to look to find rotting wood in your home, here are some tips to prevent it in the first place. Clean and maintain your gutter system regularly so that water is drawn away from your house. Maintain your gutters : Well functioning gutters make for a healthy house. Clean your gutters regularly, and keep them in good condition so that rainwater will be drawn away from your house.

Water should flow down your spouts, and away from the structure, instead of overflowing out of the gutters and spilling right next to your foundation. Building materials : Instead of using wood in areas of your house where rot is common, consider using composite building materials with no wood fibers. For example, when replacing windows use vinyl or vinyl clad designs. Similarly, consider aluminum or vinyl siding, which are popular for this reason. Preventative measures like this will help reduce your maintenance costs over time.

Add covered entryways and overhangs to your roof, to protect your windows and doors from precipitation. Entryways : Next time you re-do your roof, add overhangs and covered entryways if you do not have them already. If one sees grass growing inside his house in a dream, it means a wedding. Others think it is the reverse. And the dreamer will enjoy welfare through a woman. House Dream Explanation — If one sees himself tied up and imprisoned inside a house in a dream, it means that he will receive glad tidings, or it could mean good health and prosperity. If one sees himself carrying a house over his shoulders in a dream, it means that he takes care of a needy woman or a wife.

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If one sees his house made of gold in a dream, it means that a fire will burn it down. If the house has no roof, whereby one can see the skies, sun or moon in a dream, it represents the marriage of a woman from that household. If one sees a big house within his own house in a dream, it means that a righteous woman will live their or move into that family to become a blessing for such a house.

She bolted the doors and said: Come! He said: I seek refuge in Allah! A house without a roof wherefrom the dreamer could see the sun rising or the moon: A woman will get married therein. If the landlord is known, the dream will apply to him. Its perfection or imperfection is the way he handles matters. Its finishing is his joy.

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The supports of the door are the male children, the slaves or servants, or the brothers and assistants. The same bad interpretation would apply if the house was built in an impossible place, if it was painted in white, or if funereal flowers were seen in the dream. Be Thou glorified! I have been a wrongdoer. House Dream Explanation — Whatever happens to houses or apartment blocks in a dream applies to their dwellers in reality. The walls represent men and the ceilings women, as men uphold women.

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The corridor refers to an influential servant who can solve or complicate matters. Likewise, it alludes to his glory, his name and reputation, and his well-being. It could also refer to his money, which he relies or falls back upon and his clothes, as he puts them on. It is easy to imagine what the components of a house refer to when the house alludes to the wife. Assuming that the house symbolizes his livelihood and money, the door is the source of that livelihood.

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If the house was built with bricks, gypsum, and lime, it would mean that a sin will be committed or that the dreamer has amassed a fortune through sin and will regret it in the Hereafter, owing to the fact that fire plays a major role in the manufacturing of such constructing material. The dream would have a happy ending if the dreamer destroyed the house before waking up.

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Entering it means that the dreamer will die, unless he comes out again, in which case it means that he will come near death but escape. House Dream Explanation — The house gate or door is the father of the family. The mortise and tenon symbolize the female and male sexual organs as they fit into each other. Locked together, they represent the husband embracing his wife.