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Their schools were severely damaged, and the recovery effort continues and will last for months to come. Thank you so much for your support!

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The Forgotten Okavango Delta – the Panhandle

Thank you for your enthusiastic support! When one looks at a map, they may wonder why these narrow strips of land remained an extension of a geographical entity rather than merge with the other area surrounding it. However, most geographical entities such as countries and states were not willing to relinquish a part of their land mainly for political, geographical, and topographical reasons.

Eris Is My Homegirl - Shut Your Mouth and Give Me The Panhandle (finał MbtM 2)

The existence of panhandles can only be explained by how countries, states, and territories got their shapes. This page was last updated on February 22, By John Misachi. Load comments.

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What is a Panhandle? White-fronted bee-eaters. Cattle wade through the channels.

Florida Panhandle

Crocodiles cruise the channels for prey. Subscribe to our newsletter.

Panhandles in the US

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Florida Panhandle - Wikipedia

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