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Gallo and Armone were convicted on racketeering charges in , Gotti turned to Gravano to help fill the void, promoting him to official consigliere and making Frank Locascio acting underboss. Gravano's success was not without a downside. First, his quick rise up the Gambino hierarchy attracted the attention of the FBI, and he was soon placed under surveillance. Second, he started to sense some jealousy from Gotti over the profitability of his legitimate business interests.

Michael DeBatt, the son of a late friend of Gravano's, had also become addicted to crack cocaine. DeBatt's wife came to Gravano pleading for help. She told Gravano that DeBatt stayed up at night with a gun claiming "they were coming to get him. The shooters emptied the cash register and left DeBatt in the bar to make it look like a robbery. Not long after this, Gravano became the family's consigliere and his old crew was taken over by Louis "Big Lou" Vallario. Louie Milito, Gravano's old buddy from his childhood days with the Rampers, was not pleased with this decision.

Milito made the mistake of telling other crew members that it was he who should have been given the top spot in Gravano's crew after Gravano's promotion, and not Vallario. Gravano claimed in his book Underboss that before the Castellano hit, Milito had become much closer to Castellano and Bilotti. Castellano had informed Milito that Gravano should have been killed after the unsanctioned murder of Frank Fiala as well as after Gravano threatened fellow made man Louie DiBono.

With John Gotti and the Bergin crew in hot water with the indictment of Angelo Ruggerio on heroin distribution charges, Milito feared Gravano and his crew could be in danger of being killed along with Gotti, once Neil Dellacroce died. Milito, according to Gravano, severed business ties with Gravano and started a loanshark operation with Tommy Bilotti.

When Castellano and Bilotti were murdered, Milito was in prison. Upon his release, Gravano claims Gotti wanted Milito killed. Gravano claims he stood up for Milito and stopped the murder from happening. After he was read the riot act, Milito returned to Gravano's crew, only to badmouth his old friend's choice of Vallario as captain after Gravano's promotion. Milito was called to a meeting to discuss the murder of a Gambino associate. While Milito was drinking some espresso, Carneglia shot him to death.

Milito's body has never been found. Milito's wife Lynda claims in her book Mafia Wife that when Louie Milito did not come home or call, she went to see Gravano at his home. Lynda also wrote that a friend saw Gravano driving Louie Milito's Lincoln and was able to identify it by damage done to the car before Louie Milito went missing. Lynda Milito would cry foul in her book after Gravano testified he had not been the shooter in Louie Milito's murder; she said that a Gambino family member later informed her Gravano had shot and killed Louie Milito, contrary to what Gravano had told the FBI.

Gravano, however, claims in his book Underboss that after Milito was killed, he finished the construction work Milito was having done on his home and continued to support Lynda Milito and her family. Despite Gravano's rise in status to consigliere, Gotti continued to use Gravano for the task of murder. Bisaccia shot Oliverri to death while Gravano waited in a stolen get-away car.

Johnson had been a childhood friend of Gotti's and a longtime crew member while Gotti was captain of the Bergin crew. Johnson refused to testify for the prosecution. In Underboss Gravano claims that Gotti met with Johnson during the trial and informed Johnson that as long as he never testified against Gotti, he and his family would not be harmed. Johnson would never be allowed to participate in mob matters again, however.

Johnson asked Gotti to swear on his dead son, Frank Gotti, who had been killed in an accident years ago. Gotti swore. Now Gotti was having second thoughts. That was my only involvement," Gravano explained. Johnson was shot while walking to his car to go to work in front of his house in May In , Gravano was involved in two murders, the first of which was Eddie Garofalo, a demolition contractor who made the mistake of running afoul of the Gambinos.

On August 9, , Garofalo was shot to death in front of his home as arranged by Gravano. The last murder to involve Gravano was the murder of Louie DiBono, the made man Gravano had threatened to kill earlier. Gravano described the reasons for the murder in Underboss :. He was still robbing the family and I asked for permission to take him out. John bit, hook, line and sinker, and refused my request. John said he would handle DiBono personally and become his partner. But DiBono was up to his old tricks double-dealing. He had obviously been bullshitting John. So when John called Louie in for meetings to discuss their new partnership, DiBono didn't show up.

John was humiliated. This meant an automatic death penalty. John gave the contract to DiBono's captain, Pat Conte. Conte botched an ideal opportunity to kill DiBono. Then, as Gotti grew increasingly impatient, Conte explained that the problem now was trying to corner DiBono again. Whenever a meeting with him was arranged, DiBono never appeared.

It was a joke, what was going on. I couldn't help laughing to myself. I told John why didn't Pat simplify everything. Just call Louie up and tell him to hang himself. Ten months went by. John looks like an asshole. He was too embarrassed even to ask me for help.

Face To Face With LUCIFER!!!

A construction associate of Gravano's unknowingly informed Gravano of DiBono's activities. Gravano's intentions for this murder would be called into question as it was suspected Gravano might have had different reasons for wanting DiBono dead due to his jealousy over DiBono's drywall business. With Gotti's permission, Gravano set up the murders of Tommy Spero and several other Gambino associates. Eventually, Gotti would name Gravano his underboss, and move LoCascio to consigliere.

When Gotti was tried for racketeering and assault charges in the winter of —87, Gravano paid a juror to vote not guilty regardless of the evidence. It was this trial that allowed Gotti to make his reputation as "the Teflon Don". Eventually, Gravano and several other members of the Gambino family became disenchanted with Gotti's lust for the media and high-profile antics, feeling they brought too much heat. Several members of the family informed Gravano that Gotti's high profile and large gatherings of mob members at the Ravenite Social Club were constant targets for the FBI and that the media attention put a large spotlight on the Gambinos.

Many members of the family, according to Gravano, complained to him about Gotti's use of Gravano in murders despite Gravano's position as underboss of the family. Members were also concerned about Gotti's frequent appearances in court. He was first tried for assaulting a refrigerator repairman over a parking space.

Through witness intimidation, he was acquitted. Gravano had paid a juror in Gotti's second trial to vote in favor of an acquittal allowing Gotti to beat the RICO charges lodged against him. Gotti's third trial on state assault charges ended the same way. Gotti's ego began to bother Gravano as well as several other members of the family. Gotti was first known as the "Dapper Don" in the press for his Brioni suits and hand-painted ties as well as his well-combed hair and quick wit with reporters. Gotti required Gravano and Gambino consigliere Frank LoCascio to be at the Ravenite social club five days a week and all of his captains to make an appearance once a week.

When Gravano warned Gotti about the negative attention from reporters as well as the constant surveillance from the FBI, Gotti instructed Gravano not to worry about it, as Gotti said that he knew what he was doing. After being acquitted of the shooting of union official John O'Connor, Gotti received word from a mole that indictments were coming down for him, as well as Gravano, LoCascio, and captain Thomas Gambino. Gotti ordered Gravano to become a fugitive to avoid arrest so that if the former was arrested, the latter could run the family while on the run. Gravano hid out in various places on the East Coast for two weeks before being ordered to return for a meeting at the Ravenite Social club in Little Italy.

In court proceedings, Gravano heard FBI tapes of conversations in which Gotti disparaged him for being too greedy and "creating a family within a family". Gotti also discussed several murders in which Gravano was involved and worded it to sound like Gravano was a greedy "mad dog" killer. Gotti was heard on tapes questioning why everyone who partnered with Gravano wound up dead, with Gravano always having an excuse as to why each of his former partners needed to be killed.

Gravano also would make money every time a partner was killed. Gravano was also angered that Gotti was openly rooting for Iraq in the Persian Gulf War ; as a veteran he found this extremely unpatriotic. Gravano had been consulting a hypnotist named Halpern to deal with fears he had. Gotti's lawyers wanted to call Halpern as a witness, but the judge refused. Gravano had told Halpern he was deathly afraid of going to prison. Gotti informed Gravano he would not be allowed to converse with his lawyers unless Gotti was present.

Gravano claimed Gotti's defense to consist of Gotti's lawyers portraying Gotti as a peace-loving boss falling all over himself to restrain the kill-crazy Gravano, resulting in a conviction for Gravano and an acquittal for Gotti. On November 11, , federal prosecutors announced that Gravano became a cooperating government witness. John Gotti received a sentence of life imprisonment. As part of Gravano's cooperation agreement, he would never be forced to testify against his former crew. On September 26, , a federal judge sentenced Gravano to five years in prison.

However, since Gravano had already served four years, the sentence amounted to less than one year. In , Gravano was released early and entered the U. The government moved him to Tempe, Arizona , where he assumed the name Jimmy Moran and started a swimming pool installation company. A Federal prosecutor later said that Gravano did not like the constraints of the program. He appeared on live TV after having had plastic surgery to hide his appearance from the mob. They send a hit team down, I'll kill them.

They better not miss, because even if they get me, there will still be a lot of body bags going back to New York. I'm not afraid. I don't have it in me. I'm too detached maybe. If it happens, fuck it. A bullet in the head is pretty quick. You go like that!

It's better than cancer. I'm not meeting you in Montana on some fuckin' farm. I'm not sitting here like some jerk-off with a phony beard. I'll tell you something else: I'm a fuckin' pro. If someone comes to my house, I got a few little surprises for them. Even if they win, there might be surprises. In , Gravano wrote the book Underboss with author Peter Maas. In it, Gravano claimed that he became a government witness after Gotti attempted to defame him at their trial.

Gravano finally realized that the Cosa Nostra code of honor was a sham. At this time, Gravano also hired a publicist , despite the fact Gravano complained often about the publicity-seeking Gotti. Also in , New York State took legal action to seize Gravano's profits from the book. During an interview Gravano had with the newspaper The Arizona Republic , he claimed federal agents he had met after becoming a government witness had become his personal friends and even visited him in Arizona while on vacation.

Gravano later claimed that he didn't want The Republic to publish the story, but relented after the paper allegedly threatened to reveal that his family was living with him in Phoenix. The story so incensed his former mob compatriots that they forced the Gambinos to put a murder contract on him. By the late s, Gravano had re-engaged in criminal activity.

He partnered with a local youth gang known as the "Devil Dogs" after his son, Gerard, became friends with the gang's year-old leader, Michael Papa. In February , Gravano and 47 other ring members—including his wife Debra, daughter Karen, and Gerard—were arrested on federal and state drug charges. Gravano was implicated by informants in his own drug ring, as well as by recorded conversations in which he discussed drug profits with Debra and Karen.

On May 25, , Gravano pleaded guilty in a New York federal court to drug trafficking charges. On June 29, , Gravano pleaded guilty in Phoenix to the state charges. On September 7, , after numerous delays, Gravano was sentenced in New York to 20 years in federal prison, to run concurrently with the year Arizona sentence.

Gerard Gravano received nine years in prison. Debra and Karen Gravano also pleaded guilty and received several years on probation. Gravano has been the object of many unproven charges. Federal inmates who served time with Gravano claimed that he privately admitted to a role in the killing of a New York cop. Inmates also claimed that Gravano bragged about killing many more than 19 people.

Lynda Milito claimed in her book Mafia Wife she had heard Gravano had smothered an elderly woman to death during a botched robbery. Milito also claimed that Gravano's former crew members told her that Gravano had shot her husband Louie Milito twice in the back of the head and once under the chin. In his court testimony, Gravano had claimed to be a bystander when Milito was shot. John Gotti's lawyers also accused Gravano of being involved in two other murders that were not disclosed by the FBI. After Gravano's imprisonment on drug charges, he was diagnosed with Graves' disease , [31] a thyroid disorder that can cause fatigue , weight loss with increased appetite, and hair loss.

Gravano appeared at his drug trial missing hair on his head and eyebrows and appearing to have lost weight. In Philip Carlo 's book Confessions of a Mafia Boss , mobster Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso , also imprisoned at Florence, claimed that Gravano only ventured out of his cell to get food and was rarely in the mess hall. He was not to be released until March 8, ; however, he was released eighteen months early on September 18, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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