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The portion of the cost of the utility that is applicable to the rental unit that would be occupied by the prospective tenant, expressed as a percentage of the total cost of the utility. The total cost of the utility for the building for the prescribed period for which the landlord has information on the cost of the utility.

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If any part of the building was vacant during any part of the period to which the information referred to in paragraph 2 applies, a statement of which part of the building was vacant and of the period that it was vacant. Order that the landlord assume the obligation to supply the utility to the rental unit and set the new rent that can be charged. The landlord provides a bulletin board for the purpose of placing for sale advertisements. The bulletin board is provided to all tenants in the mobile home park free of charge.

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The bulletin board is placed in a prominent place and is accessible to the public at all reasonable times. The testing of water or sewage in a mobile home park. Give the parties other than the applicant a copy of the application within the time set out in the Rules. In such circumstances as may be prescribed, give the prescribed parties such documents or information as may be prescribed. A the head office of the co-operative as shown on the records of the Ministry of Finance, or.

Make an order that the Board could make, including an order made other than in connection with a hearing. An application for which the respondent does not appear at the time scheduled for the hearing. Ensuring compliance with a work order issued with respect to the complaint before, on or after the commencement date. Making, continuing or finally disposing of an application under section for the review of a work order issued with respect to the complaint before, on or after the commencement date.

Charging a municipality for the cost associated with an inspection related to the complaint and, if applicable, issuing a notice of payment due and filing the notice in the Superior Court of Justice. Investigating, and commencing or causing to be commenced proceedings with respect to, an alleged offence under clause t , u or v that occurred before, on or after the commencement date, other than an offence described in clause Repealed : , c. Residential Tenancies Act, , S.

Print Download. Purposes of Act 2. Interpretation 3. Application of Act 4. Provisions conflicting with Act void 5. Exemptions from Act 5. Other exemptions 6. Exemptions related to social, etc. Rent geared-to-income 9. Selecting prospective tenants Information to be provided by landlord Tenancy agreement Commencement of tenancy Acceleration clause void Minimize losses Covenants interdependent Covenants running with land Landlord not to interfere with reasonable enjoyment Landlord not to harass, etc.

Changing locks Privacy Entry without notice Entry with notice Entry by canvassers Tenant applications Order, repair, comply with standards Other orders re s. Tenant not to harass, etc. Termination only in accordance with Act Deemed renewal where no notice Restriction on recovery of possession Distress abolished Disposal of abandoned property if unit vacated Disposal of property, unit abandoned Notice of Termination — General Notice of termination Period of notice Effect of payment Where notice void Notice by Tenant Notice, landlord personally, etc. Notice, purchaser personally requires unit Notice, demolition, conversion or repairs Conversion to condominium, security of tenure Compensation, demolition or conversion Security of tenure, severance, subdivision Non-payment of rent Termination for cause, misrepresentation of income Termination for cause, illegal act Termination for cause, damage Termination for cause, damage, shorter notice period Termination for cause, reasonable enjoyment Termination for cause, reasonable enjoyment of landlord in small building Termination for cause, act impairs safety Termination for cause, too many persons Notice of termination, further contravention Application by Landlord — After Notice of Termination Application by landlord No application during remedy period Immediate application Landlord or purchaser personally requires premises Demolition, conversion, repairs Illegal act Application based on previous order, mediated settlement Abandonment of rental unit Eviction Orders Effective date of order Expiry date of order Tenant issues in application for non-payment of rent Power of Board, eviction Expedited eviction order Effect of eviction order Compensation for Landlord Compensation, unit not vacated Application Arrears of rent when tenant abandons or vacates without notice Compensation for damage Compensation, misrepresentation of income Death of Tenant Death of tenant Termination of tenancy Assignment of tenancy Subletting rental unit Tenant application Unauthorized occupancy Overholding subtenant Compensation, overholding subtenant Compensation, unauthorized occupant Security deposits, limitation Rent deposit may be required Rent deposit, prospective tenant Post-dated cheques, etc.

Landlord not to charge more than lawful rent Lawful rent when this section comes into force Lawful rent for new tenant Notice to new tenant, order under par. Application by new tenant Notice of Rent Increase Notice of rent increase required Compliance by landlord, no notice required Deemed acceptance where no notice of termination Month Rule Guideline increase Agreement Additional services, etc. Coerced agreement void Decrease in services, etc.

Landlord Application for Rent Increase Application for above guideline increase Two ordered increases Reductions of Rent Utilities Capital expenditures Reduction in services Municipal taxes Application for variation Application, reduction in municipal taxes Illegal Additional Charges Additional charges prohibited Money Collected Illegally Money collected illegally Suite meters Agreement required Information to tenant Tenancy agreement: consultation, cancellation Entry to check condition of tenant Assignment, subletting in care homes Termination, care homes Notice of termination, demolition, conversion or repairs External care providers Transferring Tenancy Rent in care home Notice of increased charges Interpretation Responsibilities of Landlords and Tenants Park rules Information about property assessment Advertising a sale Assignment Restraint of trade prohibited Responsibility of landlord Termination of Tenancies Mobile home abandoned View all New York Times newsletters.

Korngold's firm conducted a study, using the Finance Department's computer tapes for co-ops selected randomly from all five boroughs. Large Increase for Eldorado. The valuation of the Eldorado, the twin-towered co-op at Central Park West and 90th Street, has nearly doubled in two years, Mr. Korngold said. All increases are phased in over a five-year period, 20 percent at a time, so each year's tax bill reflects the accumulated phase-in of the preceding years' increases.

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Klugman said he would appeal the assessment. It's a crazy situation. Owners of apartments had until March 1 to appeal their new assessments to the Tax Commission. Single-family homeowners have until March The commission's rulings can in turn be appealed through the state courts. Of the city's , parcels of taxable real estate, , had their assessments increased, and 89, saw decreases. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. View page in TimesMachine. Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box. Invalid email address.

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    NAR's Consumer Outreach. What is the fundamental issue? I am a real estate professional. What does this mean for my business? NAR Policy Condominiums continue to be the most affordable homeownership option for many first time buyers, small families, single people, and older Americans. The proposed changes include: FHA is asking for comment on an acceptable minimum percentage for owner-occupied condominiums between 25 and 75 percent.

    Condo vs. Co-ops Before condominiums there were co-ops—short for cooperative housing project. Ownership Condo: title, same as a house Co-op: own shares of a corporation Property Taxes Condo: unit owners taxed separately Co-Op: typically lower taxes Financing Condo: same as a house Co-op: few lenders willing to give a mortgage Deductions at Tax Time Condo: same as a house Co-op: more complicated Monthly Assessment Condo: includes maintenance Co-Op: includes maintenance, property taxes Re-Sale Condo: same as a house Co-op: less costly; sale not recorded no title Source: Condo or Co-op?

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