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The day is simple and homey, the only real source of concern a thunderstorm that crashes and booms towards the end of the day. Even then, Maggie thoughtfully battens down the hatches and plays her fiddle to her brother, tucked snugly in his bed. Yes, this is the book! For weeks after first reading of them, I was absolutely relentless in bothering my mother to make peaches and cinnamon. Outstanding - thanks so much! She eats oatmeal with milk from the cow. I don't remember much of a plot. As a child I was just really impressed by her independence, and also the fantasy of living on a boat.

Someone solved my stumper! Thank you! Mary Grannan, Maggie Muggins. Several others in series e. Mary Grannan, Maggie Muggins series. Maggie Muggins and Her Animal Friends. Illustrated by Bernard Zalusky. Pennington Press, Dust jacket frayed at extremities, otherwise a nice copy. Some similarities. I have to say, the only similarity with The Apple Stone is the size of the item.

Gray's book contains no aliens, no force-fields, no blue. Instead, the Apple Stone is golden and speaks for itself, instructing the group of children how to use it. This book sounds more American than English, and more science fiction than fantasy. M83 and M71 seem to be asking about the same book. Not that that helps either searcher much.

It was an adventure story about a boy who finds a marble that turns out to be magic. Not sure about title, author. What a fun site to reminisce about the books we loved. Another favorite of mine was The Book of Live Dolls. Magic Ball from Mars , by Carl L. Biemiller , illustrated by Kathleen Voute, published Morrow , pages. Johnny's visit to the Pentagon to show the ball to the authorities and his subsequent kidnapping are lively enough adventures. About a year and a half ago, I developed a web site devoted to Dad's books and getting them back in print.

Biemiller" may be of some help to your project. Funny how projects and web sites grow. I'm still learning. The man gives the boy a shining marble that he says will protect him, and I think is also a transmitter to the man's spaceship. When the boy is threatened -- I think by thieves with guns -- he almost doesn't believe it will help him but then he takes it out and it makes a cocoon around him and bullets can't get through. I remember the book, but not the title. The friendly alien may have taken his marble back when he was worried about what would happen to the boy, but don't recall much more.

Hope this helps. Just remembered the name of the book, about the Martian ball, you can find the text online. It does have the chorus you're talking about. That song sounds like a Cordwainer Smith space chanty, but the story is not one of his that I know of. The author could have been a Smith fan. Possibly or Harlan Ellison, James H. Schmitz William Rotsler? Carl L.

It was serialized in Jack and Jill under another name, which is where I ran into it as a child. I visited the website below and the whole book is online, with the rest of Biemiller's childrens' stories, and with the original illustrations. Thank you so much to the people who gave me this information, it was so delightful to read it through again. Sounds like the first book in the Christian-fantasy "Spirit Flyer" series.

Young John Kramer finds a rusty old bicycle in the city dump and discovers that it can fly. This ends up bringing him into conflict with the boys in the Cobra Club, who represent the evil Goliath toy company. Matches poster's details. If this helps: Bike is lost when left out on Halloween. Dad is a librarian. Could the "box of candy" possibly be Masefield's Box of Delights? Just a thought.

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Found- Magic Bonbons by L. Frank Baum. But the candies do not refill-rather each different color bestows special talent on the eater. Little girl starts playing Beethoven! Maurice Dolbier, The magic bus, The story of what was an ordinary bus until a little boy discovered the gold button on its dashboard Maurice Dolbier, The Magic Bus, The cover has a picture of the magic bus flying through the sky with the children looking out the window.

This series of children's books was one of my all time favorites as a child. They are published by Nelson Doubleday, Inc. I don't know which one has the stories mentioned but I'm absolutely sure of the publisher and series because I have it - just can't find it right now! I found another in the series to get the publisher info. Or could it have been a set of The Children's Hour? You can read the contents of the edition online here , and the books do include Mr. Murdle and Gudbrand. Vol 40 has Mr M but none of the other titles being sought I have researched the Best In Children's Books and, while the stories listed here are scattered among their collection, they are not the solution to my stumper.

I truly appreciate the knowledgeable input from everyone who is attempting to help me. It is amazing that I remember everything about this book but its title and its cover. One thing that I remember is that it was a discontinued, school-issued anthology textbook, and not part of a store-bought, or bedtime collection.

All of the stories that I have listed, plus the recently recalled There Once Was A Puffin, were contained in one book. All the stories match and many, many more. A wonderful school text. They take him home, hide him and have several adventures. They have a real pirate adventure in the wading pool when some of Merlin's magic dust? He has a long beard and likes peanut butter. Chew, Ruth, Hidden Cave. Chew, Ruth, The Hidden Cave, When lightning splits an old oak tree, a brother and sister discover Merlin who has been sleeping inside the tree for many centuries.

Ruth Chew, The Magic Cave. That's it! I've been looking for this book for 20 years. Thank You!! This story matches the poster's description exactly. You guys are awesome. I found out the title and just ordered a copy from Alibris. Christopher Logue, The Magic Circus , I stumbled on this while browsing the internet. I hope this is your book. Book about The Magic Circus, a group of bizzare circus people who meet a man who hates circuses Dr. Cover has a mouse balancing a unicycle on a tightrope. I just looked this up and indeed The Magic Circus is the book I was looking for!

It has been about 25 years since I have set eyes on it, and that cover is just as freaky as I remember! Cant wait to get my copy! But there's only one doll The second book must be Magic Elizabeth by - oh darn, the book is upstairs right now, so I can't check the author - it is actually only one doll, but has two main girl characters - one in modern day and one in the past - the modern day girl has to stay with her aunt and while in the attic discovers a diary about a girl in the past with a doll named Elizabeth who gets lost one Christmas Eve and isn't ever found. The modern girl dresses up in the old clothes from the chest and, with the help of an old mirror, is transported back in time to the life of the other girl where she relives the entire experience of having and then losing her doll Elizabeth - the modern day girl's goal becomes finding lost Elizabeth.

Kassirer, Norma. Magic Elizabeth. Scholastic, Inc. Young Sally while staying in creepy old house with her Aunt Sarah, tries to find an old doll named Elizabeth. I'm looking for a book about a girl around 12 who is sent to live with her stern maiden aunt for a summer. I think the aunt's name is Sarah, and she's incredibly stuffy. This girl starts rooting around in the attic and finds a diary, some clothing, a doll, etc.

In the end it turns out that Aunt Sarah was Sally. Any help would surely be appreciated. S64 is Magic Elizabeth by Norma Kassirer. My copy has the title page torn out, so I don't know the year, but it's a pretty common Scholastic Book Services title. Elizabeth is the doll's name. It was recently republished. The book you're thinking of is called "Magic Elizabeth". I don't know the author, but I know it had wonderful illustrations by Beth and Joe Krush.

The story was of Sally, who went to stay at an elderly aunt's house and finds in the bedroom allotted to her a portrait of a little girl her age who looks just like her, holding a wonderful doll. Aunt Sarah tells Sally that the doll's name was Elizabeth and the girl's name was Sally also.

Through the book, Sally gets to know and love old Aunt Sarah and her black cat Shadow and has dreams in which she experiences going back in time to be the other Sally. She wants to find Elizabeth, whom Aunt Sarah says disappeared a long time ago. Finally Shadow finds the doll and Sally finds out that the other Sally was her Aunt Sarah and the doll was hers.

A favorite book of mine and of my daughter's, who I believe has it now which is why I can't put my hands on the author's name. S64 has got to be Magic Elizabeth , by Norma Kassirer "A grumpy aunt, a black cat, a spooky old house, and a doll named Magic Elizabeth," says the front cover.

The aunt is named Sarah, and the little girl is named Sally. Thanks for the answer!

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I'm thinking about this book as a gift for a neighbor girl for her birthday later in the year. If I can't find it locally, I'll turn right to you. I appreciate the service you provide. Your website is a lot of fun and brings back tons of good memories! I think this one is Magic Elizabeth by Norma Kassirer. The little girl goes to stay with her a grandmother, not an aunt, but otherwise the details seem to match. It appears on your Solved Stumpers page, and it was recently republished. A few years ago, on a fluke after I happened to find your website, I entered a request for a search on a book I had read as a 5th grader in and had loved very much..

Forgetting about the website, about 4 years went by and just this week, I happened to fall upon it again. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that because I just came home today to find it on my computer desk, a gift from my husband. I have never forgotten how much I had loved this book. It will always be a treasure to me. The person has read the Burnett Secret Garden and that is not it. I have a suggested book for your stumper, Mandy , by Julie Edwards , published in The description calls it an "enchanting bestseller in the tradition of The Secret Garden.

Ten-year-old Mandy lived in a lovely orphanage where the kind Matron Bridie looked after her well. The good houskeeper, Ellie, slipped her special treats from the kitchen. Mandy was happy, but nothing Mandy had was hers alone. Until that magical day when she climbed the stone wall at the bottom of the orchard, followed a little path through the forest and found the most beautiful deserted, small cottage, sitting in the sunlight, as if it were smiling at her.

I don't know if Ellie was ever referred to as Elspeth, but it's worth a look if the date is right. They find a common interest in their love for "The Secret Garden" and in recovering the garden of a deserted, bombed-out house, which becomes their own 'secret garden'. No mention of an Elspeth character. They start on the difficult search to find another house to rent and Elizabeth the youngest , who is visited by a make-believe horse when she is alone, insists that they follow the instructions given to her by the horse.

These lead eventually to an old deserted house in a walled garden. This was once the home of the squire, but it holds so many sad memories for him that he will not live in it himself or let it to anyone else. The children find an ally in the squire's sister and they are allowed to restore the garden to its former beauty. In time they get their wish and the house is theirs. Perhaps, it is Elizabeth and her German Garden , the first book by Marie Annette Beauchamp --known all her life as "Elizabeth" , originally published in It starts like a diary.

It is freely downloadable. Hi - don't know how much this will help or how old the question is! The book sounds like Ginnie and the Mystery Doll. There is a secondary character named Elspeth, whom Ginnie befriends while staying at her crabby elderly auntie's house. Together Ginnie and Elspeth try to discover the whereabouts of a lost doll mentioned in an old diary. Hi there - I made a mistake earlier! I had the general plot right, but the wrong book. It's even still in print.

Here's a short summary: Eight-year-old Sally faces an entire summer trapped in a creepy old house with no one for company but her spooky Aunt Sarah and a black cat named Shadow. But soon Sally uncovers a mystery about a beautiful old doll in a portrait -- and a little girl who looks just like Sally herself! In search of clues, Sally is drawn toward the attic and the old mirror that sits there. And when she looks into it, something magical happens It was kind of a scary mystery about a girl who went to visit her Aunt or her Grandma, and while she was there she found a doll in the attic in a trunk.

The doll had special powers. I don't recall the doll being evil or anything. Can you help me locate this story? A common theme Behind the Attic Wall by Sylvia Cassedy? Checked Solved Mysteries for details. More likely the former. I've checked several of the options, Hitty and Behind the Attic wall , but neither were the one I was thinking of. Additionally it came to me that either the girls name or the dolls name may have been Elizabeth.

I also checked the solved stories for that name - but couldn't find it there either. Thank you so much for the assistance in trying to find this book. Could this be Magic Elizabeth by Norma Kassirer?

So many hidden dolls Arthur, A Candle in her Room , Very scary. The doll's name is Dido, and it tries to control the girl who finds it. Janet Lunn, Twin Spell , This one has twins, a hidden doll, a missing doll, and an angry ghost. Jacqueline Jackson, Missing Melinda , More twins, another missing doll, found in an attic, but not scary. More of a treasure hunt mystery.

Jane had a missing doll book as well. The others mentioned might be it as well Norma Kassirer, Magic Elizabeth. Magic Elizabeth, that's it! I've found a copy and the front cover is exactly the same as I remember now. Thank you so much!! I'm buying the copy for my 11 year old niece so she can enjoy it to. Thanks again! The child is frightened at first thinking the aunt who has a black cat, is a witch.

Also remember a player-type of piano. The child while playing on an old sled in the carriage house is somehow transported back to the Victorian Era. I believe it was the sled that was magical but it could have been an old diary perhaps?? Thanks so much!! Norma Kassirer , Magic Elizabeth , I'm pretty sure this is the book you are thinking about.

Sally has to go stay with her aunt who lives in old Victorian house. She finds a diary of a little girl who use to live in the house and lost her favorite doll. Sally has dreams that correspond to events in the diary. One includes a sleigh ride. Norma Kassirer , Magic Elizabeth. See solved stumpers! One of my favorites! I recognized the storyline right away. Sally must stay with her Great Aunt Sarah while her parents and usual caregiver are away.

Your details aren't bang-on but they're close enough that this must be the book--sorry it is so hard to find, I'd like a copy myself! Sal goes to stay with her Aunt Sarah and finds out about a doll, Elizabeth, that had been lost in the house years before. She keeps having dreams about going back in time, and eventually she and the aunt's cat find the doll. The "player piano" is a melodeon in the parlor. Norma Kassirer , Magic Elizabeth, Sounds like this could be the book because Sally, whose parents are out of town, goes to stay with her Great-aunt Sarah at her large and scary-looking old house which is surrounded by apartment buildings.

Sally discovers that when she looks into a wall mirror, she sees another girl from the early s, also named Sally, who lived in the house then. She also discovers her diary in the attic. Thanks, I found the book I was looking for via the Book Sleuth forum. The seller confirmed with pictures. Bsure this isn't The Sign of the Beaver?

B boy in wilderness: I don't think this is it, but in The Magic Forest , by Stewart White first published s, reprinted many times young Jimmy sleepwalks from a stalled train into the forest, wearing only pajamas and slippers. He is found at the river's edge by canoing Indians who give him native clothes to wear because his are wet through from the snow.

A book that sounds exactly like this came up on the Abebooks booksearch board. Thanks -- not sure it's the same one, but it sounds like it could be! I've sent for a copy and will let you know if it's the same story. Yes, that was the book. Thanks so much. This was a book about a young girl and a friend. They were near the ocean or a lake.

There were drawings of the rocks, which were very pretty when wet. Maybe one of the friends was moving away? Baker Bond, Gladys, The magic friend-maker. Illustrated by Stina Nagel It was published in large format by Whitman in approx This is definitely the book! He goes off to study the violin in Italy and when he returns he finds the girl in the garden.

That's it!! Now, the big question is does Harriet have it? I would prefer to buy it here!! Their mother sends them from the house on the moving day complaining that she is allergic to dust and they find this shed in their new back yard with a stove in it. I believe it is missing a dial, and a strange man comes and brings them a dial with a setting on it that says something like 'magic' on it. They cook recipes which become magical when they use this setting. The only magic I remember is that one or all of the children become invisible. I can't remember what the conclusion is except that I think the man comes back and takes away the dial.

Please help me find this!! Jay Williams, The Magic Grandfather , , copyright. Sam is the boy, it's his grandfather that gets stuck in Beta, and the girl is Sam's cousin, Sarah, who finds out at the end that she got Grandpa back through the portal because she's a witch. The boy must develop his concentration skills, and practices by imagining a brick wall, one brick at a time. The Magic Grandfather was actually by Jay Williams , but I haven't read it so I can't tell you whether this is the right book. This is definitely the book you're looking for! Eleven year old Sam Limner accidentally discovers that his seemingly unemployed, unambitious grandfather is actually a powerful enchanter.

His grandfather decides to cast a spell over Sam to make him forget what he has learned, but agrees to let Sam witness one spectacular feat of magic first. Sam has already seen his grandfather perform some small acts of magic, like mending a broken window, pulling a child's chipped tooth, and repairing a car that won't start. When Grandfather decides to summon a creature from another world, he allows Sam to hold a necessary piece of equipment.

Sam drops the equipment during the spell, and Grandfather is sucked into the other world, where he becomes trapped. Sam, with the help of his cousin Sarah, decides to rescue his grandfather. Sam studies his grandfather's magic books and discovers that he has a talent for sorcery that has been obscured because an addiction to television has ruined his powers of imagination and concentration. He strengthens his imagination by reading a passage from The Wind in the Willows and imagining Badger' kitchen. He has trouble picturing the kitchen's brick floor, and concentrates so that he can imagine it in detail, brick by brick.

After many mishaps, Sam rescues his grandfather, who acknowledges his talent and promises to help him develop it. If the author's name sounds familiar, it's because he is also a co-author of the Danny Dunn science fiction seriesand he plugs the first book in The Magic Grandfather! The Magic Grinder, Part of the Disney's Wonderful World of Reading series. Thank you so much for this site! I sent you this stumper and that's absolutely the book I was looking for. If you can, please post my thanks to the person who solved it.

I've been looking for that piece of my childhood for years and I'm delighted to finally have the name! Mysterious and Company by Sid Fleischman , only in that book the children were his own, so there would be nothing about picking up or leaving them. Mysterious and Company -- I checked it out.

The details I listed are all very accurate -- I remember the plot clearly, but unfortunately I just blanked on the title. I hope someone is able to figure this one out, as I would love to get my hands on a copy of this great book!! Thanks for all your help. Good news! I went back to my "childhood" library this weekend and they still have the book - it's called The Magic Hat of Mortimer Wintergreen. Now I just need to locate a copy of it that I can keep I tried bribing the librarian but to no avail! This is really a long shot, but could this be Magic in the Alley by Mary Calhoun?

The main character is a girl, with a friend who's a boy, and she reanimates a stuffed crow with magic, which can then talk. At the end of the book she must decide whether to use her last magic to turn the crow into a real non-magic crow, who will lose the ability to talk. As I said, really a longshot. I looked this up and found only one expensive ex-library copy, but here's the info: Calhoun, Mary: Magic in the Alley. New York: Atheneum, Oh My!

It could be-- as I said all I remember are very vague things. I just remember being really affected by the choice that had to be made I will now go out looking for this book. Was Mary Calhoun the author of the Katie John books?? P is, I think, another Ruth Chew book. Plot summary: "Jenny and her friend Mike discover a magic tree and an old man who feeds the birds in the park. They discover that the tree moves around and that they can go underground and become birds with the help of the magic beech tree. The setting is in winter. Thanks for any help!

The book I am looking for was probably a scholastic book from the 70's. I think it was about a girl who moves to the city into an apartment and befriends a boy. Together they discover a tree in the park that is sometimes there and sometimes not when it is not there, a man who feeds the animals and keeps them safe in the pockets of his coat is there - he of course turns into the tree. They learn how to turn into birds or squirrels - I can't remember which and then back into humans by eating nuts I think from that tree.

Any help remembering the title and author is much appreciated! Ruth Chew, Magic in the Park. I posted this question last week but think I soon found the answer on your website. I am pretty sure the book is Magic in the Park by Ruth Chew. Magic in the Park by Ruth Chew? What's amazing about her is how she makes writing books for that age level look so easy.

She's written about two dozen fantasy books and one non-fantasy book. See Solved Mysteries for her name. A Boy and Girl meet an old man who feeds the birds in winter, who turns green in the spring, then disappears, but a big tree appears. Kids fall into the tree and turn into birds -- maybe crows. Adventurous tales. Ruth Chew, Magic in the Park , , approximate. Definitely this one! She visits Prospect Park and meets an old man who feeds the birds, a raven named Napoleon, and a boy named Michael Stewart.

Jen and Michael explore a magic island in the lake that turns into an underground tunnel, and a magic tree that temporarily turns them into pigeons. In the spring, Jen gets a bike for her birthday, but a mean boy named Steve tries to steal it. Mike helps her get it back, but almost gets stuck as a pigeon! Sounds like Magic in the Park. I am sure that the book you are looking for is Magic in the Park by Ruth Chew.

I am the original requester. I recognized it immediately. I also recognized the plot of the story from some of your stumper solver comments. I am so happy. It's really been bugging me trying to find this book. I really want my children to read it, cuz I loved it so much. I see they reprinted it in the 80's, so it must have been pretty popular. Mady Lee Chastain, Magic Island, Every detail matches. It's an interesting cultural artifact, and a book that couldn't be written today.

My copy is a withdrawn library copy with the usual defects, but no story pages missing. I've been looking for this book too. For some reason, I think it's by the author of the Best Friends , books, Mary Bard , if that's any help. I found it! It was Dodie putting on her cloak. It includes you, too. Angel Thorne, a sickly ten year old, is sent to stay with her grandfather's boyhood friend. He decides to send her to Barbados to recuperate, along with his granddaughter Lissa, and her two friends, Emmy and Dodie. This is the third book Madye Lee Chastain wrote about these girls.

I don't think Dodie ever got her own book! It was about three children- all girls, I think- who were taken on a trip to a tropical island. I think two of them belonged to the same family. The third was named Dodie, and she thought she wasn't invited. She cried, "I hope you all have a very nice time," and then some adult in the romm said, "Why, Dodie! Dodie, DEAR! Of course you are invited too. Madye Lee Chastain , Magic Island. This is the same book as T, which has been solved.

I too thought it was a Little Golden Book. There was another series of books in the 's that was similar to Little Golden Books called Jolly Books. I too had a 20 year search for this book after giving our copy to a doctors office when I was a child. My first bit of luck was finding the cover in an antique shop near home , the shop owner thought it was cute and that someone might want to frame it. It was a bargain at 5 cents. It gave us a starting point. I called my sister in VA for the storyline since after locating it from a book dealer, I gave it to her for Christmas in In this place the toadstools seem to grow or are they getting smaller?

Tommy tells him the only magic words he knows are "by hickory and by dickory" which happen to be some of "the magic words of the elves" and Gruffy takes them off to the Queen Fairy to decide what should be done with them. They go to the biggest tree in the forest and a door opens for them to enter. Once inside they meet the queen and it is decided that the children will have to stay till after the Queen's party.

The children get to see the fairy party dresses and Tommy gets to sail in an Oak leaf boat. Whoever was asking about this book had a pretty good recollection to remember the boat part. For me it was the fairy party, the toadstools and the Big rock with the keyhole. The other had a child, boy I think, finding a mysterious key which opens a door in an old stone wall - I think a horse and a crow or raven also appear in there somewhere. Anybody out there ever read anything that sounds like these beginnings? I can't remember anything more than that, and would like to know how the stories finished!

Regarding the second part of this request: There are two main boy characters in this story, and a girl- she finds a key to a locked garden, and helps her cousin to discover the real world, after being bed-ridden all his life. They make friends with Dickon- a boy from the moors or dales, who has a pony and a crow or some other bird.

I think I missed the second part of this one previously. Also check out The Magic Key on the Solved Mysteries page, that's one that eluded me for a long time since it sounded much like The Secret Garden , but clearly wasn't. This was an illustrated story of a brother and sister who found a gold key in the woods. It opened a tiny door at the base of a large tree, and that led them into fairyland.

My memory tells me the illustrations of fairies were wonderful. It's on Solved Mysteries. Workman Publishing, Used copy, VG but lacking locket. New copy. Maybe this one - "The author here writes, as he did in a number of books, of isolated children with extraordinary mental powers. Just imagine what happens when one of them finds out he can really take them there.

Oh yeah, this is it - the first chapter is called The Dandelions. Alexander Key, The Magic Meadow. They can't move their bodies much but they play the "traveling game" every night and imagine themselves away from Ward Nine. One night Brick is able to go to their magic meadow and no one believes him when he returns until Nurse Jackson sees a dandelion under his neck. He is able to transport all of the others to the meadow in the nick of time since their hospital has been condemned and the kids are going to be split up.

Very memorable story. Thank you, thank you. Too bad The Magic Meadow is out of print and hard to find. However, I did find a website to re-read the book online. What a gem. Once there they notice that they develope psychic powers and I think their handicap challenges resolve The stronger maybe older children help the other ones to "come over".

There are a few back and forth visits until finally they decide to stay. The natives of this new place sing to bring up the sun and everyone communicates telepathically. Key, Alexander, The Magic Meadow. Several severely handicapped children in an institution manage to escape by using the power of their minds. They travel to another place earth in the future - the one with the most ability has to make several trips back and forth to bring them all there and he almost doesn't make it. Their nurse caregiver comes with them and they all start on a wonderful new life.

The people already there do sing to the sun and are welcoming and kind. My sister just lent me this book and the details match the poster's memories. There is more information on the solved mystery pages. Alexander Key, The Magic Meadow , This is definitely the book. See the Solved Mysteries M page for more information. A magician gives Millicent a doll instead of a rabbit, and she and her father try to find the magician again. Viking Press, written and illustrated by Turkle. Outwitted by a magician who gives her a doll instead of a promised white rabbit, Millicent and her father travel to Paris and London in pursuit of the trickster.

Was looking at it just before the answer to the "Pot called Peep" stumper was posted. Looking in the store just now, I couldn't find it, meaning it was probably sold, although things around there do have a funny way of disappearing and reappearing. Anyhow, it was called something like The Imp in the Pot and was about an imp that took the form of one of those large black three-legged cooking pots.

It was one of those small cheap hardcover easy readers which appeared in profusion in the '60s. The pot kept jumping around and the imp popping up shouting, "Hucka pucka! Junior Bookshelf review again: Patricia Coombs " The Magic Pot " published by World's Work, , 32 pages "The demon who turns into a black iron pot with a 'Hucka-pucka' and robs the rich to feed the appreciative poor, hucka-puckaing off with the rich man in a fine mystery ending Thank you so much for finding these, your site is priceless!! Maurice Dolbier, The Magic Shop , This was also anthologized in "Best in Children's Books," Vol.

Arnold Lobel Parents' Magazine Press,'65? I have often wondered the same myself. Grandfather Owl wears spectacles and answers questions and solves arguments for all the other animals in the woods. Little Toot aspires to be as knowledgable and attributes this knowledge to Grandfather's Spectacles. One day he gets to try them, but alas, they tell him nothing. Grandfather Owl explains "Spectacles are for seeing and not for knowing.

Knowing comes with growing and growing. Moore, Lilian. Illustrated by Arnold Lobel. Parents' Magazine Press, Cover slightly soiled and binding worn, otherwise G. There was a boy in his bed, who either couldn't sleep and was told a story about this night train, or dreamed of this train speeding through the countryside at night. Most of the illustrations were dark and pen-and-ink-like, and I specifically remember a page where the train was out of control and the boy or conductor or both were pulling back hard on the throttle to stop it.

I believe the cover was dark, like night. It was a relatively thin hardback. I would love to find this book for my sister, who is now a reading teacher. We read it in the mid- to lates, but I think it was used even then. Just a suggestion. David M. McPhail, The Train , Could this be it? Ages Lilian Moore, The Magic Spectacles , I was the original requester and I found it! Published by Parents' Magazine Press When I read the description I immediately thought of this book, and went looking for descriptions on the web to confirm.

Couldn't find any, but I'll make the suggestion anyway. Farmer Penelope, The magic stone , Farmer, Penelope, The Magic Stone. Yes, this is definitely it. The only good clue I can give you is that the one of the children's cats was named Ozymandias. I tried looking under Noel, Streatfield and Ozymandias but no luck. I have read a lot of the titles, hoping to recognize my description, but no luck.

I did find references to lots of other books I read as a child tho! I have this book. The children stay with an aged great aunt who is extremely eccentric, to say the least. I don't know why this book has become so important for me, but I am getting the strong desire to own the books that were important to me as a kid, and I hope I can find them here. I can think of no more rewarding collection that the pursuit of books one has loved.

Thank you so much for your info!! Magic Summer is out of print and it would be great if you could find a copy for me. The Magic Summer.

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Illustrated by Edward Ardizzone. Random House, First edition. Ex-library copy with usual markings. Rudy and Eugene Bahn. Published by Charles E. Merrill Company, , I did not find one about a magic fruit tree and a tortoise. However, The Straw Ox matches the description. The Rapunzel in this book does kill the witch by cutting her hair at the right moment.

And a troll who turns himself into a pig does kidnap three sisters on three separate occasions and the one sister saves them by making the troll bring sacks of wood to the mother, but instead of putting wood in the bag, a sister goes in instead. Illustartions are black and white. Thanks, I'll assume it is Magic Tales. Now does anyone know how to find the story about the tree and the tortoise?

Another detail: the other animals keep trying to find out the magic word but they all forget it on the way home, but the tortoise is more diligent and simply keeps repeating it as he returns. The downtrodden tortoise is more diligent and simply keeps repeating it as he returns and is lavished with gratitude.

I think the word was something like "Bonjo". How about this - The Bojabi Tree , by Edith Rickert , illustrated by Anna Braune, published originally in , reprinted by Doubleday in , 46 pages "This once-popular picture book 'adapted from an African folk tale' will with its satisfying adventure, repetition of action, humor, and precise, colorful details, give fresh delight to kindergarten storytelling.

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Four visits to King Leo are required before one of the creatures can remember the name of the fruit. Amusingly illustrated with pencil drawings. The first story is Ask Mr. Well, Edith Rickert's version certainly fits the plot - but the one I'm looking for is much less cutesy - the animals have no names, IIRC, and they certainly don't wear clothes. In all, it's more streamlined. I remember that one animal forgets because he bumps his head and another because he falls and rolls and bites his tongue too often to pronounce the word properly. The one picture I remember is that of the tortoise looking sadly at the angry wise man.

B96 bonjo: aha! I haven't been able to find a publication date or any more information though. This sounds a lot like a book I spent years looking for I found a nice description of it online about halfway down the page. Sun-bleached illustrations by Ian Wallace are intended to convey the shimmering heat and noon-day mirage of the African landscape.

In this Bantu tale from Africa, a humble tortoise saves his hungry animal friends. Only those who know the name of the tree can reach its fruit. When haughty Gazelle and Elephant fail to bring the tree's name all the way back from the king, Tortoise attempts the task. On his journey, Tortoise repeats the name over and over until he reaches the foot of the tree, where the branches respond by bending down to the waiting animals. An enjoyable retelling conveying a theme common to folktales - effort and dedication succeed over talent and pride.

Charles Keeping's running lion, prancing ox and snapping alligator add to the delight of this collection. The contents are similar to the other identical title, but not quite. Three tales are from India. The illustrations, unfortunately, are annoyingly generic. Other than that, the collection is unique and quite good. I am not sure about the secret language part, but Ruth Sawyer's Enchanted Schoolhouse has to do with an Irish lad bringing a leprechaun to America! Might be worth a look! I can't identify the book but was wondering if it might be one of Patricia Lynch's many books possibly one of her Brogeen books.

It is technically a boggart that stows away with them on the ship, but I remember thinking that the illustrations or description made him sound like a leprechaun. I don't remember him speaking in code, but that doesn't mean he didn't. I think he travels with them because the woods are being torn down to make a road. He comes to America and is really freaked out. The day after her 27th birthday, she awakes to find a note, seemingly from Hugh Hefner, asking her to pack up and leave. They turn out to be the Phi Iota Mu sorority, and snobbishly reject her when she tries to join them.

The members of the Zeta. The Brown Bunny is a experimental road drama film written, directed, produced, photographed and edited by Vincent Gallo. Following its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, the film garnered a great deal of media attention because of the explicit final scene between Gallo and Sevigny, as well as a feud between Gallo and the film critic Roger Ebert, who stated that The Brown Bunny was the worst film in the history of Cannes,[4] although he later gave a re-edited version his signature "thumbs up".

All the while he is. As he tries settling himself to his hiding spot, prison guard Yosemite Sam here called Sam Schultz beats Bugs with a billy club, telling him, "Trying to pull an escape, , huh? He screams that a prisoner is escaping and points into the distance, allowing himself time to insert his chain ball into a cannon when Sam isn't looking. A few seconds later, Sam.

Litwack, is a molecular pharmacologist, and college professor and chairman. Dennings is the youngest of five children, including an older brother, Geoffrey S. Heather Parry born is a television and film producer. Anna Kay Faris [1] born November 29, is an American actress, voice artist, producer, podcaster, and author. Faris rose to prominence for her work in comedic roles, particularly the lead part of Cindy Campbell in the Scary Movie films — Faris has also had voice-over roles in the film franchises Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs — and Alvin and the Chipmunks — , as well as The Emoji Movie Faris had a recurring role as the birth mother to Monica and Chandler's twins in the tenth and final season of Friends The show has earned the actress further critical and popular acclaim and three People's Choice Award nominations.

In , she launche. He is the eldest son of actor Tom Hanks. Early life Hanks was born and raised in Sacramento, California,[3] the eldest son of actor Tom Hanks and his first wife, producer and actress Susan Dillingham known professionally as Samantha Lewes ,[2] who died of cancer on March 12, His surname was changed to Hanks after his parents married in He left without earning a degree. The ranch was owned and operated by Dennis Hof until his death in There is a historical marker on the premises, found just inside of the property's original main gate, as the ranch is located near a stop on the original Pony Express.

It operated discreetly until , when Nevada began regulation of houses of prostitution. Dennis Hof subsequently purchased another nea. Bunnies at the original Playboy Clubs that operated between and [1] were selected through auditions, received a standardized training, and wore a costume called a "bunny suit" inspired by the tuxedo-wearing Playboy rabbit mascot, consisting of a strapless corset teddy, bunny ears, black pantyhose, a bow tie, a collar, cuffs and a fluffy cottontail. More recent Playboy Clubs have also featured Bunnies, in some cases with redesigned costumes based on the original bunny suit.

Bunny's Tavern was named for its original owner, Bernard "Bunny" Fitzsimmons, who opened for business in Serving daily food specials for a mere thirty-five cents, as well as ten-cent draft beers, Bunny's catered to locals and University of Illinois students alike. One of those students in the late s was. Tyson Jay Ritter born April 24, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, actor, and model.

He is best known as the lead vocalist, bassist, pianist, and songwriter of the multi-platinum selling American alternative rock band the All-American Rejects. His mother is an employee at Stillwater Public Schools. He has an older brother, Dr. Zack S. He and his siblings gra. American comedian Adam Sandler has had an extensive career in acting, producing and screenwriting. He has appeared in over sixty films and fifteen television series. Rachel Specter born April 9, is an American writer, producer and actress who currently is a writer, producer, and director on the CW television show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

As an actress, she is best known for the role of Courtney in The House Bunny. She graduated from the University of Florida, with honors. Before concentrating on behind the scenes work, Specter appeared as one of the actresses for the Sunsilk Color Showdown ad campaign. He kidnaps her and subjects her to extreme torture,[4] inflicting brutal, humiliating and extreme forms of physical and sexual abuse. Happy Madison Productions is an American film and television production company founded in by Adam Sandler which is best known for its comedy films. In association with Happy Madison which takes its name from the films Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison, two box office successes starring Sandler himself, both produced by Robert Simonds.

The elderly man depicted in the production logo is Sandler's late father, Stanley, who also says the accompanying audio, "Terrific. Rumer Glenn Willis born August 16, is an American actress and singer. She is the eldest daughter of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Willis won season 20 of Dancing with the Stars. She had a recurring role in the third season and then became a series regular in the fourth season of FOX musical-drama Empire. She was named after British author Rumer Godden. Her mother, actress Demi Moore, hired a cameraman to videotape her birth.

In January. She has written most of her screenplays with her screenwriter partner Karen McCullah. Most of the scripts seem to follow the girl Power movement of the late s and early s. In she wrote and directed a short film,[1] The Spleenectomy, which starred Anna Faris and was financed and produced by Glamour magazine. Her first film as a non-writing producer, Whip It!

There, she studied English and Film, and also got an internship at CineTel Films, an independent film company. Initially planning on pursuing poetry and academia as a career, she began working for CineTel reading scripts and writing coverage for them. This led to. She has also released disco singles such as "Shame, Shame, Shame!

Julie Newmar. Career Lady Bunny began her career alongside Larry Tee and RuPaul as a fixture on the Atlanta gay scene in the early s [3] and appeared in a variety of low-budget films with them, including the Starbooty series. In , she moved to New York City, became one of the Club Kids,[4] and in , organized Wigstock,[5] an annual drag queen festival that lasted until Television In. Ryan Rottman born March 17, is an American actor. Rottman started his career in as an extra in the comedy film The House Bunny. Before that he starred in plays at Texas Tech University.

In , he appeared in films Stuntmen and The Open Road. Rottman's other television credits are Greek, Victorious, , and the web series Valley Peaks. His name is taken from Yosemite National Park. Along with Elmer Fudd, he is an adversary of Bugs Bunny. He is commonly depicted as an extremely aggressive gunslinging prospector, outlaw, pirate, or cowboy with a hair-trigger temper and an intense hatred of rabbits, Bugs in particular. During the golden age of American animation, Yosemite Sam appeared in 33 shorts.

History Animator Friz Freleng introduced the redesigned or renamed character in the cartoon Hare Tr. In May , she was the runner-up on the fifth season of American Idol. Her self-titled debut album was released on RCA Records on January 30, , and debuted at number two on the Billboard , selling , copies as of December It has sold 45, copies as of January As of January 2.

Matthew Jerome Barr born February 14, is an American actor. Barr has a younger brother, Luke, and sister, Sara. When Barr was in fourth grade, his family moved to Fairview, Texas, another Dallas suburb. Barr was active in the Allen High School theater program, and had major roles in many school plays and musical theater produc. Lauren Michelle Hill born June 27, [1] is an American model and actress.

She was a cheerleader at the University of South Carolina while studying journalism.

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While modeling and acting, she is known as Lauren James. She was first spotted by a Playboy scout at a swimsuit competition in St. She appeared in the Playmates at Play at the Playboy Mansion swimsuit calendar as calendar girl of February. The calendar was the inaugural Playmates at Play calendar and it was shot on the grounds of Playboy Mansion in It was Playboy's first attempt at creating a non-nude swimsuit calendar featuring Playmates similar in style with those from Sports Illustrate. It features a plush "talking" bunny named Harry and his many adventures both inside his house and in his backyard.

The show teaches things such as color recognition, counting, etc and even delves into social interaction and emotions. The show is aimed primarily at preschool aged children. From his colorful bedroom to the adventures of his backyard, Harry has plenty to do and learn when Harry's around. Sometimes his adventures incorporate skills such as counting and recognizing letters. On other times kids learn about emotions. A three-time Grammy award winner, he is considered one of the longtime standard-bearers of reggae music.

He is also known as Bunny Livingston and affectionately Jah B. Ann Parish. It was there that he first met Bob Marley, and the two toddlers befriended each other quickly. The boys both came from single-parent families; Livingston was brought up by his father, Marley by his mother. Justin Louis Baldoni born January 24, is an American actor, director, and filmmaker. Justin is known for the show Jane the Virgin, where he plays the character Rafael Solano. While moving into a new apartment building, Baldoni met a manager who advised him to pursue a career in acting. The second seaso. Allen Stephen Covert[1] born October 13, is an American comedian, actor, writer, and producer.

Best known for his starring role in the comedy film Grandma's Boy, he is a frequent collaborator with actor and friend Adam Sandler with prominent roles in such films as Happy Gilmore , The Wedding Singer , Big Daddy , Little Nicky , Mr. Covert's father was Jewish and his mother was a Southern Baptist. Covert co-founded a young children's publishing company geared towards basic American history.

Career Covert. Jay Hayden born February 20, is an American actor. Life and career Hayden was born in Northfield, Vermont. FabriClear Bed Bug Spray. Bugs Bunny is an animated cartoon character, created in the late s by Leon Schlesinger Productions later Warner Bros. Cartoons and voiced originally by Mel Blanc. Though a similar character called Happy Rabbit debuted in the WB cartoon Porky's Hare Hunt and appeared in a few subsequent shorts, the definitive character of Bugs is widely credited to have made his debut in director Tex Avery's Oscar-nominated film A Wild Hare He is also characterized by a Brooklyn accent, his portrayal as a trickster, and his catch phrase "Eh..

What's up, doc? He can thus be seen in the older Warner Bros. Sarah Fay Wright Olsen born September 28, is an American actress and former fashion model who has appeared in several films and TV series. She is perhaps best known for her recurring role as Millicent Gergich in Parks and Recreation. Career Wright was involved with local drama as a child, and became a model at age Her big break came when she was discovered by organizers from the Mossimo model search contest. Wright played the character of Paige Chase in the sitcom Quintuplets. She co-starred in the sitcom The Loop as Lizzy in Season 1.

She appeared as Sarah Mason, one of the girls with whom Patrick Dempsey's character has a one-night stand in the film Made of Honor. In , Wright began a recurring role in the CBS mid-season replacement co. The Playboy Mansion, also known as the Playboy Mansion West, is the former home of Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner, who lived there from until his death in Barbi Benton convinced Hefner to buy the home. Located in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California, near Beverly Hills, the mansion became famous during the s through media reports of Hefner's lavish parties which were often attended by famous celebrities and socialites.

History The mansion's front door in The 21,square-foot 2,