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Another thing anyone could do is cuddle with the animal. My one cat, Bella, loves to sleep on my lap in the kitchen.

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At the Animal Rescue League, some individuals can "read to a cat. Individuals can do that at home, too. Another reason I think all the cats and kittens should be adopted or in foster care is because it could make the individuals that own them happy, too. I love when my cats give me kisses; maybe the person that owns them will, too.

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My cats always know when I am sad and they come over and cuddle with me. My last reason all the cats or kittens should be adopted or in foster care is that if anyone has a big speech or needs to read aloud, that person can read to them.

Abused cat puts his ghost of Christmas past behind him

These are all the reasons I think that all the cats and kittens at all the shelters should be adopted or in foster for the holidays. This year, we asked students at Holy Guardian Angels Regional What's got you wondering "what's that about? Ask us your burning questions and we'll investigate. Whether you live alone or have a family, a four-legged addition can be a tempting gift around the holidays.

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We have all seen this scenario play out in the happiest of ways. Perhaps the new pet fills a void that the person s never knew was there in the first place.

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  8. While the new pet can be an adjustment, many will wonder what took them so long to add this new family member. While there are mostly happy endings with the addition of a puppy of kitten over the holidays, there are also the not-so-happy ones.

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    Adding a pet to your family is a decision that should be thought out with a long-term commitment kept in mind. Quick Book Search Search Advanced. Advanced Search Title. Series name.

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