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Imagine Clara as the young lady whose imagination is inspired by the technological advances of today and is drawn into her smartphone to a magical world where Drosselmeyer drives a DeLorean, the soldiers are actually robots, and the gangsta mice have a hip-hop swagga. Name required. Email will not be published required. Follow us on: Facebook. Odyssey Dance Theatre. Leave a reply Click here to cancel reply. Donate Today. Odyssey Dancers. Get Your Tickets Now! What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Player FM is scanning the web for high-quality podcast content right now.

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Episode 94! Happy Fathers day y'all. Black art everywhere, Lakiesha is a white name, Scarface for city council, it's illegal to be racist in Oregon, vibes from Ari Lennox, and our main topic, the Attachment theory. Who Got The Popcorn? First we watch the trailer, then we watch the movie, then we record the podcast! On episode 3 Mike and Tiff trade the movie theater parking lot for the living room couch and netflix movie "The Perfection". Check us out on youtube WhoGotThePopcorn. Episode 93! Right on time.

Tiff gets a taste of the "olds" , Mike vs the baby octopus, Trump hates Harriet, the 40 million dollar man, Ellen opens up about sexual assault, vibes from Swindle, and our main topic, the languages of love. Episode 92! Happy belated Mothers day.

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Tiff turns into a party planner and Mike turns into a party animal, Black girl sunscreen is poppin', always trademark your magic, desperate house wife pleads guilty, the cost of wigs is going to sky rocket, vibes from Byram, and our main topic, communication in relationships and the struggle to be transpar Episode 91! It's been a hot minute, but guess who's bizzack? John Singleton passes on, Coletta said you can't pick up your kids looking ashy, vibes from Kyle Dion, and our main topic, Pops made his final transition, and we discuss our idea of the after life.

On episode 2 Mike and Tiff dive into "Pet Sematary" right in the theater parking lot. How does it compare to the original? Episode 90! Tiff powers through her migraine, prayers to "Pops". No Solange at coachella, and Tiff predicts Solange is pregnant. Beyonce reps for the culture, we miss Nippsey and his message of ownership and community.

Kanye's Sunday service, are we here for it?

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On episode 1 Mike and Tiff dive into "Us" right in the theater parking lot. Did Jordan Peele do it again? Let's talk about it!!! Episode 89! Happy birthday Aretha. Tiff gives out grandma quizes, new podcast alert, "Who Got the Popcorn" is our new movie review podcast droping Thursday and our first review is "Us". Jussie is free, Wendy has a relapse, measles outbreak in New York? Vibes from Lecrae, and our main topic, does money bring privilege? Of course it does. Dam We Episode 88! Everybody has an Uncle Junebug. Tiff ballin' with the deaf, our new movie review podcast coming soon, 60 years for telling a lie, is it illegal to film the police in Chicago?

Vibes from 2 Chainz, and our main topic, are people of color sexually repressed? Episode 87! It's Tiff and Tiff. Teach your kids to lie? A little Oscars news, you reap what you sow Khloe, If the world was ending in 7 days Vibes from Buddy, and our main topic, the need for more dark skin women in Hollywood. Episode 86 y'all! It ain't trickin' if you got it. Mike and Tiff take a trip to "Nashville" for the chicken, Jussie Smollett and the after math, the cops put a hit on 50 cent?

Vibes from Cardi B, and our main topic, these kids don't know the struggle. Episode 85 y'all we're talkin' Mike and Tiff realizing something about BBD, , daddy duties sabotage, toxic discipline leads to death. J lo reps for motown, this is America?

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Vibes from Konomi Homi, and our main topic, we need to cancel the culture? Episode 84 y'all we're talkin' Mike and Tiff switching positions, Kim's kids like bouncers, a couple keys to happiness. Is it time over money, or money over time? Vibes from John Lee Hooker, and our main topic is being grown everything you thought it would be? Episode 83 y'all we're talkin' grown folks needing sleep and water, 5 star reviews on deck, in a coma and pregnant, Black Panther is still winning, vibes from Nina Simone, and our main topic.

The fyre festival and our personal ethics test. Happy birthday to the Queen! In episode 82 we're talkin' the movie "Little" , Trump's wall and the effects of the shut down, the new coachella line up, vibes from Eric Bellinger, and our main topic. We continue the R. Kelly discussion and how it relates to the current state of societal norms.

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It's episode 81 y'all. Wendy is M. A, Life changing choices for teenagers, Would be kidnapper gets the brakes beat off him kung fu style, suspect charged in the Houston shooting death of little Jasmine, vibes from Buddy. And the main topic, Surviving R. Happy New Year y'all! It's episode 80 and formation is the energy for Sak pase to our Haitian fam!

We're talkin' goals, the first grown moment of the year, Tiff passes the empathy test, celebrity divorce is in in the air, vibes from Tinashe and Mila J.

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And the main topic, "one gotta go. Episode 79 y'all! We're talkin' Kahlua and hot cocoa, security guards trippin', student loan refunds, Christmas vibes from Sy Smith. And the main topic Our top 10 Christmas songs. Episode 78 y'all! We're talkin' 15 hour workdays, 7.

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And the main topic do men want independent women. The ashies have spoken. Episode 77 y'all! We're talkin' blowing up bathrooms, Kim passing on too early, vibes from Masego.

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And the main topic can you be a lady in street and a freak in the sheets or vice versa? Jill Scott says, "yes". Episode 76! We're talkin' everything from rocking the vote to being broke on black Friday. Welcome to the hot topics episode. Don't forget the vibes from Free Nationals. Episode 74! Still late, but still great. We take a trip to taste some soul, 21 days no meat continued, Kendall Jenner got an afro?

Megyn Kelly doesn't understand why blackface halloween costumes are racist, Puff loves the kids, vibes from Tekno, and the main topic, is the one drop rule still a thing? Episode 73! Better late than never y'all. Mike teaches a micro biologist and a quantum physicist a little something, the black man blocker, breast milk fried chicken, would you trade 20 years of your life for a billion dollars?

Vibes from Royce Da 5'9, and the main topic, supporting black businesses.

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Episode 72! Tiff goes to the slut walk, Frat bro makes it to the supreme court, Miss Tina's man aint' perfect, vibes from Sarah Jane, and the main topic, finding balance in your life. Episode 71! It's Tiff's favorite time of the year y'all.