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Kalbeliya Gypsy Dance @ Sam Desert Nights - Picture of Sam Desert Nights, Jaisalmer

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Texas Renaissance Festival (Gypsy Dancing) - Nov. 2013

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Drawing upon a rich tradition of artistic expression, Gypsy Dance Theatre's credo is "Ancient rhythms and dance for the 21st Century. The consecration of females to the service of temple dancing began in the Shaivite temples and continued in the Jagannath temple in service of the Lord Jagannath. These attendants have been known as Maharis great women or Devadasis servants of the lord , and have been considered the wives of Lord Jagannath.

Odissi developed through their art. Their dances and songs are a matter of pride and a marker of identity for the Kalbelias and they represent the creative adaptation of this community of snake charmers to changing socioeconomic conditions and their own role in rural Rajasthani society.


The dancers are women in flowing black skirts who dance and swirl, replicating the movements of a serpent. The upper body cloth is called Angrakhi and a piece of cloth worn on head known as Odhani similarly the lower body cloth is called Lengha. All these cloths are mixed in red and black hues and embroidered in such a way that when these dancers perform these clothes represent a combination of colours soothing to eyes as well as to the atmosphere.

The male participants take care of the musical part of the dance.