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Actor-of-the-moment Giorgio Pasotti stars in the film, which has grossed overEuros 1. Saimir , which isplaying in the Orizzonti sidebar, focuses on the troubled relationship betweenan illegal Albanian immigrant and his son who live near Rome, and the difficultconditions they face. Mikado holds Italian rights to the picture, which isset in the region that surrounds Venice and tells the tale of a TV reporter whodelves into the lives of two criminals he is following for a news story.

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Skip to main content Skip to navigation. Sleeper hit After Midnight secures US sale. No comments. These two researches showed a big positive impact of Basilicata coast to coast on the territory, from an increase of visiting to the economic impact of it. After three years of the release of the movie, the positive impact is perceived, showing a great longevity for the different benefits generated.

It is important to say that the effect of Basilicata coast to coast are only limited to the nation territory, but even if is limited to the Italian touristic flows, we can conclude that in this territory the film-induced tourism has brought positive benefits. In this region is possible to find different film locations, and is also the seat of the Ischia Film Festival. The town is rich of history since the Paleolithic era to the more recent history of the Reign of Italy.

Castellabate is the location of Benvenuti al sud , the remake of the French film Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis directed by Dany Boon. The Italian version is directed by Luca Miniero, and follows the plot and some of the dialogues of the original version, but with the addition of Italian stereotypes typical of the southern areas. The main character, Alberto, from a northern city is forced to move to Castellabate. Alberto leaves afraid of many problems but he goes to the delights and the habits of Castellabate noting the low crime rate, beautiful places, an ideal climate and the friendliness of the residents , settle in quickly to the local lifestyle, and finding out how his ideas on the South were often only stereotypes.

The locations of the film movie are so many as is evidenced by the welcome sign that welcomes film tourists. The whole film shows the beautiful landscapes typical of the sea side. Source: personal. After the release of the movie, Castellabate became one of the five touristic destinations most visited 6. The phenomenon had an increase of the presences is registered by Enrico Nicoletta, responsible tourist office of Castellabate. The data showed that in the historic center the visiting were limited to only in ; at the beginning of there was 12, people visited it7.

The initiative provides a move map in which tourists are able to identify the film location. The island is in many novels of Giovenale, Stazio and Virgilio since the Classical period, but also into the sixth novel of Decameron by Boccaccio. Although Procida is a little island the touristic impact is latent because the lack in attractions and the competitiveness with other near islands as Capri or Ischia. But the island of Procida hosted the production and the filming of few important movies, some worldwide known.

However, only the latter application has resulted in the conquest of an award. In the island there is the possibility to visit different places of the movie as the bar in which Mario met Beatrice, his future wife, or the postman-inn, the post office and the church. The event started in October and the whole gain went to charity. Then there is a visiting in via S. The works of great writers, as Pirandello, Verga or Sciacia, have inspired the several directors.

Sleeper hit After Midnight secures US sale

In this recent period, Sicily is trying to invest in cinema productions, to use locations as territorial promotion tool, creating in the a specific law about the role of the Sicilian Film Commission. The different provinces of Sicily have created structures to help the Film Commission: the local structures furnish a guideline for the cinematographic productions with the definition of artists, technicians, services and locations. Another important entity is the Accordo di Programma Quadro APQ , that promotes the natural resources, the development and the territorial structures of all the regions, but especially for Sicily.

In fact, the Sicily is one of the most important regions for the program, with 64 million of euro of fund from to , sustaining 44 productions films and documentaries. The region has created also a society Cine Sicilia with the objective of create a facilities for the productions, in order to attract investments. A lot of movies filmed in Sicily had tell about one of the most important problematic, the Mafia, depicting as a region of stereotypes, blocking for the most the development of itself. Thanks to other movies or TV-shows, most of all Il Commissario Montalbano, Sicily had the possibility of redeem by the negative image, contributing to the socio- economic development of the region.

Guida ai luoghi del cinema, Giunti, Firenze, The cinema has been able to describe and represent in the movies the extraordinary sceneries of Catania, destination of many productions thanks to the natural set made by streets, sea and the immensity of the volcano Etna.

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The environment is the perfect active pull factors that attract so many directors here, to recount the Sicilian stories intrinsic with the nature and the landscapes. The citizens of the small villages were signed to participate to the film, to recreate the authenticity that characterized this land.

The landscape was the most important character of the film: the simplicity of the environment, the sea, the countryside and the Etna were not only a decorative element.

Sleeper hit After Midnight secures US sale | News | Screen

Another important movie filmed in Catania is La storia di una capinera, novel by Verga that had three cinematographic representations even if the most important was the one filmed by Franco Zeffirelli in The cinematographic industry in Sicily started a process of promotion and valorization of the territory, especially the one of Catania, tying to realize an economic growth Nicosia, In the last years the Catania Film Commission helped the production for the release of local permissions and the organization of conferences, but with a weak organization of events, festivals or film previews.

In the were created the Museum of Cinema, which re-enact the productions contexts, showing pictures took on sets of Rossellini, Visconti or Pasolini. Catania gave to tourism and to the Film Commission low funds because the economic crises that affected the city, but thanks to the European funds some structures were modernized and adequate to the tourism demand.

Catania also presented at the BIT "Welcome to Catania," a project whose goal is the improvement of reception services and the protection of tourists in the province, involving all the main categories of tour operators, consumer groups and the University, each one with its own role but according to a system designed to make nice and unforgettable stay in the city of Catania to all its tourists and visitors.

61st Venice International Film Festival

The bar was named by Coppola Bar Vitelli and it still has this name, because the name continue to attract tourists that want to sit in the same table of Michael. Some websites14 proposed different tours for visiting the different cities in which The Godfather were filmed. But one of the most important examples of film tourism in Ragusa is given by the Italian TV-series Il Commissario Montalbano, inspired by the novel of Andrea Camilleri.

Le Masserie Del Falco, Forenza, Italy

The first episode was showed in and now the TV-series is at the ninth season. The story is about the witty police chief Salvo Montalbano in the imaginary town of Vigata, able to solve all the crimes. The landscape elements filmed in the series take an important role because the spectator is involved completely by the beautiful natural environment. But is important to take in consideration the triplicites of the nature related to the novel, to the reality and to the TV-series. The nature of the reality is in contrast with the fiction because the sets used are an adaptation for a town that does not exist.

The production is forced to create an alternative and use other cities and territory to the recreation of the novel. This caused a feeling of disappointment to the film tourists, who on the footsteps of Montalbano was searching for Vigata, unknowing that Vigata correspond to Porto Empedocle. The local actors complain often about the missing in synergy between the territory and the promotion of it related to the TV-series. The director tries to translate in his movie the consciousness of a land that only a person who loves it is able to do. The criminality of this territory brought the collectivity to lose the concept of united society that Tornatore wants to impress in his movies.