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Do we really need to take on the pain of the entire world? I think it overwhelms our souls and takes from us emotional energy that we could be spending on the world that our lives touch every day. I have walked away from the news feeling so drained that I had a hard time being the person I want to be to those in the room, in my daily life and in my sphere of influence….. I wonder what would happen if we each opened our eyes to the people we see every day.

What if we really Saw our co-workers, our neighbors, our friends.

Faces of Suicide

What if we entered in to their pain and their drama rather then watching things unfold on a screen that we are powerless to do anything about it. A week free to work on our own crazy, in our own lives, in our own homes, in our own sphere of influence. A week free to enjoy the lovely that is in our lives. A week to work on the not so lovely that is in our lives. Do you ever ask that question? My son got married last weekend. And I cried for weeks leading up to it! I never felt like I was a good mom. I felt like a miserable failure most days. We fought all the time, he made choices that scared me to death….

He is an elementary school teacher now, He has a wife that he loves very well, he has made his own path to faith in Jesus and I really like him. But that led me to my knees. All I did was stick in there, kept pursuing relationship with him, kept on believing in him even when he made stupid choices. I never stopped praying…and that has made all the difference. Us moms in the middle can be so very hard on ourselves! Can we just give ourselves a break! Can we stop wishing for days gone by and start enjoying the days that are here?

We miss those little faces that looked up to us as if we hung the moon. We long for little arms around our necks and kisses on our cheeks..

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Our identity is not in who we raise. Our identity in is Christ. I have found that this stage of life has made me focus more and more on Jesus and on the identity HE has given me. I have time now to sit at HIS feet without little ones always under foot. Funny antidotes about teething, potty training and toddler messes, understanding moms who encourage you to breathe, enjoy every moment because it goes by so very fast…. I am in that black zone. My children range in age from 12 to I have a son and a daughter getting married this summer, I will have a senior in high school and two Jr.

If you have bigs you know what I am taking about. There are no simple answers. Our schedules are at the mercy of their schedules. We hold the hearts of our dear young adults in our confidence. Often times the only one we can go to with our heartache is to Jesus. As moms of older children we hold so much in our hearts. Parenting young adults is heartbreaking, its emotionally exhausting and many of us are doing it all without the support of other moms.

We thought we had all the answers when our kids were little and now it has become abundantly clear that we do not. We are left with more questions then answers.

FROZEN ELSA saves Real Life Twins who got a magic GIANT Gummy Bear Sucker from Maleficent!

We need other moms to love us through this. We need to have friends and make time for ourselves and live in kindness with one another. So, for now, this blog is going to be about mothering teens and young adults with grace and faith.

How to Write an Invitation that Will Actually Get Answered (and samples to get started!)

Watching Pat with the people he serves is both humbling and inspiring. He has a favorite saying. From eating Lunch with the kids who are in the home school co-op that his wife runs. Pat sharing a special moment with one of the women from the neighborhood. This is a picture of his new grandchild. Pat treats everyone he meets as a friend, as a person of value. So what is his secret? Is He a super Christian? I asked Pat how we as a community could come along side of him to help….

Skip to content Grafted in Be you! Shine a light on it! This lie had such a stronghold on my heart that I almost missed this……. When those expectations failed to be met I blamed everyone and everything around me because my insecurity could not handle failure. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny. What we think we become. M Barre. Play is really the work of childhood.

Some of the wisest people you meet are sweeping our streets. Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way! One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. College, major: University of Minnesota-Carlson School of Management, finance and international business. Be led by the dreams in your heart. Remember, amateurs built the ark and professionals built the Titanic. It sucks.

It presents itself when you beat down the door. But along the way, we shall catch excellence. Cornel West. Our effort is to only proceed in that direction. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before. All the believers and followers will surely follow afterward.

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Martin Luther King Jr. And in the end, we will become all the things we leave behind. My mom encourages me to use my time wisely. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. We live to feel pain and sorrow, but we live to triumph and feel pride as well. Stand your ground. Protect yourself, and for goodness sake, go enjoy your life. Jackson Brown, Jr. Learn as if you were to live forever.

See the world. It solely relies on what you think. A celebration of everything girly. Everything in this room is fabulous but my favorite has to be the tiny rocking chair with a tutu!! Love it.

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Beautiful nursery! The paint on the floor with the green accent and the small asian plate on the wall to offer a different element is fantastic! What a serene room! I love the crib skirt, so dainty! The tiny little rocking chair is so adorable too. Kate is a very lucky princess! Beautiful pink nusery! Funny too how our style changes with time. It was a gold color, and I just spray painted it white. I will see if she knows!

She then made the organza panels to hang from it! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the outstanding work! I luv the wall color… can you tell me what brand and the name of the color that you used? Where did you get the crown canopy from? Could you pretty please tell me the brand and paint color of the wall?

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  7. I'm taking an extended vacation from making/selling! Thank you for your past support!;
  8. I know this is from forever ago but I am dying to know where you got the crown from. Or if you are maybe selling yours. THank you so much! Kim — The TomKat Studio ,. Love it!