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On post-scratch Earth, his role was mirrored by the Juggalo presidency. After Dualscar's kismesissitude with Mindfang failed, he offered her location to the Highblood.

Ancestors of Birds Had Four Wings | Bio-aerial Locomotion

Mindfang wrote in her journal that this plan either would, or already did, fail spectacularly due to the subjugglator's sanguinary nature, resulting in Dualscar's death. Despite this, the Highblood apparently took the threat Mindfang posed seriously, and sent his wild card, Neophyte Redglare, to apprehend her.

His descendant mirrors this action by sending Terezi to deal with Vriska. The cause of the Grand Highblood's own death is unknown. The Grand Highblood liked to decorate his walls with the blood of his victims. This gory rainbow included blood of all castes excluding the Condesce's fuchsia , mutant candy red , and his own caste's purple , however it is the only time which lime blood appears and therefore the only in-comic evidence that it ever existed , which surely pleased him. This mirrors Gamzee writing messages on walls with the blood of his fellow trolls, and writing messages with his own blood in the style of his fellow trolls.

Antler Wings

The Grand Highblood is the only ancestor whose name does not follow the eight-letter rule at all. His acronym GHB could intentionally mimic that of gamma-hydroxybutyrate, a common "club drug", which alludes to both Gamzee's use of sopor slime and his clubkind strife specibus. He is portrayed as being inexperienced with newer technology. It is theorized that the drones likely came into place after the ancestors time, meaning the drones would have been modeled after Dualscar's armor, and not the other way around.

He was prone to jealousy, despising Mindfang's redrom games with other trolls though she was already his kismesis. One evening Mindfang stole slaves from his hold and when he pursued her, she attempted to force him to watch her as she mind-controlled one of his slaves presumably The Dolorosa , forcing them to sexually pleasure her.

It is written that as he watched he became disgusted and repulsed with her for her deed and left in a revolted fury.

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Extremely bitter about this display, he rejected her as his kismesis and had the slave assassinated either out of anger, jealousy, or pity for the slave. He also placed a bounty even larger than the one he had on Mindfang's head. It is also mentioned that he had a redrom interest in the Condesce, which she hurt the battery Mindfang threatened to use as a means to blackmail him. He attempted to inform the Grand Highblood of Mindfang's location, but was killed by the subjugglator for being unable to tell a decent joke. Since both Ahab's Crosshairs and the Fluorite Octet were found on the same ship by Eridan and Vriska, it remains a possibility that Mindfang likely stole the weapon before or after his death.

Her name is the eight-letter shortening of the word "condescension", which highlights her possession of said quality. Very little is known about the Beforan ancestors as only a single one is mentioned. However as Kankri Vantas does not appear to have a sign, it may mean his ancestor, pre-scratch Karkat, did nothing to result in the creation of a sign for descendant. Being mentioned a few times by both Meenah and Aranea, but not making any actual appearance, it is implied that as the ruling fuchsiablood on Beforus, she was the reason behind the softer meaning of 'culling', other than the lack of D o c Scratch 's influence.

Disclaimer: This timeline is not to scale and only depicts extremely approximate timelines for the ancestors and points in their life in relation to each other, as many events surrounding the ancestors took place over unknown periods of time; for example, Mindfang and Dualscar are both shown on the table as arriving on their Reckoning meteors around the same time, however the differing lifespans of different blood castes could easily have allowed Dualscar to have been born centuries before Mindfang, but this does not exclude the possibility that Mindfang may have instead been older than Dualscar.

The positioning and scaling of the events is also restricted by the limitations of the coding used to construct the timeline. Numerous details are not elaborated on in the story; for example, it is not known how or when the Grand Highblood died, other than that it was some time before Hivebent but presumably after Friendsim , nor is it known when the limeblood genocide occurred, other than being before the lives of the A2 Sgrub players. Such gaps are left blank. Many of the ancestors' interactions are inverted by the troll players.

Dualscar killed the slave, who was likely the Dolorosa, the Summoner killed Mindfang, Dualscar was possibly killed on the orders of Her Imperious Condescension with the Grand Highblood as her proxy, and Mindfang arranged Redglare's death. Accordingly, Eridan temporarily kills Kanaya, who then permanently kills him in return both imitating and inverting the ancestors' case , Vriska kills Tavros, Eridan kills Feferi, and Terezi kills Vriska. This likely has to do with the troll kids finishing what the ancestors started i.

Other events are paralleled. Redglare's dragon, Pyralspite, disabled Mindfang's vision eightfold, while Terezi informed D o c Scratch of Vriska's possession of the Magic Cue Ball, causing him to explode it in her face, and disabling her vision eightfold. However while Mindfang subsequently killed Redglare, Vriska merely blinded Terezi in retaliation.

A more complicated addition to the above two points occurs when Tavros prepares to revive his complicated possible romantic interest Vriska with a kiss, when she was almost dead. She prevents him from doing this, however, and then exhorts him to kill her. Meanwhile, the Summoner is known to have killed Mindfang, who was his matesprit. Many of the troll kids' titles bestowed by Sgrub fit with their ancestors' roles in history, while their "dancestors" have titles that fit in with other parts of these roles:. Both Sollux and the Helmsman were killed simultaneously as a result of the Vast Glub, fitting their duality theme.

Several ancestors, as well as D o c Scratch 's interference in the events concerning them, are direct references to biblical characters, especially surrounding the tales involving Jesus Christ. Hussie has commented extensively on this topic on his Formspring. Prometheus was a peaceful titan, the only one that sided with Zeus against Cronus. In the battle against Cronus, Hekatonchires were released from Cronus's hold in the Underworld, and helped overthrow him with their awesome strength. Prometheus is generally considered wise and represents aforethought.

He is the only one that knew who the mother of Zeus' son, the one destined by prophecy to overthrow him, was. For loving men, and for knowing this knowledge, he was sentenced to agonizing torture by being bound to a rock on a mountainside eternally, and an eagle eating his liver over and over, since gods can regenerate. Not a word was spoken as he was tortured and about thirty years later, Chiron, a centaur, took his place and died for him.

Zeus accepted Chiron's sacrifice and freed Prometheus from this torture. However, so Zeus did not appear to be going back on his command of eternal punishment, a piece of the mountainside was put into a ring made from a link in the chains Prometheus was bound by.

Four wings bad, two wings better – for early birds

Another telling says instead of Chiron being sacrificed, Heracles simply slew the eagle and freed Prometheus. There's a Greek tragedy called Prometheus Bound. In the play, Prometheus is chained to a mountain, much like how the Sufferer is shown chained to a high place. He's credited with playing a key role in Zeus coming into power and the chaining is considered a harsh betrayal. In the story Zeus wanted to obliterate all of mankind, but Prometheus somehow stopped him. It consists mainly of speeches and is the first story in a trilogy called Prometheia.

Alternian could be a nuance of Athenian. Athenians are known to be the only ones to have any religious temple to Prometheus. They originally made a torch race in honor of Prometheus that started and ended at his altar and had regular celebrations on the calendar for him. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Time travel in the service of Lord English. Seclusion and eventual death. Eventual death.

Raised by D o c Scratch. Young self enters service of English Older self killed by Condesce. Pre-scratch Kids. Heir of Breath. Seer of Light. Knight of Time. Witch of Space. John Egbert. Rose Lalonde. Dave Strider. Jade Harley. Post-scratch Kids. Maid of Life. Rogue of Void. Prince of Heart. Page of Hope. Jane Crocker. Roxy Lalonde. Dirk Strider. Jake English.

Post-scratch Trolls. Maid of Time. Page of Breath. Mage of Doom. Knight of Blood. Aradia Megido. Tavros Nitram. Sollux Captor. Karkat Vantas. Rogue of Heart. Sylph of Space. Seer of Mind. Thief of Light. Nepeta Leijon. Kanaya Maryam. Terezi Pyrope. Vriska Serket. Heir of Void. Bard of Rage. Prince of Hope. Witch of Life. Equius Zahhak.

Gamzee Makara. Eridan Ampora. Feferi Peixes. Pre-scratch Trolls. Witch of Time. Rogue of Breath. Heir of Doom. Seer of Blood. Damara Megido. Rufioh Nitram. Mituna Captor.

O Wings Family Origin

Kankri Vantas. Mage of Heart. Maid of Space. Knight of Mind. Sylph of Light. Meulin Leijon. Porrim Maryam. Latula Pyrope. Aranea Serket. Page of Void. Prince of Rage. Bard of Hope.

Thief of Life. Horuss Zahhak. Kurloz Makara.

Ancestors - Orcus' Avarice

Cronus Ampora. Meenah Peixes. Muse of Space. Lord of Time.

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Roxy Lalonde pre-scratch. Dirk Strider pre-scratch. Rose Lalonde post-scratch. Dave Strider post-scratch. Supporting Characters. Jane Egbert. Jake Harley. John Crocker. Jade English. Now Xu and colleagues have described another find supporting their claim. In a collection at the Shandong Tianyu Museum of Nature, they came across nearly complete early bird fossils excavated 10 to 15 years ago.

These included a series of bird skeletons that have large feathers on their hind legs, which Xu thinks were likely to have been for flight rather than display. All 11 specimens lived in the Early Cretaceous, about million years ago, and seem to fall into several primitive bird groups. Traditionally, there have been two schools of thought about what drove the evolution of modern bird flight. The very beginnings of flight probably evolved in ground-dwelling dinosaurs, says Xu, because they show early signs of flight-feathers.

After that, it looks as if flight further developed in tree-dwellers because dinosaurs that appear to have more advanced flight systems, like Microraptor , have features, such as sharply curved claws, suggesting they lived in trees. The new fossils suggest that modern bird flight — with just two wings — developed when birds shifted again, back to living on the ground. Birds are unique in having two completely separate locomotion systems, says Xu. They use their rear limbs for walking and their front limbs — or wings — for flying. But it was only when birds started running on the ground that these systems became specialised.

He says that one of their specimens seems to suggest this. It lived on the ground, and seems to be in a transitional stage, with smaller hind feathers and the appearance of hind scales, like those of modern birds.