Guide Searching for UnMediated Truth

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Searching for Unmediated Truth

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Beliefnet Columnists. The Misguided Pickup Techniques Men Why Antisocial People Are So All this may be stylistically more comfy for those who remember Woodstock in its unmediated form.

Cops, crime, and TV. Scheffler argues that under reasonably favourable conditions morality does not constantly clash sharply with self-interest, because the moral point of view "attaches unmediated significance" not only to impartial considerations but also to agents' special concern for their own major activities, projects, and commitments. Human Morality.


New theories, new discoveries, and the increasing range of prediction and control cannot be explained by a better correspondence of science to a perspectivally unmediated given, since that given is precisely what, as situated creatures, we cannot grasp. Humanism and postmodernism: a reconciliation.

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  7. The audience-participation debate--indeed all this year's public access politics--was not about establishing an unmediated connection to the candidates. Hoax populi: if we love populist leaders so much, why don't we elect one.

    Izimbizo are two-way, unmediated and interactive information sharing platforms, a dialogue between government and people aimed at instilling confidence in robust, participatory democracy. So much so, that Lewis persuades you this is Schubert unmediated , that the song-like melodies, the whimsical touches and the flashes of humour couldn't really be presented in any other way than this.