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The Librarian Hestion summoned a psychic storm of his own, a raging inferno in the shape of a flaming drake that tore the Ravager gunships out of the sky one by one. The Forgehammer had been ravaged by the Dark Eldar assaults, but it was free at last from the Dark City's clutches.

With a roar, the Strike Cruiser began to ascend into the sky and freedom. Far below, the Space Marines fighting in the Xelian Quarter were completely encircled as the full weight of Commorragh was pressed against them and warriors from dozens of noble houses joined the defence of the city. Yet the Space Marines' objective had been achieved, for the Forgehammer was free. A single curt comm-signal was sent and within mere moments, the main bulk of the Space Marines in the Dark City teleported away in a brief burst of light.

Those that had been cut off from the main assault gave their lives to buy their brethren time or else were paralyzed by Dark Eldar hypertoxins and taken away to later fight and die as warrior-slaves. Confusion reigned as the Haywire fields that had shackled the Imperial spacecraft were disengaged one by one. The Battle Barge Vulkan's Wrath , now joined by the badly damaged Forgehammer , fired its retros and disengaged itself from the ruins of what had been Archon Xelion's pride.

The vast starship's engine blast flattened spires and starscrapers alike before the Space Marines made their escape. The entire Astartes fleet then passed through the still-yawning Webway portal above High Commorragh and escaped triumphantly into realspace. In the aftermath of the Imperial invasion, Commorragh changed forever. The power vacuum left by the vanquished noble houses of High Commorragh was quickly filled by Asdrubael Vect and his jubilant Kabal of the Black Heart, who had proven their superiority to their rivals in the crucible of war. In the years that followed, Vect played politics like a true Machiavellian master of intrigue, forever asserting the meritocracy of the Kabals over the ancient aristocracy of the Eldar noble houses.

Eschewing all pretence at innocence, Vect ensured that word of his machinations became public. All would know that to stand in the way of Asdrubael Vect meant certain death, and in the centuries that followed his grasp on power would inexorably tighten. The Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse are regions that have some significance to the Eldar, and while it has been many millennia since they have had any major presence there, the worlds of that great frontier are still laced with many thousands of Webway passages and tunnels connecting worlds and star systems.

Today, these tunnels are twisted, stretched, and torn by the psychic pressure of the Warp storms dividing the Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse. While the mysterious rites of the Harlequins long ago sealed many of these passages, others still remain open to the tides of the Warp, infested with vile and ephemeral creatures.

This region of damaged tunnels is centred across the Warp Storm known as the Screaming Vortex. The Vortex is home to teeming hordes of daemon -worshippers and mutants , living and dying at the whims of warlords and sorcerers intent on murder and subjugation in the name of their dark gods. While this is a ready source of slaves and victims for the raids of the region's Kabals, it is a realm largely inhospitable to the Dark Eldar, so strong is the presence of She Who Thirsts within the storm.

However, suspended at some point between the Screaming Vortex, the Koronus Expanse, and the Webway is an island of relative stability where numerous groups of Dark Eldar have formed a twisted haven. Here floats the Nexus of Shadows , a Dark Eldar outpost built upon an ancient and massive technological relic.

Three major Kabals dwell in the tunnels and passageways that cross the Calixis Sector, the Koronus Expanse, and into the Screaming Vortex. The foremost of these, at the heart of the Nexus, is the Kabal of the Splintered Talon. The others, the Kabal of the Shadowed Thorns and the Kabal of the Crimson Woe , are of a more mercenary inclination due to their lesser status, often selling their murderous skills to other races in exchange for resources or opportunities to grasp at power. The Kabal of the Crimson Woe operates in the Calixis Sector more than in the Koronus Expanse, in part to avoid directly competing with the Kabal of the Shadowed Thorns and thus drawing their ire.

Numerous other groups exist alongside these, from the Cult of the Withered Blade, which controls the Bloodspine Pits on the Nexus of Shadows, and The Sutured Helix, a coven of Haemonculi that operates from the Nexus of Shadows, to numerous smaller factions that raid and scavenge for scraps of their betters' might and prestige.

The Dark Eldar operating near the Nexus of Shadows are frequently on the move, either carried within fleets of voidships or travelling in smaller groups on light skimmers through the winding and impossible labyrinth of the Webway, returning to the Nexus of Shadows only periodically to trade their cargo of tormented victims for supplies and to replace slain warriors. These itinerant raiders often cross paths with pirates and reavers of other species, particularly the Chaos-aligned flotillas that hail from the Screaming Vortex and isolated bases like Iniquity.

A select few of these have been shown the location of the Nexus, so that they may trade in slaves, dark lore, and abhorrent technologies, but these are relatively rare.

The Dark Eldar are a plague upon the Koronus Expanse. Raiders, slavers, pirates, and even Rogue Traders suffer at their barbed lashes and blades. Any who cross the Maw and sail the void of the Koronus Expanse learn to fear the wicked silhouettes of their voidships and their seemingly endless cruelty towards all life, including their own. Only vigilance and firepower keep the worst depredations of these terrible raiders at bay, though from the dens of Footfall to the commerce halls of Port Wander there are countless tales of crew lost and ships savaged in their sudden attacks.

Within the Calixis Sector, the Imperial Navy keeps the Warp routes and sector worlds protected against the worst of these raids, and while some outposts and lone vessels still disappear at the hands of the foul xenos , most Imperial citizens sleep soundly, never even knowing that such a depraved species haunts the stars above their heads. In the Koronus Expanse it is different, as that lawless place has neither a fleet capable of guarding the uncharted wastes nor a tightly controlled network of worlds that can call upon one another in times of need.

The Expanse is a playground for the Dark Eldar, where along with the myriad of other alien menaces they can raid worlds and take voidships with relative impunity, slipping away into the night from whence they came. The power of the Dark Eldar is compounded by the fact that no one knows precisely where they come from or where they go, nor can they explain the aliens' uncanny ability to appear from nowhere and then vanish with their stolen cargos of goods and slaves just as quickly.

Some Rogue Traders believe there must be a Dark Eldar world somewhere in the Expanse from which they launch their raids, though where exactly it is and how it could have evaded detection for so long remain a mystery that has yet to be unravelled. The Gaelan Sphere , upon which the Nexus of Shadows was built, is an ancient relic of a long-forgotten age of technology.

The size of a small moon, covered with towers and antennae, the sphere was crafted around a solid core, the remnants of some mineral rich asteroid that its automated systems are slowly eroding away as it adds more and more levels to the sphere. Neither the Gaelan Sphere's alien inhabitants nor those few explorers from the Imperium who have had a chance to study it know its true purpose. How the sphere came to enter the Webway is also a mystery.

Abandoned for untold ages, the sphere could have drifted through a Web-gate or even been drawn towards one by the ancient programs and protocols of its Cogitators seeking to study a breach in the Webway that it perceived as a celestial phenomenon. Alternatively, it is possible that some unknown force moved it into the Webway for some inscrutable purpose.

Once it entered the Webway, the sphere spent aeons drifting from one region to another before becoming trapped in a confluence of ancient forces and alien powerfields. Now, it floats in a relatively stable position, more debris of a forgotten age of enlightenment. After being exiled from Commorragh, the Archon spent many Terran years wandering the Webway with her fleet, raiding worlds and looking for a place to claim as her own. The sphere, with its well-hidden location and ancient technology, presented the perfect place for a new home.

Unfortunately for Salaine, the sphere's defences and legions of Servitor guardians were too numerous and powerful for her Kabal alone to overcome. Thus, Salaine forged an alliance with Zaergarn Kul and his Kabal of the Splintered Talon, and together they purged the city of its ancient human defences, destroying that which they could not control and sealing away the areas that they could not inhabit. Even though their forces had secured a landing zone and deactivated the aging orbital defences, it was to take years for the Dark Eldar to carve out the areas where they would build their city.

As more Dark Eldar came to the Nexus, new sections would be cleared of their ancient automated defences. Often the Dark Eldar would drive thousands of slaves into an area to identify these dangers, or simply to exhaust a turret's ammunition so it could be destroyed. Other xenos races were also allowed to settle in the Nexus as part of trading missions, though these aliens had to clear their own areas for inhabitation.

The lasting result of this wanton conquest by the Dark Eldar and their allies is that many areas of the Nexus still show signs of battle, and the stripped remains of the combat machinery of the sphere is a common sight along its shadowed streets. Occasionally, the Nexus' old defenders rear their heads once again, but the Dark Eldar usually put them down swiftly.

Almost immediately after the arrival of the Dark Eldar and its establishment as a port, the Nexus began to operate as a hub for trade and a base for raiding. Close to the Koronus Expanse and the Calixis Sector, it opened up fresh opportunities for slavers and worlds that before had been out of reach or too dangerous to raid using the fractured remains of the Webway. The Nexus of Shadows quickly grew in size and wealth on the backs of its slaves, despite the fact that most Dark Eldar of Commorragh at least openly shun the cursed place and the outcasts who live there. The xenos of the Koronus Expanse and the Renegades of the Screaming Vortex have no such compunctions, however, and have found the Nexus to be a useful place to trade and congregate, a place far from the reach of the Imperium and utterly hostile to its agents.

Salaine welcomed such factions into her city on account of the wealth and influence they offered, as well as the added protection it afforded her against those who would try and take the city from her. Unfortunately for Salaine, it was not an outside force or an alien that was to oust her from power. In the end one of her own, Zaergarn Kul, usurped her, and exiled her once more into the Webway before she could do the same to him. For many of the inhabitants of the Nexus this change in power meant little, especially for the slaves, to whom one Dark Eldar Archon is much the same as another.

Salaine Morn intentionally projects a presence that is both evasive and unmistakable; her dread majesty is as hard to put into words as it is to ignore. Appearing at once menacing and tempting, the Archon catches many of her foes off-guard, uncertain of the obfuscated nature of this ancient being.

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Morn is several thousand Terran years old, though only she knows for certain how long she has been alive, and has seen and done much that would long haunt the nightmares of lesser beings. Like all Dark Eldar Archons, she is possessed of a deadly martial prowess, but her true weapon is a mind finely-honed by the lethal intrigues of Commorragh's high society.

She finds it utterly distasteful, then, that she and all those she commands are exiles from the Dark City and now even the Nexus of Shadows. At her grudging command, the warriors of her Kabal have turned to mercenary work, selling their efforts to lesser beings as part of a plan to regain the power she once possessed.

On the rarest of occasions, she deigns to speak to these prey-creatures herself. Dark Eldar activity in the galaxy , ca. The history of the Dark Eldar is one of unrelenting horror. Much of it is hidden in shadow, recorded only in allegory and fable by those intelligent races whose worlds they have ravaged. Records are kept, however -- tomes scribed in still-living flesh using bladed quills of bone. These histories divide the tale of Commorragh into three ages -- ill-defined and overlapping though they are -- each more redolent with cruelty and evil than the last. As the 41st Millennium draws to a close, the galaxy is riven with war as never before.

Madness and mayhem consumes whole star systems, affording the denizens of the Dark City ample chance to raid at will. Yet there are those who whisper that even Commorragh is not proof against the horrors that draw near:. Dark Eldar, like most Eldar Kindreds, make use of advanced technology, including anti-gravity devices, dark matter weaponry, nanotechnology and psychic artifacts.

While Dark Eldar do make use of psychic devices, they do not any longer use psychic powers themselves because of the danger that interacting with the Warp brings for those whose souls are desired by Slaanesh. Psykers are treated as playthings in Commorragh, and given the twisted, sadistic nature of the Dark Eldar, this necessarily involves pain and torment for the psyker.

Though it is manufactured rather than psychically-grown from the hardened substance of the Warp like the Wraithbone implements of the Craftworld Eldar, the Dark Eldar's weaponry is just as technologically advanced as that of their more benevolent counterparts. When it comes to war, the Dark Eldar are veritable artists. Their technology is refined to the point that some of its effects appear as nothing less than magical to less-advanced intelligent species like humanity.

Their infinite -- if infinitely dark -- imaginations and sheer skill have led them down a sinister path -- their favourite weapons can set every nerve ending afire with pain, darklight beams, whips that bleed acid and eldritch soul-traps. The Dark Eldar are so confident of their own abilities that their lightweight suits of body armour incorporate bladed plates not only for protection, but also to provide them with yet another weapon to inflict pain.

The warriors of Commorragh are well-versed in the physiology and anatomies of all the other starfaring races of the galaxy, knowledge that is used to inflict the maximum amount of pain, suffering and death. The Dark Eldar employ a number of hand-held weapons designed to eviserate, lacerate and incise at close quarters.

Although varying widely in design and use, all employ a similar technology in their construction. They are built from very lightweight materials, with blades honed to a mon-molecular edge capable of cutting through even Ceramite armour plating when sufficient force is employed.

Weapons incorporating powerful shock fields have also been recovered by Imperial forces, and these devices utilise an energy generation and transference system as yet beyond the comprehension of human Tech-adepts. The raiding parties of the Dark Eldar are able to suppress their treacherous natures only in pursuit of power, spoils and slaves.

When the Kabals of Commorragh gather in large numbers, they darken the skies of unsuspecting worlds with their razor-edged anti-gravity craft and fall upon the unwary populations of the galaxy with extraordinary speed and their characteristic sadism. Every Dark Eldar is fundamentally defined by his or her innate selfishness. Personal power, the pursuit of comfort and the gratification of their dark desires are the only things which truly hold value for the Dark Eldar. They take no pride in the achievements of others within their race and measure every endeavour's worth in how it contributes to their own self-interest.

The need for survival in a hostile galaxy is the only thing that bonds the Dark Eldar together as a species and thus even in combat they are not normally inclined to cooperate with one another beyond the bare minimum required. Yet, on occasion, an opportunity may present itself that even the greatest of the Archons is forced to admit cannot be seized by a single Kabal acting alone.

This could be an Imperial Hive World whose teeming masses of humanity are ready to be culled, an Eldar Craftworld drifting unpowered and vulnerable to a slave raid, or a newly discovered intelligent alien species unaware of the dangers which haunt the galaxy. Such targets represent more than a single Wych Cult or Kabal could hope to assault on its own without suffering crippling losses, but the potential rewards are so great that they prove willing to share the spoils with others within the Dark City. Dark Eldar society is splintered and lacking in any true unity.

The raiders of the Dark City owe their first allegiance to themselves and then to the Kabal or Wych Cult to which they belong. Each of these factions constantly compete with one another in the pursuit of their divergent goals and will happily betray or murder any of its allies of convenience once they have outlived their usefulness. Amongst the Dark Eldar, only the most devious and ruthless survive for long and any alliance or coalition that forms does so only either out of greed or fear of its individual participants' rivals.

The lure of thousands of souls to be enslaved and tortured and immense amounts of wealth to be plundered can draw Dark Eldar together to face a large or very well-defended target. Power is the only truly palpable currency within Commorragh and a successful attack on a target of unusual magnitude can secure extraordinary wealth and authority for those who were daring enough to carry it off.

At the same time, no self-respecting Archon or Succubus would willingly stand by while his or her rivals benefit from such a cooperative venture. As such, when large-scale assaults are in the offing they can grow to unusually large proportions as jealous Dark Eldar nobles pledge their support for the raid, whilst all the time plotting ways to double-cross their newfound allies and seize all the plunder and prestige for themselves.

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While it is greed that forges these massive Dark Eldar assaults, it is fear that keeps them cooperative. The Dark Eldar are defined by their fear of many things, including death, loss of status and the plots of their rivals. An unusually large war fleet allows the Dark Eldar to hunt much larger and more powerful victims. However, just as a raid that earns victory returns with great wealth and the envy of all Commorragh, a failed raid will lead to a loss of standing amongst the participants and possible enslavement by their rivals who will immediately move to capitalise upon the raid leaders' perceived weakness.

By involving all of one's rivals in the attack, the risk of failure can be shared by all. Additionally, the nature of Commorragh's vicious politics means that when a Dark Eldar faction seeks to move against its rivals, the blow needs to be decisive, overwhelming and completely successful. Any less will result in the unleashing of civil strife that will see entire Cabals and Wych Cults destroyed, thousands murdered amongst the spires of the Dark City and slavery and torture for almost all as the enemies of both sides seize their own advantage.

Because of the terrible risks involved with such reprisals, the fear of these consequences keeps most of the double-dealing and treachery within a large war fleet to a minimum -- until the participants return with their spoils to Commorragh. The strike forces of the Dark Eldar, despite consisting of treacherous and scheming murderers, work like well-tuned machines upon the battlefield.

Raids are planned in meticulous detail by the Archons and Succubi that lead them, and hidden routes through the Webway are opened in readiness for the assault. Only the most capable are recruited for each realspace raid, which is why Dark Eldar warriors are such determined opponents, and why their bitter rivalries are set aside during battle. Working in concert ensures that not only is the greatest amount of punishment inflicted upon realspace but also that the maximum number of victims can be taken back to Commorragh.

Vendettas are revisited only once the captives are divided, for above all the Dark City requires a steady intake of fresh souls. The Kabals regularly launch piratical invasions, so there is much to be gained from being part of such an organisation -- the thrill of hunting lesser mortals, the chance to personally capture new slaves, but most importantly, the revitalising feast of unbridled destruction at hunt's end.

Though many raiding forces coalesce around the warriors of a particular Kabal, the Dark Eldar armies that fall upon realspace are far from uniformly Kabalite in their composition. The Wych Cults who entertain Commorrite society with their nightly displays of ultraviolence are powerful military organisations in their own right; many Archons will insist upon recruiting bands of Wyches from the Cult they patronise, for such warrior-acrobats make deadly shock troops. Similarly, the vile Haemonculus Covens that lurk in the bowels of Commorragh have standing armies of their own.

These shambling hordes of flesh-twisted nightmares are often purchased to bulk out a raid with frightening and resilient warriors, or else accompany their leering creators as bodyguards and assistants both. Typical raiding parties will have their ranks swelled further by hirelings or opportunists from the many mercenary subcultures that exist within Commorragh.

Whooping gangs of Hellions and hurtling Reaver jetbikes perform high speed fly-by strikes. Incubi , Mandrakes , Grotesques and other freakish specialists lend a raiding party strength and versatility, and it is common for a powerful Archon to surround himself with as many such varied warriors as he can.

The process of recruiting such multifaceted raiding parties is known in the Dark City as K'lthrael Aht'Ynris Khlave , or "tailoring the toxin to the blade," and is intended to ensure a raiding party can swiftly and decisively overcome any opposition, no matter its nature or strengths. Sometimes a powerful Wych Cult will organise its own raid, marshalling whole fleets of Raiders and Venoms to bear its bands of gladiatrixes into battle. Such raids will often be executed with a specific acquisition in mind, be it deadly new beasts for the arenas or esoteric living ingredients to render down into the potent cocktails of combat drugs that the Wych Cults favour.

A raiding force of Wyches prefers close assault over all other forms of warfare, and will often be supported by Beastmasters , Reavers and other such warriors of the arenas. Some Wych Cults, most notably the Pain Eternal, are as active in raiding realspace as the most warlike of the Kabals, channelling their fearsome resources into proving their skills in battle against the varied foes of the galaxy at large. Similarly the Covens of the Haemonculi will sometimes launch raids of their own volition.

Though usually content to squat like bloated spiders amid their webs of shadow and pain, the Haemonculi need a steady flow of victims as much as any other part of Commorrite society. Many of the more discerning Haemonculi prefer to orchestrate raids of their own, picking out those they wish captured with a discerning eye, or savouring the act of indulging their own peculiar tastes with the relish of a connoisseur. A Coven at war is a terrifying sight: a rampaging tide of warped bone and bulging, veined muscle that glitters with a myriad of blades and needles.

Grotesques thunder into the enemy ranks alongside buzzing, clicking engines of pain, while the gruesome weapons of the Haemonculi torment, rupture and liquefy the foe in spectacular fashion. Dark Eldar raiding forces never attack the foe directly, but use their speed, mobility and the advantage of surprise to attack swiftly and then withdraw, with the intent of slowly bleeding the foe dry.

As a result of this tactical doctrine, Dark Eldar forces never gather in a single place that would leave them open to an enemy counter-attack. This also allows them to attack the foe where he is weakest. During large battles, the Dark Eldar favour a style of combat that might be considered a "wave attack. Each wave will target a specific type of enemy unit or will pursue a specific tactical objective, which weakens the foe's defences just in time to face the next Dark Eldar assault wave. After several such assault waves, the enemy forces' defences are stripped away until only the weakest units are left to be ripped apart in the final assault.

As a result, the Dark Eldar refer to this combat doctrine as "The Flaying. By attacking the most dangerous enemy units with the lightning-fast assault that only the Dark Eldar are capable of, the Dark Eldar are able to create the opportunity for their other units to move into position and attack the survivors. The faster vanguard waves buy the time needed for the slower units of a Dark Eldar raiding force to outflank the enemy and deliver the coup de grace.

An example of The Flaying proceeds as follows:. Fiercely intelligent and devious to a fault, Dark Eldar revel in pain, feeding upon the suffering of others. In them, the boundless and brilliant potential of their kind is given terrible purpose, and because their lives span Terran millennia, the Dark Eldar have all the time they need to perfect their stygian arts. These blackhearted pirates are the dark mirror of their Craftworld kin, for whom they know nothing but contempt.

Indeed, the Dark Eldar see themselves as the true inheritors of the ancient Eldar Empire, and look down upon everyone else as cowards or dim-witted prey. Meanwhile, to the Craftworlders the Commorrites are a reviled reminder of a shameful past they would rather escape. This state of mutual antipathy is near-constant, set aside only occasionally in the face of a sufficiently deadly mutual foe. The warriors of the Dark Eldar are tall and lithe without exception. Their alabaster skin is corpse-like in its pallor, for there is no true sunlight within their shadowy realm.

The Dark Eldar prize martial prowess above all other fields of achievement, excepting perhaps duplicity. Their athletic physiques are lined with whipcord muscle, honed and enhanced until they are superior even to those of their Craftworld cousins. They stride through the fires of battle with the surety and poise of demigods, but their magnificence is only skin deep. Viewed with the witch-sight, Dark Eldar are repugnant monsters. The flesh of their soul-selves is gnarled and cadaverous, while their eyes glow with an icy and maleficent hatred for all living things.

The Dark Eldar quickly learn to fight with every weapon at their disposal, and to kill without mercy or hesitation. To do any less would lead them to a swift death, for amongst the entire Dark Eldar race there is not a single shred of compassion or mercy. Such traits are worthless upon the night-black streets of Commorragh, and are best discarded in favour of a surfeit of cruelty, arrogance, and merciless ambition. Dark Eldar senses are keen to the point of paranoia, their shadowed eyes and tapered ears alert to the slightest disturbance. It is said they can see in complete darkness, that they can taste fear upon the air, and that they can hear the beat of a terrified heart through a solid bulkhead door.

All Dark Eldar exhibit a predatory instinct that is otherworldly in its intensity, and utterly necessary to their continued survival. In the Dark City, the incautious soon fall prey to their lethal peers. However, the innate psychic abilities of their forebears have atrophied.

To channel the energies of Chaos within Commorragh would be to invite disaster, for such psychic pyrotechnics could draw the gaze of She Who Thirsts, the nemesis of the Eldar race. As such, the use of psychic powers is one of the few things forbidden within the Dark City. This is not to say, of course, that it has never been attempted. Rather, the punishments for those caught dabbling with the powers of the Warp are so incredibly gruesome and drawn out that few indeed dare take the risk. Fewer still survive to make a second attempt. A Dark Eldar force fighting against Astra Militarum forces.

In matters of war the Dark Eldar are artisans supreme, their technology refined to such a point that it may as well be magical. Their endless imagination and skill has led them down a sinister path; their favourite tools of war include splinter weapons that can set every nerve aflame with pain, beams of darklight, whips that bleed acidic ichor, and eldritch soul traps.

The Dark Eldar are so focused on the agony of others that their lightweight bodysuits incorporate bladed plates not only for protection, but also to give them yet another weapon to use upon their prey. Collectively, the warriors of Commorragh know all the ways there are to kill the other denizens of the galaxy, and delight in perfecting as many as they can. Though they turned their backs upon the material dimension long ago, when the Dark Eldar emerge from their twilight realm they revel in their ability to outclass their enemies. They rarely sully their tongues with the grunting languages of the lesser races, using translator technology on the occasions that communication is unavoidable.

The warrior Kabals strike swiftly and without warning from portals opened within the labyrinth dimension of the webway, only to disappear like ghosts when enemy resistance becomes too severe. Their piratical raids attack from above, whole armies screaming into the midst of the foe aboard baroque grav-craft before leaping down to experience the slaughter first hand. Sprays of arterial blood and explosively dismembered corpses mark their passage, the laughter of these merciless warriors the last thing their victims will hear.

To the Dark Eldar, the sweet fruit of horror is as pleasing as the caress of a razored blade across soft flesh. They relish breaking the bodies of their captives, but prize even more highly the crushing of their spirit, for nothing is more gratifying to a Dark Eldar than securing utter dominion over one who has resisted them. They drink in every nuance of woe until their captives gibber and plead for death —- a mercy the Dark Eldar are famously slow to grant. Even this is not a release for some, for the foul Dark Eldar Haemonculi hold the power of life and death in their claws.

Many captives, when too broken to provide further sport, will be rent and reshaped into undying trophies or even grotesque items of jewellery or furniture —- more than one Haemonculi's lair has sported a moaning, twitching throne fashioned from the remains of his favourite victims. Other unfortunates are rendered down, their final fate to be imbibed as an elixir or narcotic by the monstrous beings who stole their lives. Though they turned their backs upon the mortal universe millennia ago, whenever the Dark Eldar emerge from their pocket dimension they revel in their superiority to their prey.

They rarely deign to sully their tongues with the primitive languages of the other races, instead using translator technology on the rare occasions that some form of communication is actually necessary. The warrior Kabals strike swiftly and without warning from portals opened within the Labyrinth Dimension of the Webway , or disappear like wraiths when the enemy resistance becomes too difficult to overcome. The strike forces of the Dark Eldar, despite their own treacherous natures, are well-honed machines in combat.

Raids are planned meticulously by the Archons and Succubi that lead them and hidden routes through the Webway are opened in readiness for the attack. Only the most capable Dark Eldar warriors are recruited for each incursion into realspace, for to fail in such an invasion is to bring one's own entire Kabal that much closer to annihilation in the byzantine politics of Commorragh.

Working together ensures that not only is the greatest amount of suffering inflicted upon the forces of realspace but also that the greatest number of victims can be taken back to the Dark City. Personal vendettas are engaged once more only after all of the captives have been divided, for over all other things, the Dark Eldar must have fresh souls to keep themselves from the clutches of She Who Thirsts. The Kabals regularly launch fresh piratical raids into realspace and there is much to be gained for an individual Dark Eldar for being part of such an effort--the thrill of hunting the lesser mortals of the universe, the chance to personally capture new slaves which adds to their personal wealth and the joy of unbridled destruction for its own sake.

Upon the Kabal's triumphant return to Commorragh, thousands of the captives will be traded as currency, put to work in the infernal depths of the weapon shops, rendered down in flesh-troughs or tormented until their deaths, that happy release drawn out for as long as possible so that the Dark Eldar can draw even more psychic sustenance from their suffering. To the Dark Eldar, the sweet nectar of horror and suffering is as pleasing as the act of murder itself.

They relish breaking the bodies of their slaves, but prize even more the process of crushing the mind and the spirit, for nothing is more gratifying to a Dark Eldar than securing true and willing dominion over an individual who formerly resisted them. They drink in every nuance and every inflection of pain until their captives gibber and plead remorselessly for death -- a mercy that the Dark Eldar rarely grant easily or quickly. A Dark Eldar Kabal unleashes a slave-taking raid upon an unwitting Imperial planet. Over time, the Dark Eldar begin to suffer more and more from the Thirst. They develop an all-consuming and ever-increasing need to drink the souls of other beings.

It is postulated that the cause of this is the Chaos God Slaanesh , the Great Enemy of the Eldar, who leeches the soul-essence of the Dark Eldar while they still live because of their pursuit of the hedonistic and sadistic activities that strengthen the power of the Dark Prince. Dark Eldar "drink" the souls of other sentient beings to stave off this leeching -- perhaps by sating the thirst of Slaanesh, or perhaps by replenishing the essence of their own souls with that of the consumed one. Slaanesh will also consume the souls of Dark Eldar whole should they die.

Dark Eldar are long-lived but not immortal; drinking souls has a rejuvenating effect that reverses aging, thus Dark Eldar need not fear falling into the clutches of Slaanesh due to death from old age, if they have a constant supply of souls. The usual source of these souls are those of the many captives taken as slaves during Dark Eldar raids. As far as the Dark Eldar are concerned, the Eldar Gods died in the Fall and they despise them for it.

That the Gods had become so weak that they could be consumed by the ascendancy of Slaanesh indicates that they never deserved to exist in the first place. The exceptions are Khaela Mensha Khaine , the Eldar God of War who is still held in high regard in Commorragh and the lesser powers known as the Dark Muses who are the embodiments of selfish vice and whose clandestine worship by the Pleasure Cults contributed to the demise of the Eldar Gods.

The Dark Muses are truly powerful Dark Eldar from ages past who have essentially become folkloric figures of reverence, much like the Imperial Cult 's Saints. Many epitomise a particular form of vice, whose worship and practice weakened the Eldar Gods and so helped to bring about the Fall. The courtesan elite of the Cult of Lhamaea pay homage to Lhilitu, the Consort of the Void, whereas powerful Archons are more likely to follow the tenets of Vileth, a being synonymous with the immense arrogance so often displayed by the Dark Eldar. It is believed by many Dark Eldar that their current Supreme Overlord, Asdrubael Vect of the Kabal of the Dark Heart , may one day join the ranks of the Dark Muses, though given his ability to cheat death again and again, this may be an honour long in the coming.

An Archon is the leader of a Kabal , the organisation that serves as the heart of the standard Dark Eldar raiding force as well as the Dark Eldar's primary political unit within the Dark City. Each wields enough political influence to collapse portions of realspace into the Warp , stall the progress of an Imperial Crusade or take the population of entire worlds as slaves.

The overlord of a Kabal is always a potent foe on the battlefield, but he has attained his position not merely through martial prowess in the arts of war and violence but through consistently emerging as the victor in the most difficult game of all -- the byzantine intrigues that govern all things in the heart of the Dark City.

Though every Archon is a conceited, solipsistic megalomaniac convinced of his mental and physical superiority over all other beings, he will retain his position as an overlord of Commorragh for only as long as he can stave off the endless coup and assassination attempts of his rivals, enemies and his own Dracon lieutenants. One false move in the upper echelons of the Dark City is almost inevitably fatal, and so all Archons have an uncanny ability to predict the motives and schemes of others and take great delight in turning their rivals' traps against them in bloody and often spectacular ways.

The endless ambitions of their underlings keep an Archon's paranoia as sharp as their own blades, and so it is in the service of treachery that all Archons truly excel, with their strategies stretching across millennia as centuries-old plots come to fruition. It is said by some that the Archons of the Dark Eldar could teach even Tzeentch , the Lord of Change, a thing or two about plotting for the long term. Some of the Archons known as the Lords of Twilight, who govern from the highest spires of Commorragh, even claim to have seized their thrones in the times before the Fall of the Eldar.

These eldest of the Archons view the rest of their species with contempt; as little better than squabbling children. The Lords of Twilight do not suffer fools willingly. A single misstep in protocol may rouse an Archon to murderous wrath. In matters of maintaining their Kabal's hierarchy, Archons have been known to even prefer solutions that leave everyone less well-off if only to spite them. Yet revelling in the depths of suffering and madness for an eternity eventually extracts a price.

Over the long Terran years that they have held the reigns of power or clawed their way up to hold their lofty positions, the Archons of the Dark Eldar have enjoyed the pain of others for so long that only a true atrocity invigorates them. Archons regularly lead full-scale planetary raids for their Kabals, as drinking in the agony of entire planets is the only way they can regenerate themselves.

Thousands of slaves must be sacrificed for the eldest Archons every night and this still may not be enough to make the oldest and most corrupt look youthful once more. As a result, elder Archons usually cover their black-veined faces with masks. Some Archons' masks are stylised and beautiful; others are bloody, alien and terrible, fashioned from the flayed flesh of their rivals' faces. When the time comes to offer battle, an Archon will first stop at his weapons museums, savouring the process of selecting which of the baleful technologies of the Dark City -- Soul-traps, Agonisers, and Shadowfields -- he will use to visit terror and pain upon the unwitting.

The Archon's most favoured retainers and pets, each of whom specialises in its own preferred form of visiting death and pain upon others, accompany him into combat. Few mortals have ever seen a Dark Eldar Archon in combat -- and kept the tongue in their mouths to tell the tale. A Kabalite overlord surrounds himself with retainers and personal bodyguards at his court. Depending on an Archon's personality, this court can be comprised of a highly eclectic group, but is usually drawn from among the following types of beings:. Extraordinarily beautiful and possessed of an elegant but deadly grace, they are born to the fury of battle and stride through its chaos surrounded by coteries of their lethal Wyches who seek out worthy alien opponents for their mistresses to kill.

Every Succubus is famed across Commorragh for the precision and artistry of her kills. Their every motion is an entrancing sight, their serpentine grace almost hypnotising the viewer as they flow like a lethal work of art towards their victims. The Succubi are the true celebrities in the gladiatorial arenas of the Dark City, and when they are in the heat of combat they enjoy a jealous envy from their peers that is as close as the Dark Eldar can ever get to veneration or admiration of another being.

The Succubi are collectively called the ynnitach in the Eldar Lexicon , the "brides of death. However, only one of the three actually rules the cult, whilst the other two simply try to outdo each other in the gladiatorial arenas in the hopes of increasing their power and popularity with the general populace of the Dark City. Competition among the Succubi is fierce, though any disputes between them are far more likely to be concluded through an artful decapitation or the twist of a poisoned blade than by the skillful political scheming preferred by the Archons.

Succubi are vain to the point of obsession and with good reason, for the arena crowds desire not only the bloody spectacle of vicious combat but also slaughter that is aesthetically pleasing. Wyches with one too many scars have often found themselves facing unbeatable odds in an arena match simply for the crime of no longer being physically perfect enough for the jaded Dark Eldar crowd's taste. Only those Dark Eldar Wyches who possess both deadly combat skill and the allure of physical perfection ever join the ranks of the ynnitach.

A Succubus will do almost anything to preserve her stunning beauty, including feeding a multitude of lesser warriors to a gruesome death so that she may feed upon their fear and anguish to regenerate herself and present a more youthful, lithe appearance to the arena crowd upon her entrance into the fight. Yet, though each Succubus is a beauty to the eye, their hearts are cold, cruel and dispassionate and a psyker who observed a Succubus with his Witch-Sight would likely see only a grey and shrivelled hag rather than a lush temptress of the arena.

The greatest of the Succubi seek through the art of death to transcend the brute violence of the arenas and become living avatars of the act of death, hoping to follow in the wake of the Dark Muses and become revered as the embodiment of a particular type of murder. Currently, the greatest of the ynnitach include the murderously amorous Helica Venomkiss, the famously bad-tempered Yctria the Flayer Queen and Lelith Hesperax, who is admired for once decapitating a dozen rival Wyches with a single pirouette of her graceful body.

No Succubus' position can be secure without regular demonstrations of her extraordinay skill in battle. As such, the Succubi often take the lead during the Dark Eldar's raids into realspace , not only to take their share of the plunder and slaves, but also to seek out champions of the lesser races and defeat them to showcase their own skills. Though the Dark Eldar generally look upon Mankind with utter contempt for what they perceive as its weakness as a species, a Succubus would gladly duel a Chapter Master of the Adeptus Astartes , as such a kill would carry respect even in the Dark City.

Similarly, it is not unusual for a Succubus to have claimed similarly gruesome trophies from an Ork Warboss , a synapse creature of the Tyranids , or, the most coveted of all, an Autarch of the Craftworld Eldar. Each such kill is an opportunity for a Succubus to prove her superiority and maintain her position, so the more witnesses to these duels, the better. Succubi wear the same high-necked Wych Suits as their subordinates, and they are often armed with a close combat bladed weapon in one hand and a finely-crafted Splinter Pistol in the other.

Some Succubi also make use of Plasma Grenades for crowd control during realspace raids. A Dark Eldar Haemonculus. Horrific and insane flesh-sculptors who have lived within the depths of Commorragh for many Terran centuries, if not millennia, the Haemonculi , the Lords of Pain, are master torturers, the Dark Eldar's greatest connoisseurs of pain and terror.

To pass the long centuries they compose loving symphonies of agony from those unfortunate enough to be held captive in ther dungeons. Even other Dark Eldar secretly fear the Haemonculi, for they can reshape not just the body but also the soul. The Haemonuli are organised into units called covens that are integral to Commorrite society since they are the true masters of the Dark Eldar's necessary regenerative processes as well as of torture, but they remain the embodiments of terror and paranoia even for others of their species.

All know that to anger one of the Lords of Pain is to end up as the subject of one of their horrific tapestries of agony. Haemonculi specialise in body modification and flesh-sculpting and they love to work with a new "canvas" of flesh. If their client wants barbed quills added to his shoulders, the scaled face of an alien reptile, or the eyes of a Viridian Wraithspider, no request is too difficult or bizarre for a Haemonculus to fulfill. How a Dark Eldar becomes a Haemonculus is unknown. They are all of an ancient age, even for Eldar, and their withered and horrific appearances speaks of a Dark Eldar so old they have passed beyond the ability to regenerate a youthful appearance no matter how much of others' torment and agony they immerse themselves in.

It is possible that the oldest of the Haemonculi, known as the Haemonculi Ancients, contain among their numbers those individuals who inaugurated the very first Eldar cults of pleasure and pain before the Fall , but this also remains unknown, as all Haemonculi physically alter themselves to the point that they barely even resemble other members of the species they mockingly still call their own. While the physical modifications will differ from Haemonculus to Haemonculus, representing their personal tastes and particular brand of insanity, they are always attenuated and twisted in form.

Their wan, pale-skinned frames do not have a spare ounce of flesh upon them, and their waists are devoid of internal organs to better present what they view as a fashionably disturbing facade. Some Haemonucli place their intestines, lungs and heart within a powerfully-muscled piece of additional tissue that sprouts from their shoulders and serves as a repository for stimulants and other alchemical mixtures as well as boasting secondary limbs of mechanical or biological origin.

Others replace their blood so that searing ichor or even a potent molecular acid now runs through their modified veins. Their spines have been elongated so that from the lower back, their vertebrae meld into prehensile bone-tails that can lash out at their victims. From their backs emerge horn-like protrusions of bone that frame the Haemonculus' head like an organic rack. These racks are hung with special syringes that channel their noxious concoctions directly into their spinal sump. As they are for all purposes functionally immortal, the Haemonculi do not pursue the hurried, frenetic pace of the younger Dark Eldar.

They move with an unlovely grace, often held aloft by powerful anti-gravity suspensor crystals. Others can slither along the ground like nightmarish serpents using their bone-tails. Patient fiends, they know that the manufacture of a truly perfect death takes time. As the millennia pass, many Haemonculi become ever more deranged and obsessive. One Haemonculus might only dine upon the left hands of his victims, while another may only drink from a fluted glass filled with the tears of children.

Having long since transcended notions of wealth held by even other Dark Eldar, Haemonculi particularly prize the acquisition of unusual alchemical ingredients, such as the heart of a Judge of the Adeptus Arbites or the distilled physical essence of a once-proud Imperial Planetary Governor. The former may elicit the stout flavour of pure resolve; the latter the foolish thrill of vain-glory. In battle, the Haemonculi see combat as yet another canvas upon which to exercise the skills of the true artist of pain.

They use extreme wargear that often takes the form of an unusual biological or chemical weapon, such as a compound that allows them to cause uncontrollable tissue growth with a single touch or to remove all water from their foes' bodies in an instant, causing their dried, dessicated corpses to drop to the ground before they are even aware of what is happening to them. A Haemonculus usually drifts across the field of battle using his suspensor crystals with a magnificent if macabre elegance, providing the gift of a gloriously agonising death to one combatant after another.

In the rare instance that a Haemonculus himself should die, he will go quite willingly into the void with a hideous smile etched upon his gaunt features. Every Haemonculus knows that he will soon return to seek a fascinating and vicious revenge. After all, for these foul beings, death is just the beginning The Incubi sing.

Incubus are an order of Dark Eldar very similar to the Aspect Warriors of their Craftworld counterparts, as the Incubi train for combat and combat alone. Warriors of the highest calibre, the Incubi dedicate themselves to perfecting the killing stroke. Despite their unusual ascetism for a Dark Eldar, no shred of true virtue exists within their black souls, for though they seek perfection, their only true desire is to take other lives as often as they can. Eveything about an Incubus bleeds menace. His armour is spiked and segmented and his horned helmet is framed by a pair of razor-sharp blades.

He walks with the grace of a stalking sabrecat and when he does so there is no sound, for his formidable warsuit is so perfectly designed that it subtracts from his native agility only slightly. The Incubi lead lives of rigorous discipline; so much so that some Dark Eldar whisper in astonishment that they can actually be trusted to keep their words and their promises. Incubi are highly valued in Dark Eldar society as bodyguards and shock troops. Dakota Hills operates an on-farm winery near Rugby sence We raise our Grapes and many other fruits for our many wines.

Open to the public daily. May -Dec. We also print business cards and business forms. From pens to glassware; jackets and caps; banners to business cards! There are thousands of unique promotional products to choose from and price ranges to fit any budget. We will help you with your project, your campaign, your tradeshow, your meeting, your event; whatever it might be. Dakota Roaster Coffee Company roasts and sells fresh coffee.

We offer free local delivery and also sell in a few retail stores. Fresh roasted coffee made to order and delivere locally for free. Dakota Rustic Birdhouses makes and sells one-of-a-kind, old west style rustic birdhouses that are functional and decorative. Each is made from old weathered wood, fence boards, barn wood or cedar and decorated with relics from the past such as old door knobs, keys, hinges, license plates, horseshoes and more. They will add harmony and elegance to any outdoor location or add grace indoors as well.

Dakota Steel Art designs laser cut art, including wind spinners and name frames. They do custom framing for all types of artwork and pictures. Their newest technology enables them to custom print wind spinners, signs, banners and various other advertising materials.

Dakota Sunrise Brokers, LLC is a broker organization that represents food and gift manufacturing companies. We specialize in Pride of Dakota products. We offer our customers One Stop Shopping. We also have a retail website where we offer gift baskets and a large selection of Pride of Dakota products. Daygoose Turnings and Furniture creates handcrafted and custom-designed wood furniture and one-of-a-kind turned bowls, jewelry boxes, vases and more. Welcome to deesdesigns! Using a variety of poured acrylic and resin techniques I create one-of-a-kind clocks made from old vinyl records.

If that isn't enough, deesdesigns also offers handcrafted greeting cards! Designs by Krista Marie creates lovely, unique and artistic, handcrafted jewelry using the finest materials: crystal, glass, porcelain, wood, shell and semi-precious stones. Custom orders for weddings and other special occasions are welcome. Designs by Krista Marie can also repair and re-purpose your jewelry.

We started by hand making our own beard balm with beeswax to produce extra hold to control even the most stubborn beards. We quickly expanded into beard oils and beard wash. All of our beard care products use all natural ingredients such as beeswax and essential oils. We also make a hand and foot balm for those dry chapped and weatherd hands and feet using beeswax, honey, sunflower oil along with other natural ingredients and essential oils. I make and sell a variety of handmade baby items, including booties, bibs and some toddler and infant accessories.

I sell these items on my Etsy site as well as at craft shows. Discovery Express Kids offers books, games, and activities for hands-on science and math education. Our STEM-based activities and fun, educational games work as well at home as they do in the classroom. Contact us to schedule an after school or summer program, or visit our website for product information. Donna makes handcrafted, original fashion jewelry, stretch necklaces, scarves and shirt-vest. Everything is copyrighted, so you get products you can't find in your average store. Drea Jewelry Designs creates uniquely designed Swarovski crystal jewelry, including earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

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Using heirloom plant varieties, processing food with local ingredients, and raising our animals with respect are some of the simple ways we keep in touch with our family roots. Located near Christine, ND, we offer many locally-raised food options such as produce, honey, jam, pickled products, eggs, chicken, lamb, and pork. We specialize in screen printed apparel, laser engraving and personalized gifts. We have many items available for individuals, businesses and schools. From family reunion and high school team shirts to engraved cups and handmade cutting boards we are a great choice for your personal or company gift needs.

Farmer Tillie produces fresh, wholesome, homemade dog treats with all natural ingredients and no preservatives. Doggie tested and approved. Additional products include homemade cat toys, made with wool from her sheep, and embroidered dog scarves. We also feature a variety of fashions for 18 inch dolls, including dresses, coats, pant suits, skirts and shirts. These items will fit all standard 18 inch dolls. Handmade and home grown in the heart of North Dakota, our skin loving bath and body products and our very tasty poultry and pork will be sure to make a lasting impression on you and your family.

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Handmade Wool items out of my own wool from my farm flock of registered Corriedale, Border Leicester and Lincoln sheep. Also, raise breeding stock available for sale as well as raw fleeces. Funky Picasso is a privately owned business that features unique embellished acrylic paintings. Gemstone Creations features jewelry handcrafted from semi-precious gems and minerals from around the world. Each gem is selected for its quality and beauty, then cut, polished, and finished to create jewelry for men and women. Antler art and bone is also featured in these quality designs.

Custom orders are welcome. Jewelry repair is also available. Hops have been used as an effective alternative remedy for insomnia, aniexty, and restlessness. They are known for improving the quality of sleep,promoting relaxation,calming of the nervous system. Hops may also reduce irratability,stress, and tension headaches.

In she released her newest book "Hens and Chicks, The Vitko Collection" about the world class collection of cacti and succulents on display at the Peace Garden. For more than 15 years, Kari and her husband, Ed, have been making a variety of products from rocks, such as North Dakota petrified wood, Brazil agates and Arizona petrified wood. It is her love of photography and rocks that is the driving force behind the newest division of Memories Forever Photography.

Givinity Press produces notecards, Christmas cards and giclees featuring the fine art of award winning artist Ellen Jean Diederich. Glimpse of the Prairie is located on the prairies of central North Dakota. We offer popcorn bars for weddings, parties and all occasions. We also specialize in bath bombs and body scrubs. Grape Vine Design features functional items such as campfire tools, including dinner bells, hotdog roasters and wine holders. Decorative items available are candle holders, wall hangings and memorial crosses.

They also create yard art including flowers, bugs, a life-size sea turtle and sailfish. All made of welded steel. Gregory Erickson Art creates original artwork and prints specializing in scratchboard artwork. Custom artwork includes scratchboard pet portraits and unique pencil portraits. Guitar Pick Designs is a family-owned business that creates handmade earrings and necklaces using guitar picks, beads and charms.

You can choose your own style and color from our wide variety of beads. Currently teaching the next generation. Also, make the clothes for the Elf at Christmas time. Happy Magnets creates homemade clay magnets and earrings. Over designs of food, sports, holidays, animals and many more. All made with a smile! I create unique wood products using domestic and exotic woods from around the world through a process known as segmented wood turning.

This involves cutting larger boards of wood into smaller pieces called segments. These segments are then glued into rings or larger blocks of wood to create the shape, color and pattern that one is looking for. Lastly, this rough piece is mounted on to a wood lathe and turned into its final shape. The fur used comes in a variety of colors from cream, white, tan, blue, silver, and pink and flannel fabric has endless possibilities. I make everything out of my house in Bismarck, ND. Hauckcrew, LLC offers custom, hand-painted glass items.

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This is my favorite aspect of my business. Capturing the personality of a pet is both challenging and rewarding! HeadCases offers custom-made pillowcases in many fun and creative designs giving character to any bedroom, dorm room, crib, or animal house. Great travel size pillowcases to make you stand out when you travel as well!. Pillowcases are made with no exposed edges and have French seams.

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Infinity Designs, LLC is a floral design company that creates beautiful, unique and custom "floral art" by designing with fresh flowers, succulents, silks and dried flowers. They design arrangements for gifts, events, weddings, corporate and holidays. Their designs are arranged in their studio in Fargo. Some of their designs are from pine cones and dried branches, wood and metals the kids have found in the local park or on trips to the family farm north of Jamestown.

Inspired Designs creates original fiber quilted art framed or unframed , copper vases colored with an acetylene torch, barn wood wine racks, upcycled vintage, chalk painted crafts, and a variety of ornaments. Ivy's Rose makes flowers from vintage and up-cycled materials into headbands, clips, flower crowns and more for newborns through adults.

Each creation is unique and Mom handcrafted in Bismarck, ND. I make baby blankets, burp cloths, doll blankets and diapers and other sewn craft items. Sharing the beauty of North Dakota and beyond through photography. Featuring wildlife and landscape photos in printed photos, metal prints and canvases, as well as calendars. JML Soaps is dedicated to making homemade soap with homegrown ingredients. We dabble in other home decor products made from the rustic antiques found around our century farm. Js Custom Designs creates quality handcrafted jewelry at affordable prices.

Specializing in custom designs, most pieces are made with Swarovski Crystals, gemstones, sterling silver and gold filled beads. Js Custom Designs will also redesign your dated pieces for a more modern look. Family Tree and Circle of Life family necklaces personalized with your birth stones. I make various craft items using whatever I have available. Popular right now are antique wood shingles made into scarecrows and snowmen, hand-embroidered quilts, crocheted dishcloths, centerpieces, table settings, hand embroidered dish towels and much more.

I repurpose and hand paint furniture, along with painting signs for the home and other home decor items. I do not have a store front, but participate in vendor shows and online sales. Just For Fun Sewing creates handmade items for babies through adults. Some items include car seat covers, drool bibs, teething rings, blankets, burp cloths, critter blankets, crinkles, nursing covers and catnip toys.

Kalenze Kraft produces one of a kind fine art, from cowboy to contemporary. Kalenze sells beautiful canvas prints and notecard sets of her original oil paintings. She and her husband also feature custom hand-crafted frames which strike a balance between design and utility. Their frames instill the spirit of the outdoors into museum-quality frames, developed by combining genuine elk and deer hide with distressed wood. Kat and Company designs and creates children's boutique clothing and accessories. I sell beautiful handmade dresses, leggings, tops and pants, headbands, some jewelry and assorted fabric teething toys.

KD Limited sandcarves designs into most types of glass, mirror, crystal, tableware, etc. They can use your logo or custom design items for awards, weddings, memorials, gifts, fundraisers, reunions, etc. Kidderbug Kreations uses sewing and machine embroidery to customize just about any item. I am a Digital Artist specializing in photo composites and illustration. My works can be made available printed on canvas and mounted to handmade wood cradles, or any other substrate. I'm also available for freelance illustrating, graphic design, retouching and many other digital projects.

Past projects include illustrating a children's book Poop on the Shoe , created two greeting card lines total of 96 exclusive images for St. KLG Designs creates unique, one-of-a-kind metal jewelry. Sheets of metal are cut, textured and hand stamped to create personal and meaningful pieces. Metals used are sterling, fine silver, copper, brass and bronze. Knot for Sale is a new venture for B. Specialties, Inc. It is an artistic woodworking business including wood turning pieces as well as unique furniture.

I like to use wood from trees that are either being torn down or that have already been separated from living trees. I take what others may think is useless firewood and give it new life by creating something artistic, memorable and beautiful. Knotty Reins is a business that designs and creates paracord items. Paracord is a very strong material that is as versatile as it is colorful. All items are braided by hand and include: horse reins, halters, dog collars, leashes, and bracelets.

New types of items are always being added. Krafty Kansans offers wooden cutting boards and wooden pizza boards made from various types of woods, wooden napkin holders with a cloth side, placemats, and wooden toy trucks that are meant to be played with. They actually are hickory smoked, not liquid smoked. Right now we only have the single flavor but will soon be expanding.

Kyle's Kreations specializes in different forms of artwork using license plates. Perfect for any occasion, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. You can find products from Kyle's Kreations in 6 different retail stres throughout the region. Contact Kyle at for wholesale retail opportunities. If you have an idea we can show you what your piece will look like before you make it.

We specialize in all colors of gold, platinum and sterling silver. We also work with all natural or created gemstones. We are a full service store that does custom pieces, repairs, appraisals and most popular the jewelry remakes. Remaking your jewelry can be a grerat process where you can still use all your gemstones and metal to ake something new and more modern. Memory bags and coat pins can be fashioned from ties worn by a beloved family member or to commemorate a noteworthy event. Lady Brambleton also repairs vintage beadwork and many forms of needlework and lacework to ensure that treasured family heirlooms will continue to be used and enjoyed.

Custom orders are welcomed. We design and build arts and crafts, mostly from recycled materials and primarily for home decor. Lighthouse Soy Candles provides a variety of soy candle products and bath and body products. They offer hand-poured soy candles in containers, pillars, votives and soy wax melts.

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Their candles can be ordered in scents and in about 10 different containers. Their bath and body products are great for all kinds of skin types. Lighthouse Soy Candles also offers home and catalog shows, fundraisers and wholesale opportunities. Every item was designed for her children and tested thoroughly.

The top sellers are the original Artic Car Seat Cover, pullover terry cloth bibs, jackets and bath blankets. Fine metal garden art and home decor. Collegiate licensed. Commercial home and farm signage. All products are hand-made and unique. Personal attention to each of ypur projets. Loupine Design is a little North Dakota studio specializing in happy art. Love Letters for Gracie makes and sells personalized nursery letters, home decor, and custom gifts for all occasions.

Love, Melissa started with a need for handmade hats for my premature son and has grown to include handmade hair accessories ranging from sporty to wedding style. I make home state signs, including North Dakota and Minnesota. Recently I added a classic fargo theater sign. We have done event work for the Red River regional and JDA organizations, weddings and receptions are also provided by our store. We hold floral classes once a month to share the practices and knowledge of floral design.

We also sell homemade fudge in a varierty of flavors sold by the pound. Fudge has proven to be a major staple of Main Street Floral. Favortie flavors are: chocolate, chocolate walnut, maple nut, peanut butter, red velvet and salted nut roll. Holiday fudge platters have become very popular as well. Summer provides us with smore's, watermelon and Sherbet fudges. Shipping of fudge is available within reason during the hot summer months. Main Street Floral also has a wide variety of gfts for the whole family, as well as seasonal items to decorate your home. We have recently added a soft serve ice cream machine for those hot summer days.

Making trash into treasures using discarded home wares. Product is one of a kind. McKnight Woodworks of Center builds custom cabinetry of the highest quality. We also build custom wood furniture and countertops, along with traditional, completely custom wood archery products and wooden treasure boxes. In , we started roasting coffee in Bismarck, ND.

Today, we are a small but mighty team of coffee professionals passionately working on quality from farm to roast to cup. Mike Hanson specializes in wildlife and scenic landscapes of the northern great plains. He finds the rolling hills, badlands and the wildlife that inhabits the plains as his favorite subjects. Our goal is to provide heirloom quality metalwork that enhances every day life. Missouri River Jewelry offers one-of-a-kind, affordable, handcrafted jewelry using high quality materials.

They specialize in wire wrapped rings, pendants, custom hand-stamped items, and cancer awareness products. Also available are numerous religious items, such as custom wedding jewelry, handcrafted rosaries, baptism and first communion pieces. In addition, they offer a wide assortment of affordable earrings, bracelets, necklaces and various hair accessories. Materials range from leather, glass beads, metals, repurposed antique elements and wine corks. No matter what you desire for yourself or a loved one, they can create it for you.

Mittens by GeeGee offers custom designed, natural fiber mittens and wrist warmers. They are made from recycled materials and are fully lined and embellished with buttons. Special orders include sizing options, personal sweaters and multiple pairs. Workmanship guaranteed. Joyce also makes childrens aprons owl, ladybug, frog, fox, bumble bee, pig, cow, zebra and a hippo tote bags, makeup bag, baby blankets, 18 in doll clothes, and a variety of other sewing projects including light alterations. Family company, making recycled sweater mittens- adult and children sizes, bottle cap items- including magnets, key chains, lanyards, pins and necklaces, Hanging kitchen towels and fleece blankets with braided borders.

Morning Star Ranch provides Vitality emu oil products, emu feathers, emu eggshells, emu tours and emu presentations for schools, organizations and speaking engagements.

American Craft Council

Products are available retail and wholesale. I am an artist based in my home. I do pastel and acrylic paintings, driftwood paintings and santas and figures made of clay and material and also do jewelry. I have now added homemade natural soaps to my list of numerous items! Our goal is to provide fun and fashionable doll clothes that are age appropriate. In addition, we create mittens, handbags, pillows and Christmas stockings, etc.

A feature of my business is the creation of heritage bags, made from a garment from the closet of a departed loved one. In addition, our research team continues to uncover the origins of existing National Days as well as discover new, exciting days for everyone to celebrate. I sell clothing, mugs and hats that with logos I have personally created. I also work with local schools and charities in the area to give back. Nightowl Studio offers original drawings, paintings, limited editions and open edition reproductions.

In addition, they make jewelry from recycled antique jewelry. The heart of our company is fund raising. Please contact us for further details of our unique offerings, and to share with us your worth while cause. NoDak Roasters provides custom solutions and blends for our commercial and wholesale cliental as well as the individual. Please let us know how we can get a cup into your hands.

Shelly produces highly textured function stoneware mugs, teapots, dinnerware, bottles vases and much more. Shelly also instructs classes on slab building and throwing on the wheel. Their designs are original and are made from percent North Dakota wool. Once About a Time offers machine embroidered dishtowels, aprons, purses, paper crafts and miscellaneous items.

Outlaw Creations is located in Stanley, ND and personally owned specializing in Fizzy Bubbler bath bombs, dream catchers, wood work, canvas and bottle art, and other decor. We bring you a full line of BBQ and grilling tools, as well as sausage seasoning mixes. Pastime Prints specializes in North Dakota landscape photography, notecards and framed prints.

Gift items including coaster sets, ceramic trivets, pen and pencil holders and magnets. Corporate gifts and personalization of products available. I have a small wood shop where I make bowls, cutting boards, boxes, and a variety of pens, letter openers, seam rippers and other kits that are purchased and turn a wood body for the item. I also make some cabinets and furniture pieces. I Crochet hats for children and adults.

I also love to make jelly and pies out of chokecherries and Juneberries picked locally. I make homemade caramel corn and caramel rolls. In addition, she offers homemade quilts in various sizes, specializing in baby quilts and table runners. Other products include kitchen accessories, potholders, dishcloths, scrubbies and more.

Plains Perspective creates original artwork and prints in a variety of media including unique feather paintings and custom artwork. Prints are made at his home studio, as well as at his studio by Lake Audubon. Visit Our Store Now! Prairie Creek, a retail store in the Bismarck Gateway Mall, is your one-stop Pride of Dakota store, which carries over Pride of Dakota members' products. Pride of Dakota gift baskets are available in all price ranges, and many different sizes, for family, friends and businesses. Whether your order is big or small, they can pack it to suit your needs. Mailing service is also available.

Prairie Floral and Gifts is a full service floral shop but has much more to offer. They have a variety of gifts along with handmade barbed-wire creations and pheasant feather art. These items are one-of-a-kind that can be personalized just for you. They also offer baked goods. Specializing in printing your photos, designs, and logos on a variety of products to create custom artworks, gifts, promotional, household, and personal items.

Welcome to PurkeyTile Designs! I specialize in glitter tumblers as well as wooden wall art! I love coming up with new ideas and to make regular drinking tumblers stand out in a crowd. I also love to help make your house a home with wooden wall art and signs. Purses by Diane offers unique, handmade, cotton fabric purses, mini-wallets and more. Items vary in style and colors. Additional products include table napkins, dish towels, and shopping bags.

All products are machine washable. Custom orders accepted. North Dakota made — with love.

Library Books - Quilt Guild of Greater Houston

Quilts and Crafts takes pride in making quality products. Susan specialize in homemade, solar light yard ornaments. These ornaments are made of treated wood and waterproof stain in a wide selection of styles. A small craft distillery that produces a variety of distilled spirits made from local crops! If you are looking for custom made artwork for your property, you have found the right place. I am a professional who specializes in all kinds of metal artwork and creations for both the interior and exterior of your property.

I can incorporate your designs and ideas in order to create something that you are pleased with. Red's Attic was born from a love of creating and a passion for handmade gifts from the heart. From the humble beginnings with handmade baby items and toys, we have expanded to include accessories and clothing lines for you, baby, and more. The collections at Reds' Attic expand, but quality remains the same.

We sell aprons, quilted table runners and squares, and two books: The Gift and Light out of Darkness. Rock Art documentation specialist produces detailed petroglyph and pictograph site records. Rock Art also markets clothing with rock art inspired designs. Special commissions are welcome. Rogue Candies is a Fargo, ND based business that primarily focuses on homemade caramels. All of our production is done by hand whether it is the stirring, cutting, wrapping, or packaging! We currently offer a variety of flavors incorporating local highquality ingredients; these include but are not limited to our Signature Vanilla, Sea Salt, Swamp Monster, Coffee, and Honey Sunflower.

There are also seasonal favorites such as Pumpkin Spice in the fall along with Gingerbread and Hot Cocoa in the winter. Throughout the year we will offer other goodies that can be found at farmers markets throughout North Dakota such as Caramel Apples and much more! Roxanne Westman, a North Dakota outdoor photographer, invites you to visit her website or Facebook page: Roxiesplacephotographystudio and see North Dakota and Minnesota through her eyes.

Roxanne specializes in framed and unframed fine art prints, canvas prints, and metal prints.

  1. Alice Hartley‘s Happiness.
  2. Redeye (The Wonderland Cycle Book 2).
  3. In Remembrance of Me.
  4. Dark Eldar!
  5. Compreender Locke (Série compreender) (Portuguese Edition)!
  6. Wellington City Libraries.
  7. Artisans and Gifts.
  8. Ru Lissa makes glass snowman out of glass blocks. The hats and scarfs are handmade, and the eyes and nose are painted on. Lights are added to give them a glow when it's dark outside. Each item is lovingly made in rural North Dakota.

    Book List | Victoria Quilters’ Guild

    Tranditonal art includes paintings, graphite drawings and scratchbord. Tumblers, clothing items, stuffed animals and ornaments are usually made by request, though there are some ready to purchase items available at any time. We offer natural beauty products handmade in Harwood, North Dakota. Soap, body balms, scrubs, and bath bombs inspired by nature and intended for relaxation. All products are made of natural ingredients with essential oils and created with consideration for dry and sensitive skin. We also offer soy candles and re-purposed vintage housewares to create unique works of art.

    We are a husband and wife team in Bismarck, ND. We love to create all sorts of wood items, including our signature engraved wood travel map! From blanket ladders to signs to personalized items, we love to be creative and make our customers' ideas come to life! Scenes include roads, bridges, churches, landscapes, wildlife, flowers, backyard and prairie birds, and important sites in North Dakota.

    I have been farming and ranching all of my life. I've always tried to come up with ideas to make life easier. Scott Seiler is a fine art landscape photographer and life-long resident of North Dakota who grew up on a ranch near Raleigh. This is where farming and experiencing the outdoors created many wonderful memories. His perspective is shaped by his love of rural architecture and cropland.

    Seiler features panoramas and close-ups of Midwestern Landscapes. Whether its cropland, rustic buildings or the wonders of nature, the final perspective is designed to make the viewer ponder and remember. Sew Biz offers handmade sewn textiles. Products include star buntings, hooded bath towels, cuddlers tag blankets , and receiving blanket sets for babies; crayon totes, cobbler aprons, doll blanket sets and pillow cases for children; and placemats for pets.

    Special orders are welcome. Sew It, Stitch It specializes in sewing and embroidery products and more. Starting to offer jewelry and personalized items. Yarn, wool, needle felted art, kits and supplies using wool grown and processed right here in North Dakota.

    Suzy Shuze are repurposed high heels made to hold your rings or cell phone. Suzy Starz is a gift that will whisper to your heart and make it smile. Starz are harvested from the cottonwood tree twigs. Suzy cuts the naturally-formed star and places it in jewelry packaged with a summary of the Native American legend of how the start came to be. ScKappez are a cut, not sewn, piece of fabric which can be worn as a scarf, vest, cape, tunic or sarong.

    We are a husband and wife team that creates custom made glittered tumblers, wooden signs, and concealed gun cabinets. Simply Vintage by Erin Moxness creates unique jewelry with vintage maps, school logos and inspirational phrases. Customers are able to design their own jewelry with beads, charms and vintage items, at any of the art and craft shows she attends. Smitten with Mittens is a small, entrepreneurial business nestled in the Rendezvous Region of Pembina County.

    It produces mittens made from recycled sweaters. The mittens are lined with fleece and adorned with cute and fashionable buttons. Leslie strives to produce a product that is unique in design and fabric content and will enhance your everyday winter wear, including Sports Mitts, Glitz Mitts, Matrimonial Mitts, and a new hit is Heritage Mitts.

    These mittens can be worn or used as a display. Leslie and her husband, Keith, will package and ship this fine quality North Dakota product anywhere. Snow Top Designs specializes in quality home sewn items. All items make great gifts. Springwood Pottery - Handcrafted for the customs and traditions of fine living since Ulmer Stoneware is a line of unique, colorful, functional stoneware pottery and mosaics designed and created by Jim Ulmer. Stacey's best-selling gifts are their decorative, engraved, personalized cake and brownie pans.

    Start to Finish sewiing is a tribute to the old arts of sewing and creating. By creating handmade tote bags, carry bags, diaper bags, a variety of purse style bags, and vintage fabric bags to carry what is important, Start to Finish is know for fine workmanship by creating a product that will last longer than items purchased from overseas suppliers. T-shirt quilts and other memory items are among the many special order requests that are recieved. I design and create unique pieces of jewelry with stones and petrified wood. Using a technique called wire weaving, each stone is perfectly cradled and made into a one of a kind pendant.

    A good portion of my business is doing custom work for individuals that want a trendsetting stylish piece of jewelry added to their collection, at an affordable price. Stoney Lonesome Photos is a gallery of fine art images distilled from a collection of tens of thousands of photographs taken by DeVane Webster over three decades. The primary theme of the galleries are outdoor-related landscape and wildlife photographs, along with an extensive collection of related images. While a few of these images were made with film, the great majority were taken with high resolution digital equipment.

    We make all manner of signs vinyl, stenciled, etc. Sunflower Stitches creates handmade items for all ages, including: rice therapy bags and flax therapy bags, specialized machine embroidered items, quilted items, and specialty kitchen items. Sunnyside Goods is the retail portion of Ostlie's Sunnyside Acres. Offering farm-grown products such as hops pellets, teas and garlic, as well as some other gift items with a local or agricultural connection.

    In addition to the farm products we produce, Lindsay designs and sews clothing. Sunshine And Mo is owned by a young enterperuner under the age of Likewise, her hand-painted artwork is second to none. She takes custom orders for anything from Christmas gift artwork to baked goods. She delievers and always has a smile on her face. Superior Glass Inc. We carry soups, breads, mixes, sauces, lotions, soaps, essential oils, books, towels, aprons and much more. We also make Pride of Dakota gift baskets perfect for every occasion. Taea Made specializes in unique and modern pieces focused on fiber and created by Fargo native Emily Brooks.

    Their product line features throw pillows, jewelry, hoop art, cards, bags and prints. Custom works are available. Tatting is an ancient form of lace making, traditionally frequented by upper class ladies due to the enormous time involved. Tatting involves wrapping thread around one or two shuttles and using the shuttles to guide the thread into patterns of knots to create rings and chains in delicate designs. Janice creates intricate works from her talented hands including Christmas Ornaments, framed works, butterflies, names, doilies and more.

    Terri Stegmiller Designs offers one-of-a-kind mixed media art, including quilts, art quilts, handbags, totes, accessories, scarves and paintings. Terri also weaves scarves, towels, place mats and table runners. My fabrics are natural fibers chosen from USA manufactures. Select styles have been hand dyed and or screen printed with a dye that creates a picture without the feel of traditional a screen print inks.

    I strive to create long wearing clothes in colors that make you smile ;0. The Barn Guy offers a wide selection of wooden toy barns, fences and feeders. Products come in different sizes, colors and types of woods. Custom orders are also available. The Buffalo Gap is a retail gift store in Medora that specializes in decorated embroidered clothing and heat transfer designs made in the store. In addition, they make and sell hand-knitted items. The Candy Emporium provides custom hand dipped chocolate and Caramel treats. We pride ourselves in great quality chocolate and ensuring the best quality dipped treats.

    I have been selling my items at local vendor shows. My website is www. I also will do custom orders for families wedding and family pictures. Founded in , The Red Silo specializes in original, Midwest-themed photography. The Smart Seed creates handmade natural flax seed therapy packs to gently soothe life's aches and pains. Flax seed is grown right here in North Dakota. Packs can be stored in the freezer for cooling therapy or warmed in the microwave for heat therapy.

    All items are carefully hand sewn and beautifully packaged to enjoy or give as a gift. Follow me on Facebook to stay up-to-date on new products and special offers: www. The Speckled Loon formerly Susie B's Crafty Cabin Designs is your source for hand painted wood signs, lake home decor, novelty drinkware and more. Started in and owned by Susie Bommersbach, this unique small business recently expanded into sign painting parties. The Speckled Loon is a sought after vendor for many regional craft fairs and has a loyal following through Facebook via its business page.

    Timesless Home Treasures specializes in heirloom-quality woodworking and woodturning products, such as boxes, furniture, bowls, vases, kitchen utensils and art. TruNorth Theatre Company is a new artistic outlet located in Bismarck. Founded in , TruNorth seeks to expand and enrich the artistic community of western North Dakota.

    The company strives to present high-quality, innovative, and economically-produced theatrical experiences for artists and audience members alike. Focusing on shows with smaller casts that relate to the area, the community, or the people of North Dakota, TruNorth works to connect local artists with the community they are apart of. Smaller shows also means economical ticket prices for audience members, making TruNorth an affordable theatrical experience for a family.

    We here at Valhalla Bitters Co craft our cocktail bitters using only the finest ingredients of wild harvested and organics, whenever possible, to maximize the flavor. There are no artificial colors or flavors added to our bitters, so you can guarantee there is none of that fake stuff. Although our cocktail bitters help to blend and fine tune the flavors of the cocktail, we also dual our bitters for culinary uses.

    From the mixologists, to the home bartenders, our products are simple and easy to use. VHein Design does custom order crochet items such as hats, ear warmers and afghans. I also create leather earrings, bullet and metal stamped jewelry. Products also include wild rose note cards. Vintage Barn is owned by Gina Schaefbauer. Together with her husband Tom, they hand craft signs and home decor. Gina also refurbishes furniture. Vintage Renewed creates unique one-of-a-kind jewelry and garden art pictures using antique buttons and vintage jewelry.

    Custom orders using your own personal treasures are welcomed. I Redo to Renew We specialize in providing exceptional vocational services, supports, and employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities while also meeting the subcontracting and employment needs of businesses in the Fargo—Moorhead area and throughout the United States. Ryan - Father, Husband and handyman extraordinaire! Ryan does wood working and metal art, helps keep Maria grounded and moving forward.

    Maria - Mother, Wife, friend, Artist and Photographer. Tyler - Chief Mess and Troublemaker. The toddler who runs the whole show, and he knows it too! Thank you for stopping in, we are so glad your here and we look forward to adding you to our family of clients! Visit our website and online store at www. We provide handmade artisan goats milk soap with less than 10 ingredients. No artificial colorants or additional irritants, just a beautiful , creamy, handcrafted bar of soap!!!

    Each "Wild Prairie Wreath" is unique and handcrafted. Flowers and seasonal decor serve as inspiration and ingredients in the wreaths. Plus, these flowers don't die so neither does your style. Willow Creek Wood Shop creates handcrafted gifts and home decorating accessories. Their unique pepper grinders featuring recycled cedar fence posts from western North Dakota is one of their biggest selling favorites.