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The Book of Mormon, Part 1 (by Joseph Smith) Unabridged Audiobook

Overview Videos Photos. Philadelphia, PA AD Performances Available. ASL Performances Available. Proud Season Sponsor. Price and Cunningham are led to their living quarters by Nabulungi, Hatimbi's daughter. They meet their fellow missionaries stationed in the area, who have been unable to convert anyone to the Church.

Running Time

Elder McKinley, the district leader, teaches Price and Cunningham thought suppression, a widely accepted method of dealing with the negative and upsetting feelings "Turn It Off". By the time they go to bed that night, Price is riddled with anxiety, but Cunningham reassures him that he will succeed and that, as his partner, Cunningham will be by his side no matter what "I Am Here for You".

Price is certain he can succeed where the other elders have failed, teaching the villagers about Joseph Smith through a song that begins as a tribute to Smith but eventually descends into a tribute by Price to himself "All-American Prophet".

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The General arrives and announces his demand for the genital mutilation of all female villagers. After a villager protests, the General executes him. Taking every last measure to protect her, Hatimbi commands Nabulungi to stay in their house with all the doors locked and windows closed.

She protests, insisting that the women of the village won't have to stay in hiding if they just listen to the missionaries, as they hold the secrets to liberation, protection, and eternal happiness. Though her protests to go out and talk to them fail, she calms down after remembering how she was moved by Price's promise of an earthly paradise and dreams of going to live in that new land with all of her fellow villagers "Sal Tlay Ka Siti".

The mission president has requested a progress report on their mission. Shocked by the execution and the reality of Africa, Price decides to abandon his mission and requests a transfer to Orlando, while Cunningham, ever loyal, assures Price he will follow him anywhere "I Am Here for You [Reprise]". However, Price unceremoniously dumps him as mission companion.

Cunningham is crushed and alone, but when Nabulungi comes to him, wanting to learn more about the Book of Mormon and having convinced the villagers to listen to him, Cunningham finds the courage to take control of the situation "Man Up". When the villagers begin to get frustrated at Cunningham's teaching of the Book of Mormon and leave, Cunningham quickly makes up stories by combining what he knows of LDS doctrine with pieces of science fiction and fantasy.

Cunningham's conscience personified by his father, Joseph Smith, hobbits , Lt. Uhura , Darth Vader , and Yoda admonishes him, but he rationalizes that if it helps people, it surely cannot be wrong "Making Things Up Again". Price joyfully arrives in Orlando but then realizes that he is dreaming. He is reminded of the nightmares of hell he had as a child and panics when his nightmare begins once again "Spooky Mormon Hell Dream". Price awakens and decides to re-commit to his mission.

Cunningham announces several Ugandans are interested in the church. McKinley points out that unless the General is dealt with, no one will convert. Price, seeing the chance to prove his worth, sets off on the "mission he was born to do".

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After re-affirming his faith, he confronts the General determined to convert him "I Believe". The General is unimpressed and drags Price away. Cunningham concludes his preaching and the villagers are baptized , with Nabulungi and Cunningham sharing a tender moment as they do "Baptize Me". The missionaries feel oneness with the people of Uganda and celebrate "I Am Africa". Price is seen in the village doctor's office, having the Book of Mormon removed from his rectum. Meanwhile, the General hears of the villagers' conversion and resolves to kill them all. Having lost his faith, Price drowns his sorrows in coffee.

Cunningham finds Price and tells him they need to at least act like mission companions, as the mission president is coming to visit the Ugandan mission. Price reflects on all the broken promises the Church, his parents, his friends and life in general made to him. Nabulungi and the villagers perform a pageant for the mission president to "honor [them] with the story of Joseph Smith , the American Moses " "Joseph Smith American Moses" , which reflects the distortions put forth by Cunningham, such as having sex with a frog to cure their AIDS.

The mission president is appalled, orders all the missionaries to go home, and tells Nabulungi that she and her fellow villagers are not members. Nabulungi, heartbroken at the thought that she will never reach paradise, curses God for forsaking her "Hasa Diga Eebowai [Reprise]".

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Price has had an epiphany and realizes Cunningham was right all along: though scriptures are important, what is more important is getting the message across "You and Me But Mostly Me [Reprise]". The General arrives, and Nabulungi is ready to submit to him, telling the villagers that the stories Cunningham told them are untrue. To her shock, they respond that they have always known that the stories were metaphors rather than the literal truth.

Price and Cunningham arrive just in time to use Cunningham's lies of the latter being resurrected after being eaten by lions to scare the General and his men away. Price rallies the members of the Church and the Ugandans to work together to make this their paradise. The Book of Mormon uses a nine-member orchestra: [50] [51]. A cast recording of the original Broadway production was released on May 17, , by Ghostlight Records. A free preview of the entire recording was released on NPR starting on May 9, During its first week of its iTunes Store release, the recording became "the fastest-selling Broadway cast album in iTunes history," according to representatives for the production, ranking No.

According to Playbill , "It's a rare occurrence for a Broadway cast album to place among the iTunes best sellers. A vinyl version was released on May 19, The Book of Mormon contains many religious themes, most notably those of faith and doubt. In addition, the central theme that many religious stories are rigid, out of touch, and silly comes to the conclusion that, essentially, religion itself can do enormous good as long as it is taken metaphorically and not literally.

The Book of Mormon received broad critical praise for the plot, score, actors' performances, direction and choreography. It praised the score, calling it "tuneful and very funny," and added that "the show has heart. It makes fun of organized religion, but the two Mormons are real people, not caricatures. That's enough to test the faith of even the most optimistic gospel spreaders not to mention songwriters. Yet in setting these dark elements to sunny melodies The Book of Mormon achieves something like a miracle.

It both makes fun of and ardently embraces the all-American art form of the inspirational book musical. No Broadway show has so successfully had it both ways since Mel Brooks adapted his film The Producers for the stage a decade ago. Charles McNulty of the Los Angeles Times praised the music, and stated: "The songs, often inspired lampoons of contemporary Broadway styles, are as catchy as they are clever. The ardently devout and comedically challenged are sure to disagree. Anyone else should excitedly approach the altar of Parker, Stone and Lopez and expect to drink from a cup of some of the sweetest poison ever poured.

The amateurish part relates mostly to the score, which is jointly credited to the three co-creators and is no better than what you might hear at a junior-varsity college show. The tunes are jingly-jangly, the lyrics embarrassingly ill-crafted. The show's depiction of Africans has been called racist. The danger is not when people laugh but when they take it seriously—if they leave a theater believing that Mormons really do live in some kind of a surreal world of self-deception and illusion," Otterson wrote, outlining various humanitarian efforts achieved by Mormon missionaries in Africa since the early s.

The official church response was something along the lines of " The Book of Mormon the musical might entertain you for a night, but the Book of Mormon,"—the book as scripture—"will change your life through Jesus. The Mormon church's response to this musical is almost like our Q. That's a cool, American response to a ribbing—a big musical that's done in their name. Before the church responded, a lot of people would ask us, "Are you afraid of what the church would say? There are going to be protests. We had faith in them.

Common Questions

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has advertised in the playbills at many of the musical's venues to encourage attendees to learn more about the Book of Mormon , with phrases like "you've seen the play, now read the book" and "the book is always better. In Melbourne during the run, the Church advertised at Southern Cross railway station and elsewhere in the city, as well as on television with ads featuring prominent Australian Mormons, including rugby league player Will Hopoate , stage actor Patrice Tipoki and ballet dancer Jake Mangakahia.

Mormons themselves have had varying responses to the musical. Richard Bushman , professor of Mormon studies, said of the musical, "Mormons experience the show like looking at themselves in a fun-house mirror. The reflection is hilarious but not really you. The nose is yours but swollen out of proportion.

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When asked in January if he had met Mormons who disliked the musical, Gad stated "In the 1. To the contrary, I probably had a few people — a dozen — tell me they were so moved by the show that they took up the Mormon faith. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Book of Mormon disambiguation. List of awards. The New York Times. Retrieved May 23, May 20, Retrieved August 27, The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved May 19, Retrieved April 14, Fresh Air. May 19, USA Today. February 21, Retrieved February 23, Retrieved November 12, The Salt Lake Tribune.

Retrieved November 30, Archived from the original on August 29, Retrieved June 2, Retrieved May 29, October 29, Archived from the original on January 2, Chicago Tribune. Broadway World. March 14, Retrieved December 24, Time Out. London Theatreland. West End Frame. Retrieved December 8, October 21, These witnesses' written testimonies follow the Book of Mormon's introduction. Joseph translated the plates in about three months after which he returned them to the angel Moroni.

In the Book of Mormon was translated into Danish, its first translation to a non-English language. And in , the Church achieved a milestone, bringing the total number of translations of the Book of Mormon to , including English. The book is published in its entirety in 81 non-English languages, with selections of it published in another 25 languages.

The Book of Mormon

To help clarify and emphasize the purpose of the Book of Mormon, a subtitle was added in In addition to translating the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith recorded other revelations he received from God. Many of these revelations are found in two other books of modern-day scripture called the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price. For more information on the use of the name of the Church, go to our online Style Guide.

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