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Their restrained excitement built on the breeze. A huge clump of men and women and children arrived at the foot of the hill and many started to clamber upwards — on and off the path — with a festive bounce.

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On the wind there was the chime and creak of soldiers strapped in iron and leather pushing their way jovially through the building crowd. One stood stock-still looking up at the sky, as if trying to gauge what the weather was going to be like later. His face was bloodied but his expression was clear, scornful even, as the crush around him gradually jostled him forward. He wore a frayed lilac cloak.

He was wearing a crown of thorns but it was perched almost jauntily on top of a pile of brown curls. I started to explain myself but he had started to say something else and I talked over him, which was awkward. I meditated every day, studied all I could to be able to visit other times.

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His eyes shone. I produced a tartan travel flask and proceeded to pour him a cup of ice-cold water. Stage a rescue. Why do you think I gave you a whole culture of rescues and guns and explosions? Why do you think I gave you the fantasies of violence and vengeance?

Why does everyone just listen to the bits they like? I thought he was being a little out of line but clearly to say this might have been disastrous. She demands an apology from Grace. According to her, vodka and Frankie are to blame for her emotional state.

Right on cue, Frankie shows up and starts bickering with Grace. God will be mad at her! Okay, Grace.

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Turns out Mallory may have said that about Sol when she found out he cheated with Frankie. Is that all that men do?

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Turn around and cheat on their wives and each other and wait, do all men just cheat? And then she breaks down crying. Double ruh-roh.

Mallory reveals that she thinks her husband might be cheating. She asks if Sol or Robert can reveal some of the things they said to cover their tracks.

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Has he been attending more conventions lately? Grace is sitting at home alone as Frankie gets ready to leave. Grace calls Brianna and asks if she felt loved unconditionally as a child. What a party. Already a subscriber?