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Photos New photos New comments Search media. Disney World. Disney Cruise. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Just donald Ducky Start date Dec 28, Just donald Ducky Mouseketeer.

Joined Sep 16, Hey all- We've got a 4 year old who hasn't quite mastered getting up in the middle of the night to go potty So, how do you handle that while in park? I obviously don't want to ruin the mattress at the hotel, and honestly, I don't want to make housekeeping clean up his pee We were thinking of using pull-ups, but are afraid he'll flip out. He is, after all, still himself, even in disney Any ideas? Joined Aug 18, It's been a while since we used Pullups, but are any of them Disney themed? Maybe you could convince him to wear Disney ones while he's staying there.

Our older dd, who's 9, had a friend who still had accidents. Her mom packed Goodnites in her overnight bag when she slept over at our house. I walked into dd's room, and they were both wearing them! Dd didn't want her friend to feel alone, I guess! TheRatPack Under penalty of law this tag not to be removed. Joined Sep 1, The new goodnights are not that 'babyish' and I think he'd be fine with those. Either that or some special "Disney" Pullups If you put them under the sheet, you'll still have the issue of having pee on the sheet, but you could always run down and do the sheets yourself at the coin laundry.

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If you put them above the sheets, directly under him, you may want to lay a towel or something over them We used to have to use these for our doggy when she had bladder issues and have also seen them at hospitals labor and delivery. They soak up a lot. Joined Jul 14, During my sons first trip to Disney World we used puppy pads they are used for house trained dogs to use the bathroom on -- just in case you didn't know. We would lay one or two of them on top of the sheets and then place a towel over them just in case it was ever an issue of him wetting the bed. I don't believe we have ever had a time where the sheet was wet.

If you try this idea and are still worried about it, you can always place a pad under the sheets as well so none will leak onto the mattress. I'm sure housekeeping has had waaaaay worse things happen. I would then just strip the bed myself. I'm not sure how much the puppy pads are to buy but if they are extremely expensive ask around to some friends to see if they use them. Good luck and have a great trip! Joined Jul 11, We did pull ups with our daughter.

We explained they were just for Disney and we would rather be safe than sorry and we didn't want her to feel bad if she had an accident. She agreed to wear them so good luck! MickeyReeds Mouseketeer.

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Joined Oct 25, I bought waterproof pads in the infant section at Target--I think they are changing table pads. They are not thick at all. I put them inside of a pillowcase and my ds just lays on that when we travel. Sara — October 28, Bertie can i ask u a question do u think this story is real? I kinda like Hans Christian Andersan books but when the lady read them out on the computer it sounded diffrent to the book. Is Hans Chrisian Andersan dead?

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Ellie — November 19, Thank you for your comment. The Princess and the Pea is a clever tale. The young maiden is tested to see if she is a real princess. Hans Christian Andersson is a famous writer who sadly passed away. Thanks for listening. Natasha — November 20, I kinda like Hans Christian Andersan books but when the Natasha them out on the computer it sounded diffrent to the book so I hate how Natasha read it out. Princex — December 6, We find out in this tale by Hans Christian Anderson that the young girl is truly a princess when she is able to sense the Green Pea underneath the twenty mattresses that she sleeps upon.

Thanks for listening to this charming tale. The princess in this story can be compared to Princess Beatrice in the Bertie the Frog series on Storynory. Natasha — December 30, HeY dis izzz a very nice story NATASHA after reading dis story ithnk dis will be the best story for my story competetion thanks a lot for writing dis story.

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We are pleased you like the story. There are many more similar stories on Storynory. It is always a good idea to use headphones that way you can no one can disturb you and you can listen carefuly to the words of the story then too. Natasha — January 19, We can imagine a fairy tale to be more real. One way is to put all the characters and the events in a situation and or place familiar to you.

For instance is there a big museum or park where your fairytale characters could exist…. Natasha — January 29, I think she might be from england, of somewaer in europ. This story is ok,I dont really understand how you can feel a pea. I hate British accents!!! This was a very good story I have showed it to my class and they really enjoyed it Natasha I must say you digged deep to the explanation and now I know much better of what the meaning of the princess and the pea is now Your Sincerely, Eve xx. Makenzie — March 29, Thank u so much! This is a nice tale and the young princess is discovered to be a true royal from being able to feel the small pea underneath many matresses.

Natasha — April 30, Natasha — June 6, Liezyl — June 20, Or maybe my feet just suffer from what I like to call the Princess and the Pea […]. MYA — August 30, It is also the shortest Hans Christian Andersson Story. I hope you find more fairy tales you like on Storynory. You could try The 12 Dancing Princesses. Natasha — October 12, Podcast Proposal University — November 6, Shaymaa — January 11, Boring… It is to stupid for my ears. Natasha or Bertie can you answer me wy are you telling such stupid and Boring and short storyes. Carly — March 4, I love this story,it is great for my baby!

I love it, and hope everyone will upload many stories the same,… Thank so much. Carly — May 8, Funny thing is ,I was just told by my foot DR. MY pain was so bad on the sole of my foot,that it felt like a hard pea. I must admit,I WAS somewhat a princess……and,really never realized it. I do understand the comment he made! Nice story…just hard to imagine. Bertie, I read that she just forgot to take off her necklace before she went to bed. So is that true? Natasha if u make a nother book that is stupid i will punch my computer. Hello my name ia Ashley and I am in11 grade.

I like this story and I would like you to read this story too. Ashley — May 14, Iyana — May 23, I like this story a bit. And you can add more stories wich are not Disney. I loved this! This is a new story to me and I am 11! I am gonna try to sing this in a sing-a-story competition. Hope I get the story right. I think that this story is a very good story and its very shrt story but still its a lovely story???????????? How do you get all the story in one day how can you do that In a princesses and the pea that is so good.

Princess and the pea was a good book for Students and Teachers. This book is about The princess did not like peas at all. I liked this story because the princess passed the test. She is the one that has to marry the prince. StoryNory is great for good readers please ask the people that post a comment what their favourite songs are.

I do really love your blog!!!

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Greetings from Mexico! This is an outstanding book for kids like me.

Well Done!!! I hope all the other books are as good as this. This is a good website because the books are free and are brill. I hope you have more books as good as this. Also sounding royalty I guess. But I will rather think of other way of doing things than going all around the world looking and scratching for a princess NAH! This is a great story to listen to. Young people are more the sort of people to read this to but adults read it as well. It is so creative and mindful, there is nothing distraught about it and I would definitely recommend this story.

I LOVE story or you. This was a wonderul story. By the laws of aviation a bee should not be able to fly because the wings are to small lift the body of the ground. I kinda liked it it is not to fun as I thought. I think the story was good but I feel like there can be changes in that story. I liked some parts like the princess coming to the castle and I didnt like that he couldnt married the first girl cause they said he liked the first girl but otherwise I liked the story.

Home Storynory. Hans Christian Andersen. Leave a reply Cancel comment Did you like this story? Please write in English. Comments are moderated. Hello Thank you. Bye Bye! How wonderfully read! I will start my children on storynories right away! I saw it Ist time. My son really love it.

I love Sleeping Beauty says the Pulsatilla girl: Jungian toys, homeopathy and bedwetting

Thank you very much for making this site for kids. Short story. I am naughty girl. But i love story. Please respond. But oh, I do miss the Lovely Princess Beatrice! And so I have asked our friend Sophie to paint a picture of her. But expect you did see her —! I almost forgot. I will tell my friend about this site.

I know they will love it too. Dear Mrs. Natasha I would like to thank you very much for your efforts to improve the English language of my daughters. It will be helpful for the poor kids in south america. Love From Lili!! Hahaha, very funny. Can you imagine the princess awaken all night long because of a pea? I agree about that true princess should be sensitive. Heart touching story.. I lovedd it but it was a bit boring it needed more action but it was amazzing x.

I ve always loved this story its a realy hart warming story with a real meaning to itt!! I liked the story and its audio is enough clear, how can loaddown this audio part? Hello Thank you for your comment This story in which the princess is put to rest on twenty mattresses,underneath which lies the pea placed by the prince. Hello Thank you for your comment. Hello, Thank you for your comment.

WOW i rally enjoyed this story and my little sister kept on disturbing me and thank you. Hello We are pleased you like the story. Hello We can imagine a fairy tale to be more real. Hello This is a nice tale and the young princess is discovered to be a true royal from being able to feel the small pea underneath many matresses. I feel like I can relate to this story as i have found a princess of my own.