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It was two in the afternoon on the second Tuesday in January, and we had the place pretty much to ourselves. A couple of nurses from Roosevelt Hospital were nursing beers at the far end of the bar, and a kid with a tentative beard was eating a hamburger at one of the window tables. Your daughter is dead. I can't change that.

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The boy who killed her was picked up on the spot. From what I read in the papers, it couldn't be more open-and-shut if they had the homicide on film. I went on quickly. That was Thursday? Case closed.

The Sins of the Fathers

Of course the police have to see it that way. They apprehended the killer, and he's beyond punishment.

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I want to know who she was. I've had no real contact with Wendy in the past three years. Christ, I didn't even know for certain that she was living in New York. No apparent source of income. I saw the building she lived in. I wanted to go up to her apartment, but I couldn't. Her rent was almost four hundred dollars a month.

What does that suggest to you? The boy who killed her. He worked for an antiques importer. He earned something in the neighborhood of a hundred and twenty-five dollars a week. If a man were keeping her as his mistress, he wouldn't let her have Vanderpoel as a roommate, would he? The police didn't tell me that in so many words. They were tactful. The newspapers were somewhat less tactful. They usually are. And the case was the kind the newspapers like to play with.

The Sins of the Fathers

The girl was attractive, the murder took place in the Village, and there was a nice core of sex to it. And they had picked up Richard. Vanderpoel running in the streets with her blood all over him. No city editor worth a damn would let that one slide past him. Now you have to know what's inside the room. I did, and wished I didn't. I had not wanted the job. I work as infrequently as I can. I had no present need to work.

The Sins of the Fathers

I don't need much money. My room rent is cheap, my day-to-day expenses low enough. Besides, I had no reason to dislike this man. I have always felt more comfortable taking money from men I dislike. I'm sure he only gave me your name as a polite way of getting rid of me.

Who was she? Who did Wendy turn into? And why would anyone want to kill her? See All Customer Reviews. The narrator has a beautiful deep voice, very nice to listen to him speak. Thank you. I would recommend this to those enjoy the Detective type of books. Great ending, and this really sets the tone for Scudder novels to come.

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I wish I would have read this first, instead of later Scudder titles beforehand. Do 'em in order! He's not a private eye, but as a retired cop he can figure all the angles. A great story and fun to follow What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you? A better story-line, or having any idea where Matt Scudder came up with his theories. Believable and consistent characters would have also been a plus.

What do you think your next listen will be? Overdramatic bordering on ridiculous. I listened to it because other reviewers said that while it wasn't a great start to the Matt Scudder series, it was worth it if you want to know the back story to Scudder. I would disagree -- listening to this made me uninterested in reading further books. Maybe start later in the series and if you enjoy it you can come back to this one. Would you listen to The Sins of the Fathers again?

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While the book shows growing pains for the still developing Scudder character, it's the performance that really stood out. As far as the story goes, it's How does this one compare? I've listened to the first three in the Scudder series and the narrator is fantastic. In the fourth book they switched to another narrator who isn't nearly as good. It's a shame. Sklar really nails Scudder's inner voice. Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? There is a conversation Scudder has towards the end of the book that is incredible.

It would make for a great film scene. Shame none of the movies are very good. This book is for completionists like myself. The prime suspect, a minister's son, was also dead, the victim of a jailhouse suicide. The case is closed, as far as the NYPD is concerned. Now the murdered prostitute's father wants it opened again--that's where Matthew Scudder comes in.

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But this assignment carries the unmistakable stench of sleaze and perversion, luring Scudder into a sordid world of phony religion and murderous lust where children must die for their parents' most unspeakable sins. Small-time stoolie Jake "The Spinner" Jablon made a lot of new enemies when he switched careers from informer to blackmailer. And the more "clients," he figured, the more money - and the more people eager to see him dead.

So he's greedy but scared, and he turns to his old acquaintance Matthew Scudder, who used to pay him for information back in Scudder's days as a cop. Scudder's his insurance policy - if anything happens to "The Spinner," Scudder can check up on the people who wanted him dead. No one is too surprised when the pigeon is found floating in the East River Jerry Broadfield thinks he's a good cop.

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But now he's been charged with extortion - and his former buddies in the NYPD would like to see him laid out on a morgue slab for squealing to a committee on police corruption. Suddenly, he's got a lot of enemies, and when a dead call girl turns up in his apartment, his troubles get even bigger. Broadfield screams "setup," but nobody believes him - except ex-policeman, now unlicensed PI Matthew Scudder. Because Broadfield turned traitor no cop is going to give Scudder any help with this investigation, so Scudder's on his own. Nine long years have passed since the killer last struck - nine years since eight helpless young women were brutally slaughtered by an icepick-wielding maniac.

The trail grew cold and the book was unofficially closed on a serial killer who stopped killing. But now "The Icepick Prowler" has confessed - but only to seven of the killings. Not only does he deny the eighth, he has an airtight alibi. Barbara Ettinger's family had almost come to accept that the young woman was the victim of a random killing. Battling the bottle one day at a time, ex-cop, sometime PI Matthew Scudder finds that next to staying sober, staying alive seems easy.

But in the mean streets of New York City it never is. Not for the prostitute who wanted out and got her beautiful self slashed to ribbons. Not for a pimp named Chance who is betting his life that the broken-down detective can find her murderer. And not for Matthew Scudder - just trying to stay alive in a city that knows nothing better than how to die. Sometimes a book goes temporarily out of print - and sometimes no audio version has ever been recorded.