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Not all problems with locks are signs that it is time for a replacement. Before you assume that it is broken, there might be an easier and more cost-effective solution to the problem. A few symptoms to watch out for are:.

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Timing a lock is the process, often during the installation of the lock, when the key cam inside of the lock is set to properly work when a key is inserted. The timing of a lock allows your lock to function correctly, such as lock when you want it to lock, and vice versa.

On the inside of your lock is a key cam slot that controls if the lock properly enters a locked or unlocked state, when you the operator attempt to lock or unlock it. If the key cam on a lock is not properly timed it could also cause damage to the functions, wear on the lock, and replacement of the cylinder. A few examples of lock functions that need to be timed are classroom locks, communicating locks, and storeroom locks.


During a ball stint at the crease, Clarke glanced, nudged and glided his way to 45 through the middle overs. Certainly, there was a case for consolidation after two early run-outs, but Clarke's orthodoxy and general reluctance to play across the line allowed the likes of Paul Collingwood and Adil Rashid to tie him down, leaving it to Callum Ferguson and Michael Hussey to up the tempo later in the innings.

Hopefully that's an area I can improve on come Sunday. Unfortunately I got out in the second ball of the powerplay, where normally you cash in or catch up with your strike-rate.

I feel like my one-day form has been pretty consistent. The last one-dayers we played was in Dubai and I thought I batted very well there. It's just a different form of the game and it's probably taken me a couple of games to get back into it. I've got some work to do in the nets tomorrow leading up to Sunday's match but hopefully I can score a little bit freer come Sunday.

It may well be that the very transformation that turned Clarke into the talisman of Australia's Test batting line-up has caused his deceleration in the limited overs formats.

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The move to stow away the impetuous hooks and risky sweeps has undoubtedly led to a general swelling of his batting averages across the spectrum, however accumulation alone is no longer sufficient in the modern 50 and over games. The Clarke who scored at clips of The Australians, deposed from the No.

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And while he embarks on this transformative journey, he could presumably do without the added burden of the 50 and over captaincy on a full-time basis. There are few more uncomfortable sights in cricket than that of a captain battling with his own game, and Australia's selectors would be taking an unnecessary risk by passing on the torch at a time when Clarke is searching and Ponting is willing.

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That is not to say Clarke should be replaced as Australia's captain-elect. Next time you're thinking about which story to pitch to media outlets, keep the importance of timing in mind. Start by reading up on all the latest news and trends. At those times, you should use the angle that has the most mainstream appeal.

Pick your angle and write your release. Make sure to pay special attention to draft the most convincing headline possible.

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Then, go pitch. Good luck! Many of the stories concerning the refugee crisis focused on how countries would be able to successfully screen between real refugees and potential terrorists who were cynically exploiting the crisis as a way to sneak into European countries. And nothing drives conversations quite like "Game of Thrones" does.

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  7. The company uses big-data analysis to help companies understand their log data and create better apps and services, but their technology can also be used to look at the conversation on platforms like Twitter. We asked their team to analyze the conversation in the Twittersphere leading up to a long-awaited "Game of Thrones" episode.