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The Indian rose fragrance and creamy bubbles make an ordinary bath feel like an exotic spa experience. Type keyword s to search.

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Today's Top Stories. The Best Looks from the Resort Shows. The 12 Best Organic and Natural Shampoos. Terry Richardson. For a bath worthy of Marie Antoinette, pour a capful of these luxurious floral bubbles in. Nourishing rose oil moisturizes skin.

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Decorated with marigold and jasmine garlands and flickering candles it was the perfect romantic setting. And in a bit of a fortuitous craft fail, I made solid lotion bars! Turns out it is super easy to make both solid perfume and lotion bars with a bit of oil and beeswax. Pour the oil into a small container. Then add the essential oils — slowly!

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Slowly heat the beeswax in a double broiler. When completely melted combine it with the oil and quickly transfer to a clean container. Let the mixture sit until it hardens — you can put it in the freezer to speed things up. To apply, rub with your finger to soften slightly and apply to skin. Having the patience to measure is not my forte, and on my first attempt I added too much beeswax. When it hardened, the perfume fell right out of the container.

So if you want to do that on purpose and you should! Rub the solid lotion between your hands for a lovely scented moisturizer.

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The sweet floral jasmine scent is nicely balanced with the spicy clove and warm vanilla. You can also experiment with adding rose, patchouli or even citrus oils. What is your favorite romantic scent? Stephanie Gerber founded the natural beauty blog Hello Glow in She is a certified aromatherapist and the author of two books, Hello Glow and Essential Glow. Thanks a lot for sharing this idea. It seems easy and funny to do.

You make me remember a very sweet memory. One of my first parfums was a solid heart. Hey, I see that the Vanilla extract you used in extracted in water and alcohol. The other ingredients you used are all oils. So how did this vanilla blend in with the carrier oils? I use essential oils as my scents. If my perfume turns out to be a little weaker than I would hope, is it okay to melt the perfume back down to add more essential oils?

I have bookmarked SO many of your ideas! Would you give me a bit of advice regarding making natural products? How did you start and what would you say are the stock items necessary to begin this odoriferous adventure? Definitely get a few essential oils that you like.