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Community Hub. The Black Masses features our next generation of crowd rendering technology rebuilt from Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator.

Whitey Bulger victims angered by Johnny Depp's comments at Black Mass premiere

Explore a 16 square kilometer island populated by hundreds of thousands of possessed inhabitants. All Reviews:. Brilliant Game Studios.

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We have decided to delay the release of The Black Masses to sometime in the summer. However, we have also decided to release a free alpha demo! We hope to release the free demo before the full early access release. The demo will give you all a chance to try and test the game in it's current state so that we can hear your feedback. These decisions are to ensure quality both in the game, and its release.

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  • Whitey Bulger victims angered by Johnny Depp's comments at Black Mass premiere.
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Regards, Robert. Escape the hordes by traversing buildings and obstacles with our parkour system, or face them head on with powerful abilities and immersive first person combat.

When calamity strikes you find yourself stranded on an island corrupted by a strange black substance. Its unsuspecting inhabitants, once a strong flourishing society, have been possessed and turned into mindless creatures, bent on the destruction of life. Finding the favor of a mysterious stranger, attempt to cleanse the land from its demoniac possession, if such a task remains possible.

Armed with what little hope you have, find your way through this land, and try to overcome the terror of The Black Masses. See all. View all. Click here to see them. Bulger agreed and brought his friend and partner Steve Flemmi into the deal because he had direct ties to leading Cosa Nostra members. In Bulger and Flemmi threatened a restaurant owner who refused to repay an outstanding debt to a Boston finance company with links to the Winter Hill gang.

The restaurant owner turned to the authorities for help, but when the case was forwarded to the FBI, agent Connolly took care that it would never leave the Organized Crime squad and obtained permission, about a year later, to officially close the case, arguing that the victim was reluctant to testify. In the years to come, Lehr and O'Neill claim, a similar pattern would emerge. What the FBI got in return for the protection it provided was, according to Lehr and O'Neill, helpful information but " m ost of it amounted to underworld gossip, and it was often flat-out self-serving" p.

Between and , Bulger was officially shut down as top echelon informant because he had become the target of another FBI office's investigation into horse race fixing. In practice, however, nothing changed and Bulger was not even told about his putative change in status. Connolly continued his cooperation with Bulger under the protection of the new supervisor of the Organized Crime Squad, John Morris, who engaged in "creative record-keeping" to conceal the relationship. When the race-fixing case became an imminent danger, Morris and Connolly first met with Bulger, who denied any involvement, and then with chief prosecutor Jeremiah T.

O'Sullivan who agreed to drop Bulger and Flemmi from the indictment. This successful intervention paved the way for an increasingly closer social relationship between underworld figures Bulger and Flemmi and FBI agents Connolly and Morris marked by frequent meetings, including dinner invitations to Morris' private home, and the exchange of presents.

Black Mass: the glamorization of Whitey Bulger muddles an already murky story

At the same time, the FBI agents ignored information that Bulger and Flemmi had begun to shake down gamblers, loan sharks and drug dealers who operated in their territory, and that the two, in fact, were allegedly overseeing the majority of sports betting, numbers action, and loan-sharking for the Boston area in a joint venture with Boston's Cosa Nostra. Following up on this intelligence was the Massachusetts State Police who with the support of a local prosecutor obtained permission to plant a bug in Bulger and Flemmi's new headquarters, a garage on Lancaster Street near Boston Garden.

The bug was hardly up and running when Bulger and Flemmi abruptly changed their routine and stopped holding discussions in their office. What the police overheard was Bulger commending state troopers for the great job they did patrolling the Massachusetts Turnpike. As Flemmi later admitted, it was Connolly who tipped them off about the bug.

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In June of , Morris attended a two-week training session in Georgia. Immediately he missed his girlfriend and through Connolly asked Bulger to arrange for an airline ticket for her. In Bulger and Flemmi intimidated a couple into surrendering their newly opened liquor store.

Connolly did not write up a report but instead told Bulger who used his knowledge to further intimidate the former store owners and to convince them not to push the matter any further.

Black Mass

Another dimension was added to the complex of events by the fact that "Whitey" Bulger's brother, Billy Bulger, served as president of the Massachusetts State Senate. In the s Billy Bulger figured prominently in a lingering corruption scandal under investigation by the FBI squad overseeing public corruption crimes. Coincidently the squad was supervised by John Morris who some years earlier had been reassigned from the Organized Crime Squad. Morris closed the file but after Massachusetts attorney general James Shannon learned that Billy Bulger had never been questioned he called for a reopening of the investigation.