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We are also packed with ideas for decorating home and work premises that will challenge your established concepts of design and storage. Linda is passionate about writing on subjects as diverse as womens' issues, tribal communities and history. A Aamon or Amon - Christian. A Marquis of Hell and the seventh of the 72 Goetic demons who governs forty infernal legions.

He may appear as a fire breathing wolf with a snake's tail, as a man with dog's teeth situated inside of a raven, or as a raven-headed man. He tells of all things past and future, procures love and reconciles controversies between friends and foes. King of the demon locusts sent to torment mankind and lord of the bottomless pit. Abalam - Christian. Associated with the demon Paimon, not historically significant in any demonology text. Encourages lust and desires.

A demon and fallen angel described in the Testament of Solomon, a book of the Old Testamnt purportedly writen by King Solomon. Abezethibou followed Beelzebub upon his fall from heaven and became an important demon in hell. He also travelled to Egypt where he hardened the heart of Pharaoh and his advisors, convincing them to pursue the fleeing Israelites. In doing so, he drowned along with Pharaoh's army in the Red Sea and became trapped in a pillar of water. A demon of the superior order, conjured for his power to foretell the future and to provide military aid and advice. He is shown either in the form of a handsome knight bearing a lance and a standard, or as a ghostly specter riding a winged horse.

Logic of Demons: The Quest for Nadine's Soul

In Hell he commands sixty legions of devils. Also known as the Grand Duke of Hades. Abraxas - Gnostic Christianity. A mystical fellow, who is claimed to be both an Egyptian god and a demon. His name contains the number , the number of the days in the year Abyzou - Judaic. A female demon, blamed for miscarriages and infant mortality. Motivated by envy as she herself is infertile. In Judaism she is identifies with Lilith, in Coptic Egypt with Alabasandria, and in Byzantine culture with Gylou, although she is said to have innumerable names.

She is pictured with fish- or serpent-like attributes Adramelech - Assyrian , Christian. Considered a sun god by the Assyrians and associated with human sacrifice. Like many pagan gods, he was transformed into a demon by Judeo-Christian writers - a fallen angel in Milton's Paradise Lost and the President of the Senate of the demons by Collin de Plancy. He is also known as the Chancellor of Hell and supervisor of Satan's wardrobe. He is generally depicted with a human torso and head, and the rest of the body of a mule or peacock.

Aeshma Zoroastrian. A hypostatic fundamental underlying principal entity, Aeshma is variously interpreted as the demon of wrath, rage and fury. Agaliarept - Judaism. One of the lords of Elelogap, who in turn governs matters connected with water. A general with the power to uncover secrets and reveal mysteries, commands the second legion Aguares - Christian. Duke or Grand Duke ruling the eastern zone of Hell, served by 31 legions of demons.

He can command runaways to return, and those who run to stand still. Also destroys dignities, both temporal and supernatural, causes earthquakes and teaches languages, taking particular pleasure in teaching immoral expressions. Depicted as a pale old man riding a crocodile and with a hawk on his wrist. A destructive spirit of evil thought. A Great Duke of Hell, ruling over twenty-six legions of demons. He sets cities, castles and great places on fire, makes men witty in all ways, and gives true answers concerning private matters.

Generally depicted as a handsome man, but with three heads, one of a serpent, the second of a man, and the third of a cat, although some say of a calf, riding a viper, and carrying in his hand a lit firebrand with which he sets requested things on fire. Akop - A demon from the Philippines who preys on widowed people.

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Aka Manah - Zoroastrian. A demon of sensual desire, sent by Ahriman to seduce the prophet Zarathustra. Ala - Slavic. A class of female demons of bad weather whose main occupation is leading hail-producing thunderclouds in the direction of fields, vineyards and orchards. Extremely voracious, Ala particularly like to eat children, though their gluttony is not limited to Earth - they may sometimes try to devour the sun or the moon, causing eclipses. When people encounter an ala, their mental and physical health and life are in peril; however, favor can be gained by approaching the ala with respect and trust.

Alas can make their favorites wealthy and even save their lives in times of trouble. One of the Great Dukes of Hell, commanding thirty-six legions of demons. Teaches astronomy and the liberal arts, provides good familiars, also induces people to immorality. He appears in the shape of a mounted knight with a leonine face, ruddy complexion and burning eyes. Allu - Mesopotamia. A destructive race of monstrous and faceless demons.

Born to Lilitu or one of her demon succubi, they surrounded the death beds of the men who father them waiting for the moment they can take their souls, thus turning them into homeless ghosts. A Prince of Hell with power over Asmodai, said to have deadly poisonous breath. Amdusias - Christian. Holds the rank of Great King and has forty legions of demons under his command. Associated with thunder and accompanied by the sound of trumpets, his voice may be heard during storms.

Commonly depicted as a human with claws instead of hands and feet, the head of a unicorn, and a trumpet to symbolize his powerful voice. In charge of the music played in Hell. He can make trees bend at will. Ammut - Egyptian. A female demon with the body part lion, hippopotamus and crocodile. Called Devourer of the Dead, Ammit lived near the scales of justice in Egyptian underworld and devoured the hearts of those judged to be not pure. Amy - Christian. A minor demon, the 58th spirit of the 72 spirits of Solomon, with the rank of President of Hell and the command of 36 legions.

He is depicted in a man's shape and teaches astrology and the liberal arts, procures familiars and finds lost treasure. He also, somewhaty bizrarely, hopes to return to heaven one day, which according to Johann Wier's Pseudomonarchia Daemonum is "not credible". Andras - Christian. Holds the rank of Great Marquis of Hell, is the 63rd of the 72 spirits of Solomon and commands thirty legions of demons. He teaches those whom he favors to kill their enemies, masters and servants and sows discord, trouble and dissension among people.

He holds the shape of a winged angel with the head of an owl or raven, riding upon a strong black wolf and wielding a sharp bright sword.

A Person After God's Own Heart - 3) The Devil's Wisdom

Andras is considered to be highly dangerous and can kill a conjuring magician and his assistants if precautions are not taken. Andrealphus - Christian. A great Marquis ruling over thirty legions, with the appearance of a peacock who raises great noises and teaches astronomy and geometry. He is also described as having the ability to turn men into birds. Angul - A demon from the Philippines who kills people with an axe. Andromalius - Christian. A Great Earl of Hell with thirty-six legions of demons at his command. He can bring back thieves and stolen goods, punish thieves and other wicked people and discover hidden treasures, evilness and dishonest dealing.

Depicted as a man holding a serpent in his hand. In the Book of Enoch he is the 11th on a list of 20 leaders of a group of fallen angels called Grigori or "Watchers". The name means "accursed one". Asag - Sumerian. A monstrous demon whose name means "demon that causes sickness", described as being so hideous that his appearance makes fish boil alive in rivers. Often accompanied into battle by an army of rock demon offspring, born of his union with the mountains. Associated with the serpent or dragon archetype by historians. Asakku - B abylonian. They were associated with Asag, the demon of sickness.

A demon mover and shaker, referenced in many Judaic and Christian texts as a king of demons, the King of the Nine Hells and as one of the seven princes of Hell, representing one of the seven deadly sins - in this case lust. He is responsible for twisting people's sexual desires and those that fall prey to his evil ways will be sentenced to an eternity in the second level of hell.

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Astaroth - Christian. A very powerful demon, depicted as a nude man with feathered wings, wearing a crown, holding a serpent in one hand, and riding a beast with dragon-like wings and a serpent-like tail. He is a demon of the First Hierarchy who seduces by means of laziness, vanity and rationalized philosophies. He also teaches mathematical sciences and handicrafts, can make men invisible and lead them to hidden treasures, and answers every question formulated to him.

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  5. He is said to give to humans the power over serpents. A supernatural being mentioned by Leviticus in connection with the ritual of the Day of Atonement Yom Kippur. A demon monster with three mouths, six eyes, and three heads , cunning and strong, possessed of all possible sins and evil counsels This detail scene is from the Papyrus of Hunefer ca. One of the seven princes of Hell. Ranked as the first and principal king in Hell by the Christians, he rules over the East with sixty-six legions of demons under his command. He has the power to make those who invoke him invisible and can make people wise.

    His power is strongest in October. Originally depicted as a man or a bull, in latter times he is said to appear in the forms of a man, cat, toad, or combinations thereof. Balam — Christian. A king of Hell who commands over forty legions of demons. He gives perfect answers on things past, present and to come, and can make men invisible and witty. He is depicted as three-headed, with the head of a bull, a man and a ram. He has flaming eyes and the tail of a serpent. He carries a hawk on his fist and rides a bear. Once a perfectly respectable god of the Canaanites and the patron of their city, he came to be viewed as a demon by the Jews and Christians via worship of the pagan god Ba'al by the tribal Israelites who refused to give up their idolatrous ways.

    He holds the rank of chief secretary of Hell and the head of its public archives, and he tempts men to blasphemy and murder. He tells things of the past, present and future with true answers; he can also turn all metals into gold. He is depicted as a soldier wearing red clothes, a golden crown and riding a red horse; his skin may also be red.

    His power is strongest in June. Banshee — Christian. Depicted most often as an ugly, frightening hag, she may appear at will as a beautiful woman of any age.

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    Baphomet — Christian. Originally believed to be a corruption of the name "Mahomet" referring to the Prophet Muhammad , the term was a general one referring to a pagan deity but became associated with the perceived devil worship of the Knights Templar in the 14 th century and with occultism and Satanism in the 19th century, after which time he has been depicted as the ultimate Sabbatic Goat, the figure that appears as the devil in the Tarot pack.

    Barbas — Christian. A straightforward demon described as the Great President of Hell and governing thirty-six legions of demons. He answers truly on hidden or secret things, causes and heals diseases, teaches mechanical arts, and changes men into other shapes. He is depicted as a great lion that, under the conjurer's request, changes shape into a man.

    Barbatos - Christian. An Earl and Duke of Hell, ruling eighty legions of demons with four kings as his companions to command his legions. He gives understanding of the voices of animals, reveals the past and future, conciliates friends and rulers and leads men to hidden treasures hidden by the enchantment of magicians.

    A Duke or Great Duke of Hell who commands thirty legions of demons. He knows the virtues of precious stones and herbs, and can bring men suddenly from one country to another. He helps one project astrally and transports the conjuror to desired places. Depicted as a strong man with the tail of a serpent, riding a pale horse.

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    Beelzebub - Judaic, Christian. Possessing a very complex etymology, he is described as being placed high in Hell's hierarchy, of the order of cherubim and among the three most prominent fallen angels the others being Lucifer and Leviathan or sometimes Azaroth , the chief lieutenant of Lucifer and presiding over the Order of the Fly.

    Beelzebub is associated with the deadly sin of pride or sometimes gluttony, and is also called the prince of false gods. He is frequently named as an object of desire by confessed witches. The Pharisees accused Jesus of using Beelzebub's demonic powers to heal people Luke 11v and throughout history Beelzebub has been held responsible for many cases of demon possession, including the famous case of Sister Madeleine de Demandolx de la Palud in Aix-en-Provence in His name also came up repeatedly during the Salem witch trials. One of the four crown princes of Hell with command over fifty legions.

    He appears as two beautiful angels sitting in a chariot of fire. He provides fame to the conjuring mage but sacrifice must be given him or he will lie. Sometimes used as a substitute for Satan himself. Beleth - Christian. A king of Hell with eighty-five legions of demons under his command. He rides a pale horse, and all kind of music is heard before him. When appearing he looks very fierce to frighten the conjurer or to see if he is courageous.

    Belphegor - Christian. Originally worshiped as Baal-Peor , the Assyrian god to whom some Israelites became attached, he was associated with licentiousness and orgies and worshipped in the form of a phallus. Again reviled by early Hebrews as a means of discrediting idolatrous Semitics, he evolved into one of the Christian seven princes of Hell, in which form he helps people make discoveries and suggests to them ingenious inventions that will make them rich.

    He is the chief demon of the deadly sin Sloth and his power is strongest in April. He may appear as a beautiful young woman or as a monstrous, bearded demon with horns and sharply pointed nails; the former form, according to most sources, is his earthly disguise when invoked by mortals. Bifrons - Christian. An Earl of Hell, with either six or twenty-six legions of demons under his command. He teaches sciences and arts, the virtues of the gems, herbs and woods, and changes corpses from their original grave into other places. He appears first as a monster, then changes his shape into that of a man.

    Botis - Christian. A Great President and Earl of Hell, commanding sixty legions of demons. He tells of all things past and future, and reconciles friends and foes. He is depicted as a viper, then changes into human form with big teeth and two horns, carrying a sharp sword in his hand. A Great President of Hell with fifty demons legions under his command. He appears when the Sun is in Sagittarius. Buer teaches Natural and Moral Philosophy, Logic and the virtues of herbs and plants. He also heals infirmities, especially of men, and provides good familiars.

    He usually takes the form of a centaur with a bow and arrows, although he was once famously depicted as having the head of a lion and five symmetrical goat legs allowing him to walk in every direction, an image popular with several modern heavy metal bands. Bune - Christian. A Great Duke of Hell with thirty legions of demons under his command. Bune makes men eloquent, wise and rich. He speaks with a comely high voice and is depicted as a three-headed dragon, with the heads a dog, a griffin and a man.

    A Great President or Prince of Hell, ruling over thirty legions of demons.

    Logic of Demons, a book by H A Goodman | Book review

    He is a good disputer, provides true answers concerning the future and gives men the understanding of the voices of various creatures such as birds and dogs as well as of the noise of water. He is depicted in the form of a blackbird, but changes into a man bearing a sword. Sometimes he appears as a man wearing rich and elegant clothes with the head and wings of a blackbird. When answering questions he seems to stand on burning coals. Charun - Etruscan. A pre-Christian demon whose job it was to guard the entrance to the underworld. He is depicted with a hammer and pointed ears, tusks, snakes around his arms, enormous wings and a bluish coloration symbolizing the decay of death.

    Holding the rank of Marquis, he is served by 20 legions and also rules over all the spirits of Africa. He appears as a warrior riding a black horse and possesses the abilities of locating lost or hidden treasures, teaching Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric and making a man into a warrior of his own likeness. Corson - Christian. I love the way he was portrayed in the book. The message presented through the book—evil cannot be blamed on an invisible hand as much as on our own actions and we have to learn to take responsibilities for said actions—is a constant through the scenes as the plot progresses.

    Goodman showcases universal flaws within religion, culture, and individuals. The message is heartbreaking, inspiring, and bold. One of the aspects I love about the Logic of Demons books is the presentation of Hell as a massive office echoing the craziness of a stock exchange and the mind-numbing boredom that comes with working in one. Also, the fact that demons look and act so human.

    The story is engaging from the moment you start reading and is solid. Underneath the power, the time travel, the supernatural characters, is a heartbeat and a story that will stay with you long after you finish. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.