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Unable to see then that my writing was not ready for publication, I became discouraged, and wasted thirty more years when I should have been submitting, piling up rejection letters, learning from the experience and honing my craft. I repeat, if you have the urge to write, just do it. Practice makes perfect.

Even born writers learn what works and what doesn't through rejection. Beginning writers have so much to learn. Enroll in on-line classes. Join RWA and a critique group. Write something every day. Like a concert pianist, a writer has to practice for many long hours learning to get things right.

I went away to college planning to minor in journalism and support my writing habit by teaching. I met my future husband the first week on campus and by the next weekend we had decided to get married in the spring. During the next forty-five years I could have been perfecting my craft as well as raising my children, returning to college to complete my degree, then working eight to five, I should have been taking writing classes, too.

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There is so much a writer needs to learn. Start learning today. About the Author:. Labels: Author Interview , giveaway , Toni Noel. Winter's Magic was originally called Raising the Bar , because of the opening scene in the book; however, when Cynthia decided to create a series, she decided to change the title so all four books in the series would tie together in a theme.

She uses all four seasons in the Music City Hearts series, plus key words that connect with the heart of each book.

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She's currently working on the fourth book in which the antagonist from Winter's Magic redeems herself. Cynthia used to stay up late at night reading—it was her "me" time. I ignored it, but it popped into my head again the next day with a little more detail," she said. I had no idea if I could actually finish a book.

When I finished my first manuscript, it came in around 60, words and the second book had started forming in my head already. By then she had two and a half books written, with no idea what she was doing or what to do with the stories she'd created. That gave me hope. Then she connected me with RWA and our local chapter. Once I joined, started taking classes, and reading books on the craft, I felt like I could call myself a writer," Cynthia said.

Her stories still take on a life of their own as she writes, so she constantly updating the outline accordingly. But she definitely knows where the path is going to lead from the very beginning. First, she starts with an idea for a "first meet. Cynthia does most of her writing while sitting in her favorite lounger or recliner—on a small laptop that she uses exclusively for writing and online marketing. She has to write in silence so her brain can concentrate—however, she can edit and revise with the TV on.

She tries to balance the two so she can enjoy Sunday afternoon football or her favorite sitcoms with the family. We have great neighbors and love to cook out or spend time on the lake in the summer. Seventy times seven—An iudefiniely large number of times: not four hundred and ninety, simply, but that many in comparison with seven; always. Take account of iris servants—Make a reckoning with them. Co ant up the money lie had intrusted to each, and what they bad done witli it. So God will make a reckoning with us of mental talents, conscience, influence, rlie word of God. Ten thousand talents —An expression intended to indicate the immeasurable debt incurred, which could never be discharged.

The sum has been estimated from S Worshipped him—Did him reverence: as an Oriental suppli ant would. Unforgiving, verses 28 The tormentors—The tortures, or those who would subject him to rack and punishment till he should pay—an awful picture of retribution, since he could not pay. Forgiving, vprses What question about forgiveness did Peter ask?

What answer did Jesus give? Hew can this be reconciled with Luke What is the condition of divine forgiveness? To what did Jesus liken the kingdom of heaven? What did the Master propose to do? How was the plea received? When only can we hope to tie forgiven v Matt.

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Unforgiving, verses Wh im did the forgiven servant once seek? How did he show an unforgiving spirit? To what plea and promises was he deaf? How did he treat the debtor?

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To whom was Ids cruelty reported? How did Ids lord address him? What ought the servant to have done? What lesson of warning dr es this story teach? What lesson of mercy is taught?? What is our Gohh n Text? Heliographs in Barker, a Missouri farmer, is a veteran of the Mexican war.

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Ht rode on an old farm 'horse 1, mllet in the spring of to join Col. Jack Hayes, then at Austin. Ixiids Republic. He was an independent Missouri farmer and trapper, and there was no conscription. But the news that filtered through to Ids little northern Missouri home led him to think his country needed him, and he laid aside his pursuit of deer, foxes nud wildcats and the like for the more exciting one of hunting men.

When he reached Austin, the horse that had carried Mr. Barker so faithfully on his long journey, evidently thinking it had done enough, lay down and died. Barker got a new mount and sallied forth with Col. Taylor, but before reaching him the regiment received orders to reinforce Gen.

Winfield Scott, who was then pressing on to Vera Cruz. Barker fought in nearly all the great battles of the Mexican war until he was mustered out at Vera Cruz on April Among the mementoes of his Mexican war experience Mr. Barker has a cane from a bullet-riddled tree atCburubusco, a gold ring with three diamonds. Barker was Iwirn at Jersey Shore, Fa.. April 21, He has Wn a Missourian since his removal here on June 1.

He now lives between Shelbina and Shelby ville. Louis railroad.

A Remarkable Timepiece. A wonderful clock has just lioen erected in the Grand Arcade. Leeds, which hourly gives a representation of the British empire. The clock, which is claimed to be the greatest horological feat of the century. As cacti quarter hour strikes numerous little figures, each representative of some portion of the empire, move forward and Twiw to the onlookers.

Until the hands point to the quarters only two figures, representing mailclad knights, with upraised battle-axes are visible. Immediately they have chimed on adjacent gongs the real display takes place. He is followed by a smartly kilted Highlander, also a warrior; an Irishman. In the old national costume and carrying a shillalah: a Canadian Boatman with his paddle. Each makes an olieisance to the onlookers in parsing, and when the last figure has retired the doors close automatically.

Then a cock over the timepiece flaps its wings, raises its head, and crows three tittles. Large crowds visit the I-e-eds Arcade daily to see this novel clock, whielr is undoubtedly oho of the remarkable timepieces iu the world, combining as it does some of the fcaiturcs of other famous clocks, together with many original Improvements. The cock, for instance, flaps its wings similarly to the otic at Strasburg Cathedral, and the time is shown upon a polished copper dial with blue figures, like the noted clock at Berne.

The escapement is the double three-legged gravity by Lord Grimthorjw—tbe greatest living authority on clocks and bells. Many parts of this remarkable timepiece are made of gun metal, but the automatic figures are of copper bronze. Changed Her Mind. Bellefleld—Do you intend to go to the Paris Exposition. Bloomfield—I quite intended to go. Bcllefb hi. Imitators do not advertise their formula knowing that you would not buy their medicine if you knew what it contained. The Iron acts as a tonic while the Quinine drives the malaria out ot the system.

No Cure, No Pay.

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