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Ci sono alcuni modi in cui puoi aiutare lo sviluppo di questa pagina, come ad esempio unirti al gruppo Flickr per le foto o fornire traduzioni del sito in altre lingue. Change language. Trivizas has built his authorial universe not All the elements I mentioned before combine only upon sincere love for and theoretical in a personal poetic style that always express- knowledge of the special attributes of child- es, in the most appropriate literary manner, a hood, but also upon deep esteem and great view of the world seen from the fresh per- respect for children.

And that, in my opinion, spective of children. It is And why not? Children sometimes think like from this, I think, that his great, special, person- poets. That is what Trivizas does. He relates al literary strength springs. To imagine every- using only the most essential and suitable thing, from something small and insignificant words — poetically. Writing for children is an extremely serious matter for Trivizas. Children are neither a pre- text for his writing nor incidental to it.

When he writes for children, he writes exclusively for them. Because he knows very well that chil- dren claim and demand our full attention. Because he knows that they deserve what is the highest quality, the most honest, the most substantial, the most beautiful. And his con- cern is to give them that — without oversim- plification of language, subject or form. A young child in every era, with the freshness The same applies to the literature of Trivizas.

Adult viewpoint, his own mind, his own unique readers who wish to enter the enclosed uni- childlike way. Because the stories, poems tion: that they recognize and respect the and plays are not written only by Trivizas. And so of Trivizas, where everything is invented from the two together make the great storyteller scratch. That we adults are charmed by Trivizas Eugene Trivizas.

At the same time, we are also charmed because it allows us to peek at a uni- verse of which we are no longer inhabitants. When I read a text by Trivizas, I know that there is a part of it that has never been re- vealed to me and will remain hidden, because I am not a child. Only children can savour his art to the marrow. As an adult reading Trivizas, there are times when I feel jealous that I am no longer a child.

To have made children en- joy you so much, to have charmed adults and indirectly made them admire and envy child- hood, remains for me his magic weapon, his laudable, outstanding authorial ability. In conclusion, I would like to confess, so that you too know, that a few days ago I woke up, certain I had discovered the secret of Eugene Trivizas. And so, as a child, Eugene was fated to be fascinated more than anyone else by his childhood, to retain it entire and unaltered in- side him. While Trivizas grew in body and mind, learning new things and having new experiences, Eugene lived on within him, Lewis is a very good writer.

But he has one failing. There are no funny bits in his books. It has sold a million copies that young Matilda finds absent in so much in the United States alone. All children, from the tini- roll, Edward Lear and Roald Dahl —and on the est toddler to the most precocious pre-teen, other side of the Atlantic with Dr Seuss. His un- are irresistibly lured into his many worlds of forgettable Who Did Pee-Pee in the Mississippi? But criminology at the University of Reading.

The duck confesses to his crime, and ing the fairy-tale The Three Little Pigs in his in- truly remorseful and solemnly swears from ternationally-acclaimed The Three Little Wolves now on always to pee … in the bath tub! In this book, time-worn With such an impressive number of titles —all stereotypes of good and evil are brilliantly sub- of which are in print— it is difficult to do justice verted and interrogated, and the potential for to Trivizas in a short introduction like this.

In character reform is boldly asserted. She nearly scratched my eyes out every year. Others works on litera- dable oeuvre, I realised that there are few au- cy skills, for example his tongue-twister alpha- thors that I read and will continue to read for bet books. Then there is the hugely popular many years to come, as thoroughly and as fre- large format series, which Mississippi belongs quently as him. Life in my home would not be to, which let a simple idea run riot. Frutopia is pop- ing yourself on the corner of the cautionary ulated by such improbable figures as Ebeneez- Never Tickle a Gorilla!

It was over Fruitopia that Trivizas took more than a sample of these books. So I con- the Coca-Cola company to court in to as- sulted the expert, and asked Clio which two sert that the name Fruitopia was his intellectu- were her favourite. And it is these two which I al property and to prevent them from using it will present. He won. They appealed. He won again. Another sub-genre of his writing is the educa- tional book. These hugely entertaining books manage to develop a number of crucial skills at the same time. Trivizas is often com- missioned to produce books on subjects as di- verse as the history of the Olympic Games De- spina and the Dove and, this year, to bring the concept of European union and enlargement closer to children saw the publication of A Swallow Over Europe.

One book, however, which stands on its own is the interactive The 88 Dumplings, sometimes Many children first encounter Trivizas through referred to in English as the 88 Cannelloni. This the delightful series The Little Longies, a series book offers different versions of the same of beautiful oblong shaped picture books for story, which apart from anything else makes it very small children. They are written in verse excellent value! Working on the principle of with large doses of whimsy, as reflected in ti- the CD-Rom where choices constantly have to tles such as The Spikeless Hedgehog, which made, Cannelloni begins with a very simple traces the fate of the hapless Ermolaos, who in scenario with a little girl sitting at home when preparation for hibernation, slips into his stripy the phone rings.

The readers have to decide pyjamas, snuggles up in his bed of leaves and whether or not she answers it, and they turn to duly falls asleep. And this goes on and on, and on. The book is inex- But before he could get a wink of shut-eye haustible, and surprisingly, children rarely Two enormous centaurs come cantering by make the same choice twice. It is a fascinating exercise for young children, as it gives them in- Aiming at apples and mushrooms, their arrows valuable insight into narrative development stopped dead and basic storytelling.

Smack in the middle of an aubergine instead! It is as one of molaos, who turns out to be the answer to these parents that I would like to present the their problems: they snap off a few of his quills Thus we have a delightful parade of shameless plunderers, each more inventive and insensitive to their victim than the last.

Er- molaos loses further quills to a feckless fakir who builds a bed of nails and lets his grand- mother use the two spare for knitting needles. Finally summer arrives and it is time for Ermo- laos to wake up, but this proves to be the rud- est of awakenings. Our little friend gets the fright of his life when he looks in the mirror and sees himself stripped of his magnificent quills- scalped. But luckily, who should come by but a friendly lemonade seller, who with hu- manity and initiative restores Ermolaos to his Years later my daughter still remembers the former glory by donating his supplies of drink- rape of the quill with great affection.

Only Ermolaos is even more glori- Her second choice was from the Stories from ous than before; he has been transformed into the Island of Fireworks series —square-shaped a Technicolor, stripy hedgehog, and what this time. No, this story opens with Contumacious Cornelius the cruellest of Crocs, whose favourite appetizer is the human hand.

We hear him brags to his fel- low crocodiles about all the 57 varieties of hu- man hand he has savoured, ranging from traf- fic policeman to concert pianist to waiter par- ticularly appealing if appended to a tray of fresh profiteroles , typist, boxer, etc. Indeed a novel way of introducing the professions to children, but Trivizas does not leave it at that, he lets Cornelius ran riot through world histo- ry.

With a beautiful bit of revisionism, he allows him to explain to his fellow crocs that his predilection for the human digit is the reason This beautiful book is rounded off with a sup- why Napoleon always went about with one plementary page depicting three bald hedge- hogs that the children are invited to append colour straws to —a brilliant trick to stave off the disappointment that naturally descends like a big black cloud over children when the story finishes.

However expertly a writer closes a tale, to a child all stories always seems bru- tally truncated. This way they end it, in a very active and enjoyable way, rather than with the feeling that something has been taken away from them. The day closes with Cornelius staking his honour on a wager that before sunset the following day he will have dined on five delicious dentist digits.

Passers-by who point the way are predictably maimed. When he arrives at the clinic, he is de- lighted to see that the dentist is equipped with a mouth-wateringly chubby pair of hands. All this is passed on to his young readers, who learn how to question and play with concepts. The toothless reptile is reduced to begging for mercy, at which the dentist relents and agrees to replace them on the condition he can demonstrate genuine remorse. Of course Cor- nelius is simply waiting to pounce again, and again the dentist outsmarts him by replacing his original set with inferior false teeth, and sends him off with the warning that if ever dares eat another hand, he will be turned into a handbag.

Well, poor old Cornelius learns his lesson the hard way, and has to go back to his friends with his tail between his legs and endure the never-ending taunts of Big Brave Cornelius, Tell us about your adventures, Like the one that had you crawling back Complete with rubber dentures! Eugene Trivizas close to Muslim minority pupils Mariza Decastro, author - book critic Diavazo literary journal, June A completely unknown side to the work of The result was that in the past these children Eugene Trivizas is his contribution to the edu- remained uneducated, almost 60 percent of cation of children in the Muslim minority them giving up school altogether and therefore schools of Thrace.

Pupils in those schools face failing to integrate properly in Greek society. This arises from the fact that, Eugene Trivizas has frequently engaged with although their mother tongues are Turkish and primary school education, offering pupils en- Pomak, the school system treats them as Greek joyable, curriculum-related books, helping speakers. Consequently they have to be taught them with spelling, grammar and arithmetic. Accordingly, he produced a number of useful educational aids: Language teaching aids In the Muslim minority schools of Thrace, teachers and children find Greek grammar an Aid- letters, because they have been erased by his ed by the writings and imagination of Eugene tears of joy.

Trivizas, the first software for teaching Greek as a second language to children aged was In order to acquire the valuable letters and created. The successful outcome of each ad- language syllabus for primary schools. The game, however, also meets the language requirements set by lin- guists from the Institute for Language and Speech Processing. The contribution of Eugene Trivizas was crucial, In another series of books, The Lost Explorer because he is one of those writers who play and his Parrot and The Mystery of the Everlasting with language in an inventive way.

He created Lollipop, the aim is to foster familiarity with an enjoyable and entertaining framework for mathematical terms in the Greek language In- transmitting the formal aspects of Greek stitute for Educational Books, The chil- sends him. And now they are, through educational navigates the knight through labyrinthine software and innovative textbooks. The author is using the reversal in his stories, in a way that teaches the child that life is unpredictable and prepares the child to expect the unexpectable.

What this author had to offer a lot more than a few re- enchant the younger readers, apart from the laxing and enjoyable moments. His books con- rich illustrations, are the surprise caused by an veyed messages, and created emotions that unpredictable twist in the plot and, mostly, the stood out from those of other books for children. In these sto- Beauty and the Beast. With this that infused principles, values and teachings act, the hunter restores order and protects the into the young reader as the plot progressed.

The presence of a parent, and generally all The element of surprise is absent as the child forms of social power e. He removes the feeling of guilt! The young reader becomes a spectator of all First of all, the three little wolves are presented the major catastrophes that fears his impropri- as innocent creatures at risk while the villain role is attributed to the pig. The story reaches a climax when this evil pig is transformed into a pure and gentle creature, enchanted by the floral fortress that the three little wolves build.

The author uses an affectionate and creative apporach to invite the child to understand that things are not always as they may appear to be. Suddenly, the element of surprise plays a more important role than of the mere entertainment of the child; it becomes part of life itself. The author plays with the idea of reversal in a simple and friendly way, thus introducing chil- Amy and the Banana Skin dren to a kind of life that is not confined in stereotypes. Eugene Trivizas offers to young readers a new dimension, the one of alterna- tion and reversal, in a way that does not im- pose fear or conformity.

The Guilt is, for most children, young ones are excited and fascinated by the a hidden companion, a shadow alternatives they are given and experience life that follows them along the by as something rich and open. The initial animosity between the evil pig and years and is often not removed Illustration the three little wolves becomes the occasion for with the passage of childhood.

The author handles the issue of guilt with a unique Guilt is, for most children, a hidden compan- ion, a shadow that follows them along the and admirable way years and is often not removed with the pas- sage of childhood. Instead, it persists as a dic- tator that continues to define the thoughts and actions of the adult. What kid pi? Through this magnifi- In her head, the guilt for carelessly throwing a banana skin on the road culminated in a num- ber of tragic consequences.

What this action could cause! Passing by confectioners may step on the ba- nana skin, and spill all their sweets on the street; the head of the parade may step on it and trip over, dragging down the entire squad; a bride may step on it and blast off into the sky, landing onto the wedding guests; the circus impresario may step on it, and then animals and people will come tumbling down. Finally, the reversal occurs offering to the His reactions are more primitive story a manifold interpretation and utility.

There are Duckling, the author addresses two sides in everything and every bad situa- parents and teachers and tion has some good aspect to it.

Art history in Florence: The lucky piglet | Istgalilei | Page 11

At the same courage to confess the truth ultimately make time, however, removes the her the heroine of the city. In the end, Amy be- comes very famous, in other words, she be- feeling of guild from every child comes the center of attention which is what who is going to behave in the every child desires the most. Usually this is achieved through their improprieties, since most adults scold them for doing so rather than encourag- ing them. So, here is an idea that the author gives to children: you can turn any mischie- cent presentation of the processes of the un- vous behaviour into an opportunity.

You can attract attention by achieving has experienced similar feelings many times in something good. In the story of Amy and the Banana Skin, the Eventually, the author helps the child to re- writer focuses on the anxieties of Amy who nounce the feeling of shame that may have, creates horrible stories in her mind about what due to everyday small slips of his own, while could have happened.

On the contrary, in the safely guides the child to the assumption that story of the Duckling Who Did Pee-Pee in the all these are human and normal situations, as Mississippi , he is examining the reactions of they occur in other children too, like Anna and the people related to the Duckling in regard Amy, or animals, as in the case of the Duckling. While Amy is full of anxiety, fear The author gives a masterly account of the and shame for her own folly, the Duckling is The Duckling does not share with Amy Both Amy, as a heroine, and the same feelings about responsibility.

At the same time, however, removes the the banana skin along with the feeling of guild from every child who is going courage to confess the truth to behave in the bathtub like the Duckling did in the Mississippi. In the end, Amy Amy and the Banana Skin writer should give ideas of this kind to young becomes very famous, in other readers. But he, as a great storyteller who loves mischiefs as much as any other child refuses to words, she becomes the center of comply with the rules of the adults and this is attention which is what every probably what makes him so dear to children.

Most So speaking for healing through the work of young children seek to attract Eugene Trivizas healing in ancient Greek Rania Varvaki for means education , one must stress this fact: attention in every possible way. It is as if the new and McClelland Contempo- colourful page. However, beyond ising a plot-version among a constellation of doubt, the most quintessential example of the narrative possibilities.

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