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But Clover still insisted that King Julien cannot marry Crimson, as King Julien agreed while in confusion, before Clover made herself uninvited to the wedding.

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At the wedding, King Julien scolded Maurice for not telling him that marriage was forever before talking him into getting married, although Maurice obviously did not do it. When Crimson arrived and Masikura was just about to get them married, King Julien asks if anyone objects, which nobody does.

After seeing that, King Julien himself raised his hand and objected it, because he had been having an affair. When asked by Crimson, with whom, King Julien said with his kingdom, because he loves all of his people. Crimson ended up crying and running away, before King Julien chased her and arrived at her hut.

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He saw 'Crimson' and said that he guess she's pretty mad at him, but probably not as mad as the kingdom is going to be when they realised that he used the whole kingdom's resources for the wedding. And then he realised that it was actually Clover, who then apologised for meddling with their relationship. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Plot King Julien, Maurice and Mort went into the plane, and saw who seems to be like Clover sliding across the slippery floor of the plane. Humphrey showed his appreciation by writing the liner notes for the Crimson and Clover album.

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The CD booklet states that "Crimson and Clover" is now as it was "meant to be heard," and that Tommy James is "very satisfied" with the reissue of the recordings in CD format. Adapted from AllMusic.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tommy James and the Shondells. Retrieved Retrieved 24 December Categories : albums Tommy James and the Shondells albums Roulette Records albums s pop album stubs. Although crimson is more acid tolerant than other clovers, pH range of 5. Crimson should be inoculated with the proper strain of Rhizobium bacteria just before planting.

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Note that this is a different strain of bacteria than that required by any other clovers or alfalfa. Carefully follow the instructions for inoculating seed, as poor inoculation is one of the greatest causes of crimson clover failure in new plantings. Rapid fall growth is enhanced by planting on a firm, well-prepared seed bed by broadcasting, then cultipacking or drilling with a grain drill. Seed should be covered no more than one-fourth inch deep. It will not do well in extreme heat or cold. Management The only drawback to crimson clover for deer is that it is a relatively short season annual which produces well from November through April excluding mid-winter in the South and April through June in the North.

However, the wildlife manager can take advantage of this short season in several ways, especially in the South. Crimson can be plowed under before planting a summer crop of grain sorghum, corn, pearl millet or any grass, which can then use the nitrogen fixed by the clover. Using minimum tillage, these same crops can be planted into crimson clover sod killed or partially killed by herbicides.

Crimson clover for deer is a cheap, easy, high quality, productive, palatable cool season forage for deer.