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Gun Digest Guide To Concealed Carry Handguns (Ebook)

Screaming, she sent bullets into the wall until the Assassin threw his gun out. The monitor instructed her to put her revolver down. The assassin, wounded, disappeared out the partition. Against the wall, she slid to the floor unconscious with her side and arm bleeding profusely. You set the price! Create Widget. Also by This Author.

Gun Digest Book of the .44 eBook

Report this book. Reason for report: — Select a reason — Book is or contains spam Book infringes copyright Same content is published elsewhere with different author for ex. Additional details:. When it comes to the value of guns, there are three factors that impact the final value. This free download covers all the essentials, from where to buy a gun online, how to sell with confidence, and even must-know tips on shipping. This download covers all the bases when it comes to searching for the best concealed carry guns for you.

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Choose the best concealed gun for defensive carry with this free download. Read More. Whether you need a red dot sight for close work or are looking at spotting scopes, tactical scopes, hunting scopes, shotgun scopes or handgun scopes, finding the best quality at the best price is essential. Buying and owning your first gun entails the responsibility to get good firearms training. While you could take an official firearms safety course with an NRA instructor, the best firearm training starts with a knowledge of the basics—firearm safety, practice tips and how to load and unload a gun.

This download looks at gun cleaning for the popular AR So become an expert and keep your gun shooting smooth and straight! Choosing the best handgun is not a choice you can take lightly.


Your lifestyle will dictate what self defense handgun or concealed carry handgun will work for you. This download looks at different types of handguns, handgun size, semi-autos versus revolvers for concealed carry, and more. From AR scopes with specialized reticles to fast-pointing red-dot scopes for ARs, there are literally hundreds of optics solutions with which to outfit your AR This free download helps you figure out what scope option is best for your rifle.

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Gun Digest Book of Hunting Revolvers

Looking for a gun values guide? Do you need firearm values for a single make or model of gun, rather than wading through the entire Blue Book of Gun Values?

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Get your gun pricing info online here and look up only the model you need. Save time. And money.

Gun Digest eBook of Revolvers | Dan Shideler | download

So you can get on with the more important matters of buying and selling guns. Having the latest range gear on hand is critical to make the best and safest use of your time.

From concealed carry holsters for women and iwb concealed carry holsters for men, the endless choices provide self-defense advocates with options for any wardrobe. This FREE download covers the concealed carry purse, concealed carry clothing for men and a look at the best concealed carry holsters for any situation. This FREE download covers the basics of the cartridge — its parts, safe practices and expert tips for accuracy and reliability in handloading. A used Glock can have a great deal of useful life left in it, provided it was well-cared for by the previous owners.

This FREE download will help you understand Glock pricing and conditions to help you make a wise purchase. Everything from shotshells, to rimfire, handgun and rifle centerfire cartridges are included. I — AR Disassembly and Maintenance. Learn how to keep your AR running like perfectly with thorough disassembly, cleaning and assembly instructions.

Ackley Gun Digest Compilation! Learn about the Ackley Improved cartridges including the history of wildcatting and wildcat cartridges and see what Ackley himself had to say about improved versus standard cartridges! Tons of New Semi-Auto Handguns in this Compilation including new autoloaders for concealed carry, the latest handguns for target shooters, the hottest pistols for gun collectors.