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Imagine There’s No Clergy

From then, everyone from housewives to university professors could judge on their own what was progressive and what was regressive in the Church! Yet in the face of all the attempts to dismantle the Church since the sixties, the document simply stands. It is the still point in the turning world.

It indicates the perennial purpose and structure of the Church.

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Does the Bishop of Rome have a role? You betcha! There are priests and deacons. Then there are the Laity who are subject to the clergy when they teach, sanctify, and govern.

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They live in the world, that is, in each and in all of the secular professions and occupations. Copyright The Catholic Thing. All Rights Reserved.

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The river you have to travel to get in there, to the beautiful scenery, is just amazing. My wife has been going for quite some time and has told me all about it. To actually be there and to see this place is worth the drive and to experience.

The Autobiography of a Western Buddhist Nun

Hands down the BEST camp there is for kids and their families. This Christian based camp is the perfect place to send your kids or take your family to create wonderful memories and grow your relationship with Christ. Lay saint-aspirants are to be unabashedly immersed in the secular world, living as dual-citizens between heaven-earth, whose earthly mindedness makes them of supreme heavenly good.

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Rather, I am arguing that lay Catholics, possessing a Catholic worldview, must themselves be the shapers of the secular world, architects of a culture worthy of Christ. But they can only do that if they are both solidly grounded in their Catholic faith community AND fully engaged with our messy world. After my second child was born, I felt deep down — though I would never have admitted it — that having children was somehow leading me away from God, as they seemed to present a distraction from what I spiritually enjoyed and thrived on.

The One True Faith : Vatican II & the Laity

But there I was! Then one night when I was awakened by a hungry baby, I sat in my rocking chair nursing and I cried.