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All new Netcare facilities are being developed using environmentally sustainable principles as an integral part of their design. The new Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital, which opened in December , has numerous green and sustainable concepts incorporated in its design. The areas of success in our new building projects are incorporated as standard design protocols and will be included with further technological advances in future new-builds and renovation or expansion projects.

Green principles in hospital design integrate patient comfort and sustainable utilities management. Globally, this achievement has only been equalled by one other organisation, namely Dignity Health based in the United States. On this page. Overview Energy management Waste management Environmentally sustainable new facilities External recognition for environmental programmes. Overview Netcare is committed to conduct all of our operations in a manner which will sustain environmental resources.

Netcare Management Analysis

Our goal is to conserve and protect environmental resources across our operations, services and supply chain and to minimise our environmental footprint. Our approach The emissions, energy, water, effluent, and waste are monitored and managed in accordance with Board approved policies, by our professional environmental sustainability team and supported by data from our systems and billings. Progress on key energy projects-January to September Our stakeholders We engage regularly with our stakeholders on our environmental sustainability initiatives to integrate these projects into all areas of our business and maximise our successes.

Energy projects PV roof installation at Netcare Olivedale Hospital The strategy to substantially reduce Netcare's reliance on energy supplied from the national grid was initiated with the commissioning of a number of enabling projects and determining accurate baselines for measuring future reductions in consumption. During we installed 11 additional solar photo voltaic PV systems in the Hospital division and one in the Primary Care division, bringing the total network of installations to Together these systems will generate 14 GWh of energy and provide an annual electricity saving of around R18 million.

Netcare will continue the completion of current solar PV phases to accomplish a goal of 10MWpeak grid tied installations by the end of Netcare is realising substantial benefits from its focused environmental sustainability initiatives. Water management As an organisation that operates 24 hours a day, days a year to care for patients, our operations depend on a secure and stable water supply and water security is regarded as a top business risk in South Africa SA , for Netcare.

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Implementing water solutions ensures that we are able to continue operating and delivering high-quality care during water outages and extreme weather conditions to meet our strategic priorities. Support all the Way? In Detail Training Web-based training On-site training. In Detail Content Management Content maintanance Content coordination Coordination of translations Initial content implementation and pre-configuration Bug and demand tracking. This site uses cookies. Alright More Infos. Questions or Callback?

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Message Please contact me by phone. Message Yes, I've read and agree to the Privacy Policy and I am fine with receiving e-mails by netcare. The paucity of literature on this topic poses a challenge for current aeromedical services, as there is no baseline information on which to base flight criteria, staffing and policy documents. To undertake a descriptive analysis of the use of a private HEMS operation over a month period. The service operated days a year, with the Gauteng operation available 24 hours a day and the KZN operation during daylight hours only.

The crew consisted of a pilot, a medical doctor and an Advanced Life Support paramedic.

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These criteria included Health Professions Council of South Africa registration, a minimum of 2 years' post-graduation clinical experience, currency in the American Heart Association courses, annual completion of a CAT, and a current class II flight medical certificate. A retrospective quantitative, descriptive chart review design was utilised to analyse patients transported by the Netcare HEMS in SA between 1 January and 31 December Cases with incomplete documentation were excluded. The documentation accessed included an electronic patient care record, flight assessment form, flight follow-up sheet and flight log.

The relevant data were extracted from the CARS database by the researcher and entered onto an electronic data collection tool. The data were analysed using SPSS version A total of cases were serviced by the Netcare HEMS operations during the month study period. Of these, 10 had to be excluded owing to missing variables in the documentation. Both the HEMS operations were most frequently dispatched to primary transfers, which totalled SA is divided into 52 health districts.

Analysis of the records showed that the two HEMS operations generally retrieved patients from within their own provinces.

However, in certain instances both the helicopters retrieved patients from outside their respective provinces. It also crossed over into the Eastern Cape Province to collect 2 patients 2. These flights were from local medical centres in Bizana and Matatiele, and both were interfacility transfers. The ratio of females to males in Gauteng was , while for KZN it was The main type of incident resulting in patients needing HEMS transport was motor vehicle collisions, with cases for Gauteng Pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions were also common, with 67 for Gauteng The mean flying time to the scene Gauteng The mean on-scene time was very similar for both operations Gauteng No statistical significance was identified when comparing the mean on-scene times for primary and interfacility transfers primary transfers At the hour follow-up Fig.

The cases managed required authorisation through one of four different methods: i medical aid; ii provincial; iii the Road Accident Fund; and iv Workmen's Compensation. The provincial authorisation process is tendered for in each provincial area, and only the Gauteng operation was able to fly patients through the provincial authorisation process.

Although a number of international studies have been conducted describing types of patients flown, the time frames associated with HEMS transfers, the aeromedical crew and patient outcome, only two local studies have been performed.

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Our results demonstrated that certain districts in Gauteng and KZN were considerably busier than other districts. Interestingly, the busier districts were more centrally located in the urban areas for both the operations. Although HEMS operations are very expensive to implement and operate, there are certain situations in which helicopters are seen as an acceptable transport resource. While this could possibly reflect traffic congestion, it could not be confirmed, as the time of day of the flights was not routinely recorded for this study.

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  • Certain logistical and geographical situations, such as severe traffic congestion, may support HEMS transportation in an urban setting, but it is unwarranted in most cases. This included patients of all ages and showed that adult patients The Gauteng operation had interfacility transfers In the study focusing on the HEMS operation in Richards Bay, the reverse was found, interfacility transfers making up the majority of the cases attended to: of a total of 1 flights, 1 Opinions on the potential benefits of HEMS operations for interfacility transfers have differed.

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    One study determined that insufficient evidence is available at this stage to determine the immediate benefits of HEMS over ground-based transport for interfacility transfers, [16] while another determined that the use of HEMS to transport patients for interfacility transfers appeared to provide a time benefit as it reduces transport time.

    This finding is in line with a number of international studies. Since speed is seen as one of the major advantages of HEMS operations, it is essential that the incident types attended to would potentially benefit from the faster services.