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You are falling in water, not cement. After my first time surfing, I was sore in a lot of random places. When I woke up the next morning with odd aches, I was a little concerned—I work out a lot, so I thought it was weird that I was feeling it so much.

Multiple Sharks Circle Surfers in South Africa; Video | Adventure Sports Network

Burt says this is normal, though. Your hips might also be sore. The more you surf, the less that will happen. Also, chafing. It's inevitable.

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Wearing a rash guard or shirt will help protect you a bit from the wax, but skin-to-skin rubbing can cause irritation, too. After surfing, Ilay recommends using Belly Jelly, a product made purposefully to solve this issue. Good old Vaseline should do the trick, too. If your first time feels a little rough, just remember that no one is an expert their first time.

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If you want to get better at surfing, you just have to keep practicing, like most things in life. And, the more fun it becomes—which is really the point, after all. Sign up for our Newsletter and join us on the path to wellness. Spring Challenge. No Guesswork.

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Meet Kimi Werner: The Woman Who Rode a Great White Shark - The Inertia

Share via Pinterest. Should I buy a wet suit? Will I run into a shark? How good at swimming do I need to be? Do I need protective gear?

Multiple Sharks Circle Surfers in South Africa; Video

How long will I actually be in the water? What makes one board better than another for beginners? What if I don't get up on my first try? What can I expect the day after? Keywords surfing. Trending 1.

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He then declared on Facebook: "Redemption for all the naysayers that said I was illegal! In Bostwick's case, a friend also took a video. And of course, just as with Garland and Burke, local news went nuts for it and it gained some Internet notoriety. It's this "Do it for the Vine" mentality that is encouraging whale shark riding, Carlson says. Now everyone wants a YouTube video to tweet of them riding on a whale shark. Most people say it's really cool but don't realize what they're doing to the animal," the shark enthusiast told Newsweek.

Little is known about what riding a whale shark does to it, as research has not been done.

Surf Sharks: The First Ride

Climbing on its back is interrupting its normal behavior. So please, Floridians: stop riding whale sharks. The city of Saint-Leu is bereaved. The last deadly attack in the area happened on January 30 when fisherman Floris Huet, 41, was killed by a bull shark. The study found that attacks between and increased in the summer months of June, July and August when tourists are more likely to be in the waters. Around 90 per cent of the bites happened in a mile stretch of the coast, reports Fox News.