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It can also report a variable. For example, "What is your age? Shaped with rounded edges, there are 37 of these blocks — not counting the theoretically infinite amount of Reporter blocks that can be made for each variable and list. C blocks are blocks that take the shape of "C's". Also known as "Wrap blocks", these blocks loop the blocks within the Cs or check if a condition is true.

There are five C blocks, and they can be found in the Control category. C blocks can be bumped at the bottom, or capped.

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Cap blocks are the blocks that end scripts. They are shaped with a notch at the top and a flat bottom — this is so you cannot place any blocks below them. There are two Cap blocks which can both be found in the Control category. Motion blocks are the blocks that control a sprite's movement.

There are 17 Motion blocks in Scratch 3. Looks blocks are the blocks that control a sprite's look.

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There are 23 Looks blocks in Scratch 3. Three of the 19 sprite Looks blocks have a counterpart for the Stage. Sound blocks are the blocks that control sound and MIDI functions. There are 16 Sound blocks in Scratch 3. Variables blocks are the blocks that hold values and strings. There are 5 Variables blocks in Scratch 3. List blocks are the blocks that manage lists.

They are stored in the Data category. There are 11 List blocks in Scratch 3. Event blocks are blocks that control events and the triggering of scripts. There are 8 Event blocks in Scratch 3. Control blocks are the blocks that control scripts. There are 11 Control blocks in Scratch 3. Sensing blocks are the blocks that detect things. There are 21 Sensing blocks in Scratch 3. Operators blocks are the blocks that perform math functions and string handling. There are 18 Operators blocks in Scratch 3.

My blocks are user-made custom blocks. There are 2 unique kinds of My blocks in Scratch 3. The Block Plugin allows one to write blocks and scripts to appear on the Scratch Forums and Scratch Wiki , as well as other websites with the included JavaScript.

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It is written by the Scratcher blob In the online Scratch 2. By selecting this, a menu would appear with 3 HSL sliders and tools for modifying the block colors of a specific block category. Personalized colors could be saved to one's computer, but loading the colors did not work properly. Scratch is one of the original languages ever to use blocks, inspiring other languages to inherit the idea.

Scratch modifications contain many new blocks typically that are not present in Scratch. Stencyl is a highly-professional language that features an entire block interface for programming real-time apps and online games. Scratch Jr also has blocks which are even more friendly for younger children to understand. For Editors. In other languages. Add her on Snapchat. Avoid following her on multiple platforms, like Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, on the same day.

Doing so might come across as too strong. Send her casual snaps a few days after adding her. Wait a few days before sending that first snap. Snapping her right away her might seem a little desperate. After that, snap her once every other day with things like your dog eating snow, street performers, and the pile of homework you got in math class. This will develop naturally into more snaps in the future.

Increase the frequency of your snaps gradually. As you get to know her better through your casual snapping, you'll start exchanging snaps more frequently. Sending a bunch of snaps too soon could be a turn-off, though if she keeps responding, it's likely she wants the conversation to continue. Tailor your responses to the situation for a natural conversation.

If she responds to you, allow the conversation to develop as though you were chatting in person. Use your snaps to paint her a picture of what you like, what you do, and what's important to you. Avoid worn-out and over-the-top expressions. Weird and overly silly comments might also result in her ignoring your snaps. Method 2. Bond over things you have in common.

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  • Things that you both enjoy will be easier to talk about. Any of these could be a springboard into a full Snapchat conversation. Tell a story with your snaps.

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    Show how things change throughout the day. Comment on her Snapchat stories. When you first start snapping, only comment every once in a while. As you begin to snap more, increase your comments. Create opportunities for conversation. Send her a snap every time your favorite song comes on the radio. Some other useful snaps for creating conversation opportunities include: Cute animals Shared favorites like cars, books, and food Familiar locations like classrooms and buildings Familiar people like mutual friends [6].

    Take ignored snaps in stride. Generally, people take snaps less seriously than text messages or phone calls. Because of this, many snaps go unseen. Method 3. Filter your snaps for comedic and artistic effect.

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    There are many visual and audio filters you can use in Snapchat to modify snaps. Filters can be accessed by going into camera mode, tapping and holding your face, and swiping left. Snapchat regularly releases new filters. Experiment with the various filters available to find your favorites. Use the streak to your advantage. This will create even more chances for you to talk with her.

    By building the frequency of your snaps gradually, you can get a streak started subtly. Respect her boundaries. Because Snapchat sends videos, boundaries can sometimes be overstepped. Sending inappropriate messages on Snapchat could get your account revoked.

    Add links to your snaps. When you're making adjustments to your snap, you should see a paperclip icon on the right side of your screen. Tapping this will allow you to add links. Use links to add memes, websites, Rick Astley, and more. For example, you might include a link where she could buy shoes you just snapped her.