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When I started writing my own stories, my parents were my first audience.

Hennessy New Irish Writing: August 2017’s joint winning poems

My brother and sister, who've lived most of my stories with me, are my first, best readers today. Since that time, I have been writing a series of poems and essays about the trip. The poetry book, Blue Star , includes these poems.

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The essay, "The Photograph," tells the story of that journey. Blue Star cover artist Lee Hall.

Edward Hirsch Quotes (Author of How to Read a Poem and Fall in Love with Poetry)

Her paintings allow us to share her love for subtle shapes, variety in texturing, and civilized muted color relationships. One ocean oscillates with a billion shores splashed in zillions of ways I walk firmly on one wet beach following tide lines salt air in my curling hair evaporating.

Numinous Where land and ocean greet a living Mandala a magic carpet a sacred mosaic. Ocean surface a liquid sky a great glass ceiling to a fluid wonder world world-within-world. Now, through a looking glass, gaze deeply onto a strangely illumined, meditative existence where sound is swallowed whole a silent motion picture featuring otherworldly cast of characters of Infinite variety and beauty.

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Dramatic dreamscapes and fantastic gardens living coral atop skeletons of past generations palimpsest upon which ocean story is inscribed coral bones to body of water. Communal castles of Life and Death these reefs turn none away home to a profusion of color-forms exercises in poetic precision or deliberate imagination.

Glossary of Poetic Terms

I love the ocean, but it doesn't love me. I've a terrible salt water allergy That me makes me itch and say "Oww-eee"!!! Skip to main content. Personal Perspectives. Without further ado, here are four of our -- completely subjective -- favorites, in no particular order Blending One ocean oscillates with a billion shores splashed in zillions of ways