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He has this brilliant stubborn, gruff, no-nonsense type persona, and I absolutely adored it. I also really like the tie-in to the Cowdrey family from the first novel in the series, and that this book explored a little more of the Sutton Grange area. And you get to see a few of the characters from The Charmer, which is great.

I look forward to seeing more of everyone in the next two books. Dark-hearted, rebel Cole is a much more interesting character. Chances are someone else feels different. She was interesting at first, but after three days descended into clingy, needy, girlfriend mode. Her character seemed badly mismatched with the real Cole. I would have liked to see a lot more tension, grounding, and sensory detail to smooth out the pacing. Overall: Overall this was an enjoyable read, but I think I wanted more from this book. It was all a little too neat. I have a love of dark and self-destructive characters.

This story was amazing. I love Lucy, shes so headstrong and knows what she wants and I loved seeing all the changes in Cole. Another great read!

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The Rebel Heavens, this was so good. If you love good romance and adventure read this book. I absolutely loved it. You'll love both the main characters and the supporting characters. I may have to buy the next book for full price. Another page turner Cole a heartless killer in love with a gentle woman. Life is against any form of union for them. Easy read. Oct 23, Stacy Sabala rated it really liked it.

Book Review- The Rebel by C. Archer This the second book in the Assassin Guild series. It picks up where the first one ended. Orlando and Susanna Holt have settled on their estate, preparing for the arrival of their first child. Their lovely neighbor is Lucy Cowdrey. She lives on the Cowdrey farm with her brother Henry, who took over the farm after their cousins tried to kill Orlando Holt in the first book. Lucy visits with Mrs. Holt frequently given her pregnancy. She is an excellent companion and wants to prove that not all Cowdreys are the same.

One day Lucy is walking home from her visit when she encounters a strange man in a meadow. He ignores her completely until she steps in a hole and trips. The next thing she knows he is helping her to her feet. His hat blocks his face and she is unable to see him clearly. They have a discussion about manners and the removal of his hat, which he refuses to do. Lucy leaves in a huff thinking he is the rudest man ever. She is determined to forget the encounter. The rudest man ever is named Cole.

He is a dark man with many secrets. He is on his way to visit the Holts when he meets Lucy.

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He wants to be a shadow and blend in. Unfortunately he is accosted, beaten and left for dead in a meadow. Lucy happens upon him while picking wild flowers. She recognizes him as the man she saw earlier but his demeanor has changed. He thinks he is eighteen and still living with his father in Kent. He remembers nothing of his mission and who he has become. Lucy vows to care for him and help him regain his memories. She also will take him home to Kent if the need arises. While she cares for him, they get to know each other and their feelings start to grow.

As his memories start to return his darkness invades what the two have developed and questions the trust they have built with each other. I liked this book. It was an intriguing story about an actual group of assassins. Then having one of their own be beaten over the head where his memories are gone and he has no real clue what he is.

It was fun to watch the transformation of Cole from assassin to patient to assassin. The conflicting light and dark side of the character gave true depth to Cole. Then Lucy is a fabulous character. She is smart and sassy, a perfect match for Cole. I think that it balanced the story and made them compatible even though they were opposites. I recommend this book to anyone who likes history, mystery and romance all rolled into one. I would give this book a 4 out of 5. Jan 14, Cinzia rated it liked it.

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So when he loses his memory during an attack and thinks himself a naive eighteen year-old again, no one can really believe the transformation. When gentle-natured Lucy falls in love with the damage Cole's heart is dark. I expected a little bit more from this book and Cole and Lucy's story. The fact that he was part of the Assassins Guild had made me hope maybe in some more action and adventure perhaps, but so it was. Cole's mysterious past, which he keeps hidden even to thohistorical called his friends, is very intriguing and discover what happened to him,thanks to flashbacks that come to mind with nightmares was a nice idea of author and helped keep alive the interest while I was reading it.

Lucy is a very cute character, sometimes funny, but especially courageous and strong-minded, but something didn't impressed me towards them as a couple. If I have to be honest I was more curious about the other components of the Assassins Guild and I would love to read their stories. Thanks to Netgalley and C. Archer for the book. Ringrazio Netgalley e C. Archer per il libro.

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I took one star off for the editing. I took one star off because the books are categorized as "Medieval" but there is nothing in the stories that would explain why they are "Medieval". Even the language is not medieval: the use of "fiance" and the F word is not from medieval times. General on the four stories: The stories are okay, with a bit of suspense, lots of misunderstanding, lots of crying by the "strong" heroines.

It's too bad the assassins turned soft because of their woman. The best one I took one star off for the editing. The best one is the first one, but it all went downhill from there. Unrealistic: A farmer who knows nothing about saving lives, but yet putting herself and others at risk, thinks she can help her trained assassin husband. The Charmer has the best romance. The Rebel has the best environment descriptions. The Saint has the best window inside Lord Lynden's heart. The Sinner has the best suspense. Oct 19, Farrah rated it liked it. A nice, good read.

I enjoyed reading The Rebel. Unfortunately, it was a little underwhelming as a whole. I liked it, but I didn't love it. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Continue the series. See more. Book 3. Lies, desperation and an offer she can't refuse send impoverished widow Lady Catherine Cat headlong into marriage with the man who killed her husband. Book 5. Archer not only pulled me into this book but the three books after this one.

Book 1. By purchasing the set, you get 4 books at a lower price than you would buying them individually. Elizabethan England: He was the last man she needed, but the only one she wanted. More in historical romance. The Captain's Mysterious Lady. Mary Nichols. Driven by grief and an implacable thirst for vengeance, Captain James Drymore has one sole purpose in life—to hunt down the men who killed his wife. A beautiful young lady in distress distracts James for the first time. Having rescued Amy, James discovers she hasn't escaped unscathed—she has lost her memory! As the conflicted captain slowly puts together the complex pieces of his mysterious lady's past, he realizes he needs to let go of his own.

Can he and Amy build a new future—together? The Seduction of Sarah Marks. England After a blow to her head, Sarah Marks awakens in a strange bed with a strange man and no memory of how she got there. An Unspoken Betrayal. Denyse Bridger. Book 2 of The Devane Files finds our intrepid inspector ready to settle down with his new wife.

But problems seem to find their way to his front door. Now, Devane finds himself once again caught up in a mystery that could not only cost him the love of the woman who holds his heart, but his life as well. The riveting sequel to Out Of Hell Life has become a thing to be enjoyed again, and the past is slowly being put to rest. But less than a day after they return to London from their honeymoon, Bethany's closest friend, Daphne Ashton, arrives with a problem that will require Devane's special brand of insight and investigation—as well as his return to the case that never quite rests, that of the elusive killer known as Jack The Ripper.

Once again on the streets of Whitechapel and Spitalfields, Devane's dreams are haunted by blood, violence, and a growing certainty that he is being drawn deeper into a mystery that is, perhaps, best left unsolved. Recently free of an opium addiction, the pressures mount, leaving Devane to wonder if he has known all along who the Whitechapel murderer is, and chose to seek refuge in drug-induced ignorance rather than accept a truth that could destroy much more than his new life if it became known Sydney Lawrence.

Historical Romance: Lady Madelyn Holsinworth had been the most beautiful woman in all of England-until her husband disappeared without a trace. Her beauty faded overnight as quickly as her bridegroom. At least, that was what legend said. And now, the notorious Horace the Horrible was being dispatched by the King to guard her castle and lands.

Yet from the moment Horace arrives, an uneasy suspicion forms that the humble Lady Madelyn is not the woman she appears to be.

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Just how many secrets can one lady possess Lady Madelyn Holsinworth has never relied on a man in her life before and has no intentions of letting one overgrown knight take over her castle. However, Madelyn quickly learns not to underestimate this particular knight whose wits are almost as upsetting as his kisses! Wizard's Daughter: Bride Series. Book Similar ebooks. Honor Bound. Keywords: historical romance, historical paranormal romance, sexy historical romance, witches. But what is clear is that the rockabilly scene is a subculture composed of people who feel subaltern for one reason or another, and look for answers in the past to find some alleviation to their sense of marginalization today.

The fragmentation of the postmodern experience may make such a desire even stronger. Second, I examine how the DIY Do-It-Yourself values associated with the custom car culture offer a sense of pride in blue-collar status. Finally, I consider the role that burlesque and pin-up fashion plays in validating alternative ideas about female body image. Contemporary rockabillies choose this particular subculture to express their difference from hegemonic values because they identify with the rebelliousness of the original rockabillies, and their sense of continuity with the subversive history of this music culture gives them a sense of pride in their difference from the mainstream today.

Parents and religious leaders were horrified by the sexual nature of the music, lyrics, and dancing. Remember Clint, the rockabilly greaser? Many contemporary rockabillies identify with the way these images of the bold and brave hot rod mechanic valorize the blue-collar worker and his resourcefulness and ingenuity. Some of my consultants have lost their jobs several times in the last five years due to the economic recession, and they constitute part of the statistics for the high unemployment rate.

Accordingly, many contemporary rockabilly fans and musicians cannot afford monthly car payments for modern cars. Instead, they value their ability to create their own inexpensive works of art that are both aesthetic and functional. While they think mainstream society disregards the talents of blue-collar workers, the rockabilly community applauds them for their skills.

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Many rockabilly events include car shows that offer coveted prizes for various categories: Best Interior, Best Engine, Best Rat Rod, 3 Best Pinstriping, 4 and so on, with emphasis placed on customization, creativity, mechanical work, and attention to detail. One rockabilly published a comic book called Rockabilly Roadtrip that demonstrates how much craftsmanship is privileged within the community. The author explains the premise:. He often refers to his special talent as his superpower and rightfully so. Wroblewski, The predominance of car clubs and car shows within the rockabilly subculture today further illustrates how much these skills are respected and valued in this community.

But you can take that same car and turn it into something that looks sinister. I love that you can take an engine that was never meant to be fast, and with a little bit of elbow grease make it fast. Most of the cars were used, abused and then dumped off somewhere when the next big thing came along. Pin-up art and photography reached its height during WWII when soldiers pinned-up the sexually alluring images of models on their lockers. Nevertheless, rockabilly enthusiasts, who tend to be fans of many artifacts of American culture, have incorporated these performances into their subculture.

Most festivals, and even many regular nightly shows, feature pin-up fashion contests or burlesque routines, and rockabilly-lifestyle magazines often include a pin-up centerfold.

People were starting to break out of their understanding of sexuality. Bettie Page, with all her fetish and bondage stuff, it was like holy shit! There were senate hearings about it! People were really breaking out of the mold. Page stopped modeling not long after. Pants had been adopted by women during the war, as they went to work in place of the men, but only the most rebellious women turned this momentary necessity into a fashion trend after the war was over.

Many schools and parent teacher organizations, horrified by the tight, curve-enhancing, sexually-alluring capris, attempted to ban the types of fashion worn by rockabilly teenagers. When I ask women what they like about participating in this community, one of the most common responses is to describe how they find more acceptance in this group than they do in mainstream environments. I just liked the way she looked, because she was like me. Like Marilyn Monroe, too. They were bigger, curvy girls but they were so beautiful and there was nothing wrong with their physique.

We might be feeling fat or bloated that particular night. But then we remember burlesque is about loving all body types. All of a sudden, I had a little skip in my step and a confident stride!