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Of course, there is more to the story. Sam finally confesses because Kelly tells the group that she found a picture of the bus driver who dropped them off in West Ham, now called New Ham, and that she remembers seeing him at the school talking to some of their parents. The group theorize that the smell is linked to the bus driver and their parents. But, the final moments of the series do confirm two things: 1 the rest of the town is still alive 2 they think the children are missing, since they are wearing yellow ribbons. The reveal of the West Ham residents at the end of the season and the dog who can travel between New Ham and West Ham means that the New Ham group are on the right track with thinking their parents are responsible for their current predicament.

A strong possible source for the stench: bodies.

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Hopefully answers and more mysteries will be unearthed in a second season if The Society lands a season two renewal. Natalia Dyer groans. A group of singles looking for love on an island. Nope, this is not Bachelor in Paradise. Puck: Oh! You better watch out! He knows if you've been bad or good Joe with Finn and Puck: You better be good for goodness sake Finn: You better be good for goodness sake! Puck: You better watch out!


These are the real concerns that make Deadwood a masterpiece. David Milch created a sprawling, fastidiously detailed world in which to stage his gritty morality plays and with it has come as close as anyone to creating a novel on-screen. Garrett Martin. Six Feet Under is a television show that attempts to find reason and order in death, but then, in every episode, totally fails.

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And yet, somehow Six Feet Under is never morbid, instead concerned with celebrating the lives of its ensemble however they happen to play out, sensitive to the fact that though they run a funeral home, they have as little insight into the meaning of life as anyone else navigating modernity at the turn of the century. Dom Sinacola. With its sunny, colorful visual palate masking an undeniable undercurrent of melancholy, the show was certainly never afraid to wear its heart painfully on its sleeve.

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At its heart, Twin Peaks was a detective story, with Dale Cooper Kyle Maclachan , a stalwart, by-the-book FBI agent, descending upon a small logging town of Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of a young woman. But since this was a TV series conceived using the weird and wonderful visions of David Lynch , it wound up being so much more. Like its nearest antecedent, Blue Velvet , it explores the weirdness that lies beneath the surface of Anytown U. The horror of the show came in with the supernatural underpinnings of this storyline, with the killer of Laura Palmer Sheryl Lee potentially being an otherworldly force that goes by the name of Bob.

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And it only made those moments when things did go sour feel that much worse. The final years of Cheers were when all these characters got to shine, especially Rhea Perlman as Carla and Kelsey Grammer, who joined the cast full-time before spinning off into Frasier. The finale episode received mixed reactions at the time, but nostalgia has pushed it into favorable territory, especially given the happy endings that most characters receive. Sam decides not to get married and stays with the bar.

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It is, of course, his one true love. Jim Vorel. Over the course its six-season run, The Americans completed a remarkable evolution , beginning and ending as a blisteringly suspenseful spy drama. The audience is dropped in media res as Janet Tyler lies hospitalized with gauze wrapped around her head. The slow unwrapping of the gauze is possibly the most tense moment in the entire series, and the surprise that follows has left an indelible mark on television and audiences alike.

Darren Orf. The Sopranos brilliantly and believably explored this dynamic, turning the crime-drama on its head and taking dysfunction to the extreme in the process. As unfathomable as their world was, the characters of this tragic, beautifully arcing modern epic were so real that they became like family to us, too.

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Steve LaBate. Everyone is conflicted and compromised. But no other cultural enterprise and certainly no television show has shown us precisely how the infrastructure has collapsed, forcing us to consider the impossible decisions required for repair. Amidst the rubble of a failed city, Simon created an engrossing human drama about the eternal struggle between aspiration and desperation, ambition and resignation;in other words, the fight for the American Dream. Nick Marino. Share Tweet Submit Pin.

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