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All I can say about this woman and plot line is Another problem with the plot is that all this mayhem took up quite a bit of space in the book, such that very little time was spent on the relationship between the two main characters. Basically, while trying to find the murderer they try to find time to get married, then to shag each other 'cause it's not easy to find time to shag when you're trying to find a really dumb killer and clumsy killer, is it? Basically, we were never shown WHAT these two characters had in common.

We were told that they had grown up together, and a single flashback type of scene is shown where the main male character tells the main female character he is leaving the estate, he tells her he cares about her. An earlier scene where she befriends him when she arrives at the estate as a child is also shown. We are never shown what they have in common though, and are simply TOLD that they spent a whole lot of time together and were each other's only friend.

When we meet them as adults, the book spends all its time detailing a ridiculous murder plot and getting the two characters into bed, but spends very little time showing WHY these two people would care for each other. Me wanting to be done with this stupid plot was like Kinda boring. Sep 29, Lexie rated it liked it Shelves: review-blog-pr , first-in-series.

The synopsis makes this sound a bit more mystery laden then it is. I enjoyed this book, I got through it in about 3 hours and even for a romance that's rather quick for me. It keeps up a slick pace, not slowing down after the intial chapter or so of obligatory flashbacks to how the two met, their childhood problems etc. I had some trouble grasping why the author felt she needed to tell us The synopsis makes this sound a bit more mystery laden then it is. I had some trouble grasping why the author felt she needed to tell us, many times, that Julianna was 'Independent'.

Her actions were quite capable and she had proven that she was able to stand on her own feet with a respectable job. Some minor quibbles with the above synopsis--her one cousin, Crandall, was definately a malicious boy, but her other, Serephina, was more selfish then cruel and did seem to be genuinely happy to see her again when they met once more. Nicholas was the primary suspect for all of two seconds, but with all the enemies the deceased had his was the most minor and understandable problem.

Julianna, as I mentioned earlier, is quite competent as a companion, but once Nicholas entered her life again she seemed to have forgotten much of the decorum and common sense she had learned in the 15 years hence. Nicholas for his part argues--both to Julianna and privately to himself--that he isn't a good man, that he's wicked, but he hadn't done anything horrendous.

Especially not in light of what his Uncle and Cousin did on a routine basis. He smuggled, he did some espionage for the Crown, did a little whoring The both of them were rather bland seperate from each other and marginally interesting when together because they were both convinced the other wanted nothing more then to be siblings!

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The passion was just sort of there, didn't really effect me. The only other problem I had was that closer to the end I felt like the author tried to make the twist as off the wall as possible. I was truly interested in figuring out who had the deceased killed, but I was left feeling dissatisfied with the end result. It brought to light some disturbing family secrets that made little sense to be included. Some of the secondary characters were interesting, though shortly lived.

Julianna's friend Lady Scarborough was interesting and her servants and adopted children were all interesting sounding as well. I would have liked more about them, but sadly they left for Italy and that was the last of them. I liked Fiona, the younger daughter of Julianna's employer, but again she was gone as soon as Julianna left that family. The ones who stuck around--Nicholas's family--were standard 'evil relations'. Selfish, neglectful, jealous All in all I enjoyed the book and rec it if you want a romance that is mostly light and straight forward.

Apr 24, kris rated it it was ok. Juliana and Nicholas were bffs back in the day; they haven't seen each other for 15 years. Due to Nicholas's attentions, Juliana gets fired, and they end up engaged. This book is basically mediocre. A lot of the standard writing issues: more telling than showing; some repeated information; a reliance upon ridiculous metaphors that are mostly hilarity and nonsense.

One of the things that really bothered me, however, Juliana and Nicholas were bffs back in the day; they haven't seen each other for 15 years. There is one chapter and a handful of POV switches to Nicholas's perspective. Which was But then it just goes away because it's HEA time, folks! I didn't mind Juliana all that much. She had moments where I almost liked her, but most of the time I was merely tolerating her.

Was her brown hair too straight, too thick, too ordinary? Or was it that her face was unexceptional, the eyebrows too straight, her nose and mouth pretty but not eye-catching? Ahahah, what the hell was that murder mystery even. View all 4 comments. Feb 01, Qtpham85 rated it liked it. I hate to say it, but it was kinda boring Mar 12, Holley rated it liked it. Somehow, I didn't like it as much as others by this author.

The murder mystery part was pretty secondary to the plot, but that isn't unusual for a romance. The hero and heroine had a rough past, but they were likeable characters. I will continue to read other works by this author because this is the first book I haven't really loved. Interesting Actually a study of a dysfunctional family during the Regency or Victorian period, maybe. It makes you wonder what the generation before was like , but is it clear study of how a parent's treatment of a child can warps them. Good plot, good character development. Dec 07, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance.

There are pages. Juliana Holcott and Nicholas Barre lived together as children, both were taken in by relatives due to dire circumstances. When Nicholas was sixteen he left and Juliana had to fend for herself. As adults ,Nicholas became the heir and Juliana became a paid companion. After years of apart the childhood friends are reunited. When Nicholas goes out of his way to spend time with his old An Independent Woman written by Candace Camp and published by Harlequin was published in When Nicholas goes out of his way to spend time with his old friend, it causes Juliana to lose her job.

Nicholas, never able to trust anyone other than Juliana, proposes to Juliana.

But, the marriage would be platonic. At first the old friendship is comfortable as always, but Juliana finds herself attracted to Nicholas as a man, not just as a friend. Nicholas also begins to find himself dealing with new feelings for his old friend. On the day of the wedding, with the only family they have in attendance, a murder is committed. Juliana and Nicholas must attempt to discover who committed the crime. I loved this story. Childhood friends that leaned on each other are reunited and discover their love is much deeper than they realized.

Once the background is established, a murder is committed that is a real whodunit. I must say that after reading several releases in historical romance, I am relieved to finally find a regency period historical romance novel that is done right. Thankfully, this novel was free of language that a lady would never use in this time period, the romance was sweet and the sexual content took place after the marriage, and no one was tied up or spanked.

Very refreshing! Overall an A Nicholas foge e se passa 15 anos ate que Juliana e ele se reencontrem. Scott Fitzgerald Fiction Books. Arrow Left Arrow Right. Item 1 of 0. Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world by J. Mark G. Williams Non-Fiction Books. Covey Non-Fiction Books. Bestselling Children's Books Where's the Unicorn? What's Happening to Me?

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Giraffes Can't Dance: International No. Rowling Children's Books. When that time arrives Cleo is on the fast track to success at a D. Holiday Hideout is an entertaining read. None of these stories made me want to corner friends, demanding they had to read this book, but the anthology is a pleasurable way to spend an hour or two. Readers who believe in love at first sight may not be bothered by this.

Surprisingly, my favorite was the story by Kenner, an author I had not read previously. I always fall for reunion stories, and I thought this story had great sentimental appeal. The magic cottage seemed contrived, and the characterization of the Vickers inconsistent.

What are your favorite tropes for contemporary love stories? Do you believe in love at first sight?

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Do you read Christmas anthologies? By Debbie Macomber. Publisher: Mira. Release Date: September 27, Olivia and company make appearances in the final book as do most of the other characters from the long-running series. The focus of the twelfth book is Beth Morehouse for whom Christmas is unusually hectic given the success of her Christmas tree farm, the anticipated arrival of her two daughters, and the responsibility for ten lab mix puppies that need homes.

As if life were not chaotic enough, her college-aged daughters, scheming to reunite their divorced parents, have manipulated both parents into agreeing that dad will spend the holidays with the family. It is fitting that a series which has devoted so much attention to marriage in all its stages should end with the focus on Beth and her ex Kent whose divorce was free of drama and recriminations. Readers have an opportunity to be updated on the changes in the lives of their favorites, all of whom we feel certain will continue to live happily.

You will note that I gave the book two grades. I loved the book. Even though some of the inclusions of earlier characters seemed contrived, I was so delighted to see the characters that I barely blinked as the numbers rolled on.

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I expect most fans of the series will react in a similar manner. But this is not a book for a reader new to the series. I can only imagine that such a reader would be confused and irritated by the more than sixty characters. New readers will do better to start with the first book and enjoy the full journey. How do you feel about Christmas books? Have you read any of the releases?

Friday, October 14, A Person of Influence. Many readers of romance fiction are not part of online communities, but the number of such communities and the activity on these sites offer evidence that the web plays a big part in the reading lives of many romance fans. And in all these places--and more--readers and writers are talking good and bad about romance novels—and exerting influence. I never intended Just Janga to be a review site.

An Independent Woman (Women and Men, #1) by Candace Camp

I wanted to share my ideas about what I was reading or rereading, my struggles as a yet-to-be-published writer of romance fiction, and topics related, sometimes loosely, to these activities. But I find myself doing more reviews, so many that several months ago I began posting twice a week with Tuesdays devoted to reviews. I also serve as a frequent guest reviewer at The Romance Dish , post reviews on GoodReads , and sometimes blog at Heroes and Heartbreakers. I find Facebook overwhelming, but I tweet almost every day. I talk about books—a lot. I choose to talk only about books I like. You are persons of influence too.

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Some of the books I have most enjoyed over recent years have been recommendations from some of you. Do you glow or glower when you talk about books on the web? Does snark make you grin or grimace? Are you influenced by reviews? Labels: book reviews , Readers Influence , romance novels. I was excited to see that several of my favorite authors had stories in the collection. Some of the stories I liked best were by authors new to me. The collection contains historicals and contemporaries, romances, gothic tales, mysteries, and fantasies, each one affirming Jane Austen as influence and inspiration.

You can check out excerpts here. What's your favorite Jane Austen novel? How do you feel about Austen spinoffs? Labels: Jane Eyre. Only Yours. By Susan Mallery. Publisher: HQN. Release Date: August 30, A hospital visit with a rambunctious canine called Fluffy leads to a stormy confrontation with Dr. Simon Bradley. Prepared for a professional relationship, Simon is blindsided by the powerful attraction he feels for the sunny-natured Montana. Physically and emotionally scarred by an abusive childhood and an isolated adolescence, Simon is a loner who defines himself by his medical practice, flying all over the world to treat burn victims.

He has no family, few friends, and no place he calls home. Their differences add to the attraction, but they also magnify the obstacles that stand in the way of an HEA. Montana is a delight and her openness, compassion, and joy are exactly what Simon needs.