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For correct placement, remember that red is on the right , and blue is on the bottom. Colours are more neutral and grey toward the centre of the colour space, along the L axis. Imagine that equivalent values of the opposing colours are cancelling each other out, reducing the saturation and intensity of those colours.

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The most saturated colours are at the extremes of the a and b axes, in both the large positive and negative numbers. For a visual depiction of the Lab colour space, open the ColorSync application found in the Utilities folder of any Macintosh computer and view one of the default profiles such as Adobe RGB. That yardstick is the Delta E measurement. Delta, the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet and symbolized as a triangle, is used in science to indicate difference.

Delta E is the difference between two colours designated as two points in the Lab colour space. With values assigned to each of the L, a, and b attributes of two colours, we can use simple geometry to calculate the distance between their two placements in the Lab colour space see Figure 4. How do we do that? It looks a lot like the formula used to determine the long side of a right triangle that you may remember from high school geometry.

We square the difference between each of the L, a, and b values; add them all together; and take the square root of that sum.

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Colour 1 has a Lab value of 51,2,2 and Colour 2 is 50,0,0 right at the centre of the colour space :. The Delta E difference between our two colours is 3.

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Could we detect that difference if we were viewing those two colours? Probably just barely. The minimum Delta E for seeing a difference is about 2. Smaller differences can normally be detected in neutral colours such as our samples , while more saturated colours require a slightly larger Delta E. A Delta E of 4 is the upper threshold for acceptable machine repeatability or consistency. Delta E provides a value indicating the overall difference between two colours. To understand how the colours are different, we have to evaluate the comparative L, a, and b differences independently.

Delta E numbers exaggerate the differences in yellows and compress our perceptual distance between blues. My body is the tabernacle of God. Mentally, I go throughout the tabernacle lighting the candles in each room. The light of love from the Father illuminates the main room. As I move from room to room, I light the candle that brightens its darkness.

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I light the candles of peace in each room. Forgiveness is the brightest light that brings the gentle presence of God with his awareness of my story.

The candle of joy is lit and affirms the power of His indwelling presence that will never leave or forsake me. The rooms are filled with comfort as the light illuminates the deep grief and loss I have no words for ….

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Then there is the candle of hope, the certainty of a God who will always keep all of His promises. I then awaken to the joy of the house I live in and continually listen to the counsel I receive. Your Story Matters. Home About. With God we will gain the victory, and he will trample down our enemies. Posted by Terry Sanford Smith.

I Believe January 21, The book of Proverbs has fathered me giving counsel and insight into love, money, sex and power.

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In Psalm 33 he speaks of intimacy with those whose hope is in His unfailing love. These two Psalms read slowly and thoughtfully out loud take a person to the inner chamber of the soul. The mysterious place is where God dwells in the heart of everyone. Be still and listen. She brings the joy! Awake Expecting January 8, Hope against hope was the surprise that is not only for me but is for everyone. These reflections came in response to Psalm 8, 38, 68, 98 and He discovers the freedom to be Louis Zamperini. No resolutions just one word.

This word brings clarity and understanding as I look into the heart of God through the light of His Son. May this be the best year of your life. One day at a time, walking after love, as revealed in the daily practice of interacting with the passion and compassionate heart of God, that is light to me. If you have chosen a word for the New Year, would you share that word with me in your reply?

Thank you! Worthless Idols December 31, There is power in naming the enemies and becoming aware of the enemies that lie in the unconscious.

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