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    Since the attending cardiologist had no knowledge of Time Lord physiology, she accidentally killed him. Jun 19, Jun 18, Dec 25, Nov 24, Period: Oct 29, to Nov 24, The causes of regeneration, especially amongst Time Lords, were many and varied. They ran the gamut from simple desire to change, to life-threatening maladies which typically resulted in human death. The following are the known causes of regeneration of specific Time Lords. Andragogia, Andragogos y sus aportaciones.


    Did you find it difficult to pace that story across the whole season? Not really. I guess it was tricky at times, but it was the normal challenges of not repeating yourself and exploring.

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    We did what we intended to do at the beginning, and it was important that we not do it fast, that we explore what would be involved in that. We made one of our characters sick, and it just felt like a natural different type of story for our show to tell. After telling this long story about a main character being sick over a season, have you thought about trying to do that with a new patient next season, where you have an arc instead of just a one-off?

    It certainly makes sense for us to sometimes have a patient whose story line lasts over more than one episode. That was our regular character. Bringing in a new patient and having it go that long?

    Doctor on Toast (Doctor) by Richard Gordon

    Obviously, against the backdrop of that, what we want to do [explore is], how does that reflect on other characters and what other characters reflect back on Shaun? Why was it important to give Claire her own Shaun-like epiphany in the finale? God knows she deserved a moment like that. Superficially, it would appear to be a show about Dr.

    Shaun Murphy, a young man with autism, learning to navigate this world and learning from the people around him how to navigate this world, and how to be a better person, a better doctor.

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    So, this seemed like a golden opportunity [to ask], how do we function when we lose Shaun, and what have we learned from Shaun? In the finale, we lose Shaun for a little while. Was this a one-off thing for Claire, or will we see her get those visions next season too?