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At the turn of the century, urban areas began using more electricity for appliances like street lamps; however, only the wealthy were having it installed throughout their homes.

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In the more rural areas, electricity was virtually non-existent, which kept drivers of electric cars close to home. Still, the "sphere of usefulness" of electric vehicles was within the city, while gas vehicles could go between cities. At the turn of the century, 40 percent of American automobiles were powered by steam, 38 percent by electricity, and 22 percent by gasoline.

The electric car burst onto the scene in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Sales of electric cars peaked in Eventually, the expense of running an electric vehicle vs a gas-powered car became a decisive blow to the EV. The first filling station cropped up in St. Louis in Standard Oil of California now Chevron built its first in in Seattle. The history of electric cars is too as old as that of I. In fact, earlier at the starting electric engines were among the preferred method for automobile propulsion. There were several reasons like:. In the famous Tesla motors started its manufacturing unit of electric vehicles and after four years in delivered the first Tesla Roadster to a customer.

The History of the Electric Car

In its global sale surpassed , units. But the alliance of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi gave it a heavy competition by achieving a milestone sale of , units of electric vehicles by October From the futuristic point of view and considering the environmental factors many countries have planned to ban gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles in future.

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The countries and their decided years are:. If you want to explore more about the cost of ownership of electric vehicles it is explained in our other blog you can go there by clicking. Kimball of Fred M.

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Kimball Company. The Electric Construction Corporation thus gains a monopoly on the production of electric cars in the coming decade. The car may also be the first land vehicle steered with a wheel. Morrison, a chemist, moved to Iowa from Scotland in Morris and chemist Pedro G.

The History of Electric Vehicles Began in 1830

It has a top speed of 15 mph and uses a lead acid battery. It goes into production the following year, Implemented by Hartford Electric Light Company, the service is initially available for electric trucks.

Ferdinand Porsche, 23 years old, builds his first car, the Lohner Electric Chaise. It has a hub motor at each driving wheel and is reportedly the first front-wheel-drive car in the world.

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Picture below. He reaches a top speed of It is produced by Baker Motor Vehicle Company. Ferdinand Porsche builds second car, a hybrid with an electric range of 40 miles. It is also the first vehicle to utilize a safety belt. He later builds an even more powerful vehicle, but he crashes into the crowd at Staten Island Speedway, killing two spectators, and never races again.

His mph record stands for 64 years. The Detroit Electric Model C coupe comes with a special baby seat. Ironically, this harms the electric car market, as gasoline-powered cars can now be easily and quickly started without having to use a hand crank. Electric car sales would slowly taper off over the coming years. Anderson, 75 years old and in poor health, sells his Detroit Electric company.

The last entirely new Detroit Electric was likely sold in anyway. The Amitron introduces regenerative braking. Pictured above. GM President Roger Smith also announces that GM will produce electric cars for the consumer market which finally happens in , but the car is only available to lease.