Guide Life on the Rocks: One Womans Adventures in Petroglyph Preservation

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Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Katherine Wells's obsession with petroglyphs images pecked on stone began in the s.

The large boulders on the property contained many examples of rock art from previous Native inhabitants and the lure was overwhelming. Wells describes the beginning of her new life and her exploration of the petroglyphs on her new land. In addition to discovering all she could about her surroundings, Wells worked with Dennis to design and construct three buildings on their property, each constructed of straw bales.

After many years of work to protect the petroglyphs on Mesa Prieta, Wells recently gave the land described in Life on the Rocks to the Archaeological Conservancy. Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Katherine Wells's obsession with petroglyphs images pecked on stone began in the s. Product Details About the Author. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

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Life on the Rocks

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