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Bon appetit! Why not do something nice for ramen in return — dress it up! Nuke until the sugar dissolves, about 1 minute. Mix well and let cool. Crush the ramen noodles in the packages, and then pour them into the salad dressing. Add water according to the directions on the ramen package and nuke for 4 minutes, or until the veggies are hot.

Add the seasoning packet and eat. Cover with water and stir in the seasoning packet. Nuke for 4 minutes, remove from the microwave, and add the peanut butter and chili sauce, mixing well. NOTE: Best when served topped with fresh bean sprouts and crushed peanuts. Add the seasoning packet and nutri- tional yeast and stir. Add the margarine and a sprinkle with the garlic powder, salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast.

Stir together and eat. Cover with a lid and nuke for 3 minutes. Remove from the microwave. Cover and nuke for 5 minutes, stirring halfway through. Remove and drain. Put the noodles back in the casserole dish, add the chili and the undrained tomatoes, and toss well. Cover and return to the microwave, nuking for S minutes or until hot throughout.

Remove from the microwave, sprinkle with the cheese, replace the cover, and let stand until the cheese melts. Okay, so maybe not. In a series of comparative endurance tests conducted by Dr. Irving Fisher of Yale University, vegetarians performed twice as well as meat-eaters. When Dr. Pop in the microwave for 1 minute, or until warm. Add liberally to cooked rice or pasta. Use on salads or to dip bread in.

Serve over mixed greens or the salad of your choice. Refrigerate until serving. With the blender running, gradually add the oil until the mixture starts to thicken. Continue blending until thick- ened and smooth. Transfer to ajar and store in the refrigerator. Mix the veggies, crumbles, and veggie broth in a bowl. Top with mashed potatoes, sprinkle on salt and pepper, and nuke for another minute, or until hot.

Pour the soy sauce into a bowl and set aside. In another bowl, combine the cracker crumbs, garlic powder, and pepper. Dip the chicken in the soy sauce and then roll in the seasoned crumbs, coating evenly. Arrange on a plate and cover with paper towels. Microwave on high for S minutes or until hot.

Serve with your favorite dipping sauce from the last chapter. Cover and nuke until hot, about 4 minutes, stirring occasionally. Transfer to a medium-sized bowl. Fold in the beans. Nuke for 2 to 3 minutes, or until hot, stirring halfway through. Fill the taco shells with the tofu mixture and top with your favorite taco toppers. Add everything else, except the sour cream, soy milk, and rice or noodles, to the bowl and nuke for 3 minutes, or until hot, stirring halfway through. Mix in the sour cream and soy milk right before serving.

Serve over rice or noodles. Stir and repeat until thoroughly cooked. Drain completely. Put the cheese, veggie burger crumbles, salt, pepper, mayonnaise, and water in a large bowl and stir together. Nuke for 1 minute. Stir, add the noodles, and nuke for 1 more minute, or until hot. When the ingredients have blended, add the lentils and peanuts. Serve portions on top of the washed romaine leaves. Makes 6 servings. Combine the beans, salsa reserving a small bit to top off the burritos , meat, and cheese in bowl and nuke for about 2 minutes, or until hot.

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Nuke the tortillas between two damp paper towels for a few seconds to warm and soften. Spoon the mixture into the tortillas, top with some salsa, roll up, and eat. Pour the mixture into a large ziplock bag, add the chicken, and let marinate for 30 minutes. Place on a plate and nuke for 2 minutes.

Optional: These are great on their own or served with rice. Warm the tortillas in the microwave for 10 seconds. Top each tortilla with the rice, broccoli, chicken, cheese, and salsa , roll into a burrito, and enjoy! Stir until completely melted you might need to nuke it for another 10 seconds or so. Add the flour and stir. Add the soup, soy sauce, and garlic powder, and stir until thoroughly mixed. Nuke for 2 minutes. Add the oil and nutritional yeast and stir until smooth. Pour the sauce into a small casserole dish, add the green beans and half the can of French onions, and stir to coat.

Nuke for 5 minutes. Top with the remaining onions and then nuke for 5 minutes. No problem! Stuff your stomach with this super-easy lasagna and get your Italian fix. Nuke sausage in the microwave for 2 minutes or until warm. Drain the artichoke hearts, cut into pieces and set aside. Cover the bottom of a large bowl with pasta sauce. Toss in all of the ingredients and top with the remaining pasta sauce.

Nuke for 5 minutes, or until hot. Add a few drops of hot sauce and then sprinkle with garlic powder. Add the cheese and veggies if desired and nuke for about 30 seconds, or until the cheese is melted. This easy- to-make and downright impressive-looking dish is a sure thing, so how about laying off the cheap cologne there, Ace? Add the tomatoes and stir. Repeat the layers, then top with the remaining tortilla chips and cheese. Cover the dish with waxed paper or a lid and nuke for 7 minutes. Uncover and nuke for 4 more minutes, or until heated thoroughly.

A good burn, though — not the kind that sends you to the campus clinic. Split the cooked rice between two bowls, then add half of the mixture to each bowl of rice and mix well. There are always noodles hiding in your cupboard. Cook on high for 5 minutes, stir, and repeat until tender.

Drain the excess water. Set the drained pasta aside. Cut open the bag of chicken strips and place in the microwave. Cook for 2 minutes, or until heated through. Pour the pasta on a plate and top with the diced tomatoes, chicken, salt, and pepper. Heat for 1 more minute and voila! Add the corn, water chestnuts, and bamboo shoots and nuke for an additional 2 minutes. Add soy sauce and place veggies on top of rice.

In a small bowl, pour lime juice over sliced avocado to prevent browning.


Spread 3 tablespoons of the cream cheese mix on each tortilla, place 2 rows of spinach leaves in the center of each tortilla, then top each row with avocado, corn, and black olives. Roll the tortillas up tightly. Top with salsa. Feel free to wipe your mouth on your sleeve. Take out and set aside.

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Cook the broccoli in the microwave for 4 minutes, or until heated. Mix the broccoli and rice together and add salt and pepper as needed. Divide in half and plop in the middle of the two lettuce leaves. Roll them up into burritos and eat. Add the peas and tomatoes to the cooked rice and sprinkle on some garlic powder and salt. Mix together and eat. Stir before serving. Divide in half and place in the taco shells. Top with lettuce, salsa, and sour cream. He forces them into submission. Spoon the mixture onto the tortillas, roll them up tightly, and top with salsa.

Good news: Noshing on these zesty, protein-packed nachos will nix your chances of nodding off before you finish the footnotes. Stir in the remaining ingredients and serve with tortilla chips. Squash those mad 'mogwai munchies with this sweet and tangy rice dish. Put in a large resealable bag with the chicken and shake.

Let sit in fridge for 30 minutes. Put on a plate and nuke for 30 seconds. Great alone or served with rice. Add the water and taco seasoning. Scoop into the tortillas and add other fixings according to your taste, like lettuce, tomatoes, etc. These creamy, comforting noodles have been proven to heal a variety of ailments, including but not limited to: failed tests, homesickness, hang- overs, and cafeteria food-induced starvation. Drain and set aside. Mix together the remaining ingredients in a separate bowl and nuke for 1 minute. Place the noodles on a plate and top with the sauce.

Uh, yeah. Should you? Hell, no! Nuke for 5 minutes, stir, and repeat until thoroughly cooked. Remove from the microwave, drain, and set aside. Break the sausage into bite-size pieces. Place in another bowl along with the garlic powder, olive oil, Italian herbs, salt, and pepper. Nuke for approximately 5 minutes, or until the sausage is sizzling. Pour in the jar of sauce. Cover loosely with plastic wrap and nuke for 1 to 2 minutes, or until hot, stirring halfway through.

Toss the spaghetti with the sauce and serve. Need a hint, Romeo? Meanwhile, mix the oil, tomatoes, salt, and garlic powder. Take the spaghetti out of the microwave, drain, and toss onto a plate. Add the margarine to the oil mixture and microwave until the margarine is melted. Pour over the spaghetti and toss. Nuke on high for 2 minutes. In another, smaller container, mix the salsa and the nutritional yeast together and heat for 1 minute.

Arrange the chips on a plate and top with the beans, salsa-yeast mixture, diced tomatoes, chives, lettuce, and sour cream. Place the slices of cheese on the tortilla and then top with the other tortilla. Microwave for 1 minute or until cheese is melted. Just be sure to supplement with plenty of soda, coffee, and spontaneous sleep deprivation- induced dorm room dance parties for a balanced diet.

Spoon 2 tablespoons each of the cheddar- and mozzarella-style cheeses over the tortilla. Cover with the turkey slices. Spread the sauce over the turkey and top with the remaining cheeses. Place the second tortilla on top. Allow to cool before cutting into wedges. Add lemon, soy sauce, and garlic to the tofu and mix until well-coated. Serve over microwave rice or eat as is. Remove from the microwave and drain. Put back in the bowl, add the sauce and the crumbles, and nuke for 1 minute. Loaded with tons of faux meat and smothered in mouthwatering BBQ sauce, cheating never tasted so good! Remove from the microwave and cut up the chicken.

Add the BBQ sauce to the bowl and stir. Dump onto the prepared pizza and chow down. NOTE: If you're lucky enough to have soy cheese at your local pizzeria, or frozen pizzas at a nearby grocery made with soy cheese, you should definitely get one of those to go with all this meat!

Cook the beans for 30 seconds and set aside. Then heat up the tortillas for 10 seconds each or until soft. Top the tortillas with the rice, beans, lettuce, and tomatoes, then roll up and top with salsa. Mix the soy milk and nutritional yeast together in the same bowl you used for the macaroni.

Add the macaroni back in, along with the margarine. Mix well. If too thick, add a splash more of soy milk; if too thin, add another tablespoon of nutritional yeast. Add the salt, pepper, and garlic powder. In a bowl, combine all of the remaining ingredients. Heat in the microwave for 2 minutes, or until warm. Take out and mix in the rice. Place the shredded cheese in another bowl and nuke until it gets slightly melty. Add the broth and sour cream to the melty cheese and stir until well-mixed, then mix in the green beans and ham.

Add the tots and stir until everything is mixed together. Take a serving from the bowl and put on a plate, then microwave for about 3 minutes or until hot. Repeat with remaining servings, and eat. Just as smooth, but a little cornier. It may take several minutes to completely pulverize the corn. Pour the blended mixture into a bowl and set aside. Break fettuccine in half, submerge in water and heat in the microwave for S minutes; stir and repeat until tender. Drain the water, put the pasta on a plate and pour the sauce over top. Heat in the microwave for another minute, or until warm.

Sprinkle each portion with pepper. Add the tomatoes, salsa, and lettuce, and eat with tortilla chips. Cook the veggies in the microwave according to the package directions. Layer the rice, veggies, and chicken in a bowl and top with soy sauce. Spoon half of the mixture into a large microwave-safe dish. Spread the sour cream on top. Layer half of the salsa and half of the cheese over the sour cream. Sprinkle with the remaining rice mixture, salsa, and cheese. Cover loosely with plastic wrap. Nuke for 8 minutes, or until heated through.

Nuke for 1 minute, or until the onions are golden. In a square baking dish or a glass pie plate, nuke the margarine and olive oil for 1 minute. Add the uncooked rice, stirring to coat with oil. Cover with a paper towel to prevent spattering and cook for 4 minutes. Pour the broth into the rice and stir.

Nuke for 9 minutes. Stir, then cook for another 9 minutes. Remove from the microwave and immediately stir in the nutri- tional yeast. Enjoy them as part of a meal, or let them stand alone in all their glory. Add the strawberries and mix until smooth. Soy to the world! Add the remaining soy milk and the nondairy whipping cream, mixing well. Stir in the vanilla, salt, and nutmeg. Refrigerate overnight. Sweeten with some sugar. How will you celebrate? A chocolate shake, of course! Toss them, and all of the other ingredients, into a blender, and puree for 2 to 3 minutes.

Serve immediately. Chill in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Before serving, combine with the ginger ale in a punch bowl. Garnish with the orange slices. Treat yourself to this sweet shake. You seriously deserve it. Put the ice cream, soy milk, and strawberries in a blender and blend until smooth. And if you start whipping up these dips for parties, the invites you receive will quickly quadruple. We highly recommend that first part.

The second — not so much. Using your hands, squeeze out all the water. Let sit for a couple of hours, allowing the flavors to blend. Cut the top off the bread and scoop out the middle, making a bowl. Serve the dip in the bread bowl and cut the bread you scooped out into chunks for dipping. Guaranteed to solve even the biggest of edible complexes. Serve with tortilla chips.

Introducing homemade orange chicken sauce

Add the tofu, mayonnaise, and approximately 1 tablespoon of Old Bay. Top with another sprinkle of Old Bay and serve warm with crackers. Chop up the artichoke hearts. Mix all the ingredients, except for the bagel chips, together in a bowl. Nuke for 3 minutes, or until bubbly. Serve with bagel chips — and try not to eat all the dip yourself.

Add the salsa, lemon juice, and onion powder. Stir well and refrigerate before serving. Spread onto the bottom of a 9-inch pie plate or other dish. Layer the beans, guacamole, salsa, lettuce, cheese, chives, and olives over the cream cheese mixture. Cover and refrigerate for a least 1 hour. Dash seasoning 2 slices vegan cheese 1 tablespoon black pepper 1 bag Fritos Put the chili, Mrs. Dash, cheese, and black pepper into a big bowl and nuke for 2 minutes. Stir, then use Fritos for scooping. Guaranteed to turn any party into a sausage fest. Heat in the micro- wave for 3 minutes, or until hot.

Remove from the microwave and stir. Nuke for another minute or two. Stir again before serving with your fave chips. Add the cilantro and salsa, and mix it all together. Season with salt and eat. Serve with chips, on top of nachos, in burritos, or by itself. Top with the guac, then the tomatoes, and then the olives. Sprinkle with some pepper and serve with chips! Serve with crackers. So lose your drawers and hope that the only thing chilly is the dip. Serve with raw veggies or potato chips. Stir before serving with corn tortilla chips.

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  • Add the soup mix, pepper, and cream cheese, and stir together thoroughly. Nuke again, uncovered, for 3 minutes, stirring frequently. Stir in the sour cream and the bacon bits. Nuke, uncovered, for 3 minutes, or until heated through, stirring once. Serve with crackers or rye bread. After a day at the beach the last thing you want to do is cook, so munch on this delicious dip instead. Stir in the nuts, if using. Serve with the apple slices. Bad idea. Pulling a fast one on your friends with this recipe? Great idea! Cover and chill for several hours or overnight. Makes 4 servings NOTE: If you have a toaster oven, make chips to serve with the fruit salsa by brushing flour tortillas with melted vegan margarine, then sprinkling with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.

    Is your stomach growling so loudly you can hear it over your iPod? Or do you just want to impress the people that keep wandering in and out of your room? You know what we mean — all of a sudden everyone is your best friend when you have tasty-looking food. Spread the mixture on the deli slices and roll up. Use a toothpick to hold together. Add the mayonnaise and lemon juice, and stir. Refrig- erate for at least 30 minutes before serving.

    Place in the bun and top with the chili, mustard, and dill relish. Serve with onion rings or French fries. Big deal. Now you Hr can brag to your buddies that you can take out a whole pizza in one bite. Take out of the microwave and mix in the pizza sauce. Place the crackers on a baking sheet with a lip and pour the oil mixture over the crackers, sprinkling them with more garlic powder and onion powder.

    Let sit for 10 minutes, mix, then let sit for an additional 20 minutes. Mix again and eat. Hearty enough for hard-core gamers and enough to feed an entire army of avatars. Put the mixture in a large resealable bag and add the chicken. Shake the bag like crazy to coat the chicken. Remove from the bag, put on a plate, and nuke for 1 minute. Dip in salsa. How do you think Mark Twain got so much tail? Take the corn out of the microwave with your oven mitts or other hand-protecting device and shuck the corn. Repeat with the other two ears of corn.

    Put the shucked corn on a plate and top with salt, pepper, and margarine, or just eat it plain. Oh, wait. Cover and nuke for 6 minutes, or until almost tender.

    Thai Chicken Wraps with Spicy Peanut Sauce

    Sprinkle with lemon juice and season with salt and pepper. Nuke for 3 minutes or until hot. Mix in the remaining ingredients, except the bread. Nuke, uncovered, for 12 to 14 minutes, until the cheese melts. Stir to blend. Serve with bread cubes to dip into the fondue. In another bowl, mix the mayonnaise and the mustard. Spoon onto the cauliflower and top with the cheese. Nuke for an additional 2 minutes, or until the cheese is melted. Add the mushrooms, olives, and cheese. Top with pizza sauce and enjoy. Combine the wet and dry ingredients into a square casserole dish and mix until smooth.

    Plop the hot dogs in the mixture equal distance apart and pop in the microwave. Nuke on high for 5 minutes or until surface appears dry, rotating bowl after minutes. Let stand 5 minutes before serving. Cut into squares and serve with ketchup and mustard for dipping. Stir in the garlic and salt.

    Chicken Tandoori in Microwave Oven in hindi - My Kitchen My Dish

    Add the bread cubes, stirring gently to coat. Let cool. Store in an airtight container. The croutons will crisp as they cool. Drain and place them in a blender with the apple slices and puree. Top with some cinnamon before serving. Rolls of any kind, cut in half hamburger buns, hot dog buns, dinner rolls, etc.

    Sprinkle with a little garlic salt and dried oregano or parsley, if using. Nuke in a microwave for 15 seconds.

    Home - Piggly Wiggly

    Slice and toast the bread; when toasted, top with a spoonful of the spread. Pop them in the microwave until the cheese is melted. Our apologies to your roommate. Slice or tear apart however many veggie dogs you would like to use and place in the same bowl. Nuke for 3 minutes and eat. Add the olive oil and balsamic vinegar and stir, mixing well. Season with garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Toast the pita in toaster.

    Tear into smaller pieces. Dip into the tomato mixture, scooping some of the olives and tomatoes, and eat! Mix the salt and nutritional yeast together and sprinkle onto the broccoli. Add the margarine and nuke for 1 minute. Stir together and eat! Better load up on as much spinach as you can. Heat again for 30 seconds. Stir again. Add the thawed spinach and nuke for 1 minute. Stir and eat.

    This steamy veggie is guaranteed to get you some crunchy hippie-chick love. To serve, drizzle the vinaigrette over the asparagus and garnish with the chopped walnuts. Spray a glass loaf pan with cooking spray, then sprinkle the bottom and sides with crumbs. Spoon batter into pan and top with marga- rine, making sure top is evenly coated.

    Then add a light sprin- kling of cornflake crumbs. Nuke on medium heat for 9 minutes, then on high heat for 2 minutes. And much like that FWB thing you got going on, these beans may come back later to bite you in the ass. Cook this to impress your date. Cover and nuke for 4 minutes or until hot, stirring every minute or so. Add salt and pepper and eat. Toast the bread and cut each piece in half diagonally so you have two triangles.

    Take the bread out of the toaster and spread the tomato sauce on each slice. Tear up a slice of ham and place on top of the toast, then sprinkle the pine- apple on the toast and top with vegan cheese. Repeat process for each piece of toast. Pop in the microwave for 30 seconds or until cheese is melted. Like your side of the room — but much more tastefully done. Chop up the mushroom stems and combine with the margarine and chives in another dish.

    Nuke, uncovered, for 3 to 4 minutes, stirring twice. Add the bread- crumbs, stir, and set aside. Cover the mushroom caps and nuke for 2 to 3 minutes, or until nearly cooked, rotating the dish a half turn after the first minute. Stuff each cap with some of the breadcrumb mixture. Cover and nuke for 2 minutes, or until hot. Take out and top with the sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.

    Place in microwave and nuke until the cheese is melted. Add the margarine, garlic, and lemon juice. Cover with plastic wrap. Nuke for about 2 minutes, or until the margarine is melted and the spinach is wilted. Remove the plastic wrap and eat. This is definitely a good thing, since potatoes are delicious and filling. Potatoes are quick, tasty, and easy to make so be sure to always keep some on hand. Place in microwave for 5 minutes or until tender. Cut into cubes.

    In a large bowl, mix together the bacon bits, chives, vinegar, oil, and mustard. Toss the potatoes into the bowl and mix until the potatoes are well-coated. Add salt and pepper. Place in microwave for 8 minutes or until tender. In a large bowl, mix together the mayonnaise, mustard, celery, and chives. Add the potatoes and toss until well coated. Chill and serve.

    Nuke until tender all the way to the center, 12 to 15 minutes. Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, mix together the beans, toma- toes, oil, and salt. Nuke for about 2 to 3 minutes, until just heated through. When just cool enough to handle, cut each sweet potato lengthwise being careful not to cut all the way through , press open to make a well in the center, and spoon the bean mixture into the well. Top with some sour cream. Nuke on high for S minutes, or until tender. Take out of the microwave and cut in half.

    Top with the cheese and bacon bits. Place back in the microwave and nuke for another minute. Take out and top with the sour cream, salt, and pepper. Mix the mayo, spices, and relish in a medium-sized bowl. Let the potatoes rest in the microwave for a few minutes they will continue to cook. Remove the potatoes and cut into bite-sized pieces — usually halves and then eighths will do — carefully, as they may still be hot inside.

    Mix the potatoes with the sauce and enjoy! Nuke for about 6 minutes, or until soft but not mushy. Cut into small cubes once cooled. Nuke the tortilla for 10 seconds to soften. Toss the potatoes, diced avocado, and lettuce onto the tortilla. Season with salt and wrap up. Nuke on high for 5 to 6 minutes, or until softened. Remove from the micro- wave, cut into small cubes, and set aside.

    Nuke the beans in a microwave-safe dish for 2 minutes and remove. One at a time, nuke the tortillas for 10 seconds to soften. To make the burritos, put half the potato cubes and half the beans in the middle of each tortilla. Top each with half of the salsa and half of the guacamole or sour cream. Better take a study break with a plate of these delish fries! Empty the can of chili into a bowl and nuke for about 2 minutes, or until hot. Top the fries with chili and eat! Nuke on high for 5 minutes, or until tender. Mix the remaining ingredients together until a sauce is formed.

    Top the potatoes with the sauce and microwave for minutes or until the potatoes are tender. Nuke for S minutes, or until potatoes are tender. Remove from the micro- wave and cut in half lengthwise when cool enough to handle. Use a large spoon to scoop out the inside of the potato, leaving the skin intact. Place the scoopings into a bowl. Stir the chives, sour cream, and cheese into the scooped-out part of the potato.

    Season with garlic powder, salt, and pepper and mix well. Nuke for 2 to 3 minutes, or until heated through. Scoop the mixture back into the potato skin and eat. Place the potato wedges on a microwave-safe plate and pour the melted margarine on top, making sure that each wedge is well coated.

    Sprinkle the seasoned salt over the wedges and nuke for about 2 minutes, or until tender. Let cool before eating. Nuke on high for 5 minutes or until tender. Then pick up, add some ketchup and mustard, and eat like an apple. Microwave for about 6 minutes, or until squishy when lightly squeezed. Cut the potato in half and spoon pizza sauce over each half.

    Top with vegan cheese and pop back into the microwave for another minute, or until the cheese is melted. Cover and nuke for 4 minutes, or until the potatoes are tender. Cook for 10 minutes more, stirring occasionally. There you go! Add the potato slices and shake to coat. Lightly coat a large dinner plate with oil. Arrange the potato slices in a single layer on the plate. Nuke for 3 to 5 minutes, or until lightly browned. Place the chips in a bowl and toss with salt. It demands attention like a drunk girl at a party.

    Feel free to share to score some brownie points with your RA. Heat for another 30 seconds, if necessary, and stir till smooth. Grab your pretzel rods and hold them over your bowl while, using a spoon, drizzling the melted chocolate over each pretzel. Hold over another bowl and sprinkle with sprinkles, if using. Place on the lined tray and put in the fridge until cool.

    Then make her see how many she can fit in her mouth at once. Dip the strawberries in the chocolate and place on aluminum foil to dry. Impale a few on each skewer and serve. Cooked rice noodles with cooked seared chicken breast strips, spring onions, chilli rings and chopped roasted peanuts with an aromatic pad Thai sauce. We have done everything we can to ensure that the information we provide about all the products listed on this website is accurate and up-to-date. However, food products in particular are constantly being improved so their ingredients and the other information we publish here, including details of their nutritional content and allergy advice, is liable to change.

    For this reason, we strongly recommend that you always read the actual product label carefully before using or consuming any product. Please do not rely solely on the information provided on this website. Did not taste like authentic Pad Thai. Shouldn't be sitting in sauce- there was a huge amount of sauce. It's essentially served 'dry'. I thought the egg was soggy chicken! Pad Thai doesn't have carrot in it. Also, I think the peanuts should be contained in a little package separately in the pack for those that have allergies or do not like peanuts.

    Only plus is that there was a lot of chicken. Overall it was quite bland. Sorry I have to disagree with the other reviews. It was a tasty dish, there was a nice heat to it and the carrots etc were still crunchy. The chicken strips were really nice and loved the chopped nuts in it. I added salt to mine to bring out the flavour.

    Will buy again. Wish I had read the reviews before buying this. Bland tasteless with weird scrambled egg bits in it. Threw it nearly all away. Looks and smells horrible.. Luxury is certainly misleading. Tasted nothing like pad thai, more like runny beef black bean sauce. Binned most of it and I am not a picky eater and can eat most things. Whoever created this has never had pad thai! I bought two of these excited to see it on the luxury range but found it to be tasteless and very watery.

    I have actually binned the second one as it was horrible. Was ok but that was about it, especially with a few other added ingredients. Would say that the time listed at 45 minutes, was a little short as I was certain it was still pretty frozen at the 30 minutes. Also, it was quite decently spiced Taste wise, it was nothing special though with a luxury title, I was hoping for a little more.